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Bridge - USA

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60 External Comments

I love just about everything about the Gibson SG, except how high the bridge and bridge pick-ups are. Feels weird to me. :/ (Deathm*****)

Watching the episode of ISurvived with the bridge collapse & the Virginia Tech Massacre.. eery (Brittf******)

Fairhope I really like the fried Mississippi catfish filets at the Fish River on Hwy 32 near the Fish R. bridge. swamp soup is good too! (Fairho******)

Disabled Vehicle: Southbound On I-664 at the Monitor Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel South in Newport News. 1 lane closed. Potential Delays. (Hr_tr*****)

Bridge/Tunnel Stoppage: Northbound On I-664 at the Monitor Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel North in Suffolk. 2 lanes closed. (Hr_tr*****)

Is trying to choose a reflex camera. Actually using a bridge, it's not enough but I'm not a professionnal either. Any advice? (23Graphi*******)

If you want magic, let go of your armor. Magic is so much stronger than steel! - Richard Bach, "The Bridge Across Forever" (Mcock****)

I need a way to stream my digital music collection to my home stereo. My Linksys music bridge doesn't work w/Windows 7 yet. Ideas? (Tombel*****)

Minimalist Challenge - day 8: tossed wireless bridge/print server, couple of shot glasses. (Bkar***)

Ah, London Bridge. You smell like a freshly-scrubbed hamster cage. (Natm****)

Memories - doing v large projection here 4 Harry Potter film launch. Hogwart's Express chuffs in under bridge we r working on. Steamy! (Karen*****)

Announcement: bellebooks and bell bridge sign agreement to sell ebooks via sony e-reader store. also in the works: apple ipad store (Belle*****)

Northbound I-35 between Riverside and 12th street will be down to one lane until 5am due to work on 12th st bridge. (KXAN_****)

Nowplaying JD - Welcome 2 Atlanta remix [ don't need a burna we learn 4rm Ike Turner I tried to told ya don't cross that bridge ] (KiDDSHo******)

Mayan Calendar willing to part with lovely bridge in Brooklyn, predicts you'll make a sweet deal. (MayanC******)

LinkSys router/EVDO bridge flaky, so using 'net sharing on old WinXP PC. Looking for network-oriented Linux distro. Got it down to 13. (6uo**)

I'm the last person to burn a bridge.. although i admit, many bridges just don't lead anywhere. (Cline****)

Planning on buying an electric violin but the really nice ones are like over a grand. i want a Bridge :( WAAH! *sighs* (Resha****)

Things I have noticed about violin playing - the bridge shape on my electric violin is very different to my acoustic. THATS why I sound crap (Muffin******)

Better wrap up here and take Tube (Underground) to London Bridge - oh would bus be better? Heading back to Cork now (Omani****)

So, the accordion track & the double bass bridge's hum put together make it sound like there's a party whistle on one of these tracks. (Lloy****)

Crazy, awesome day: finalized msg, hospital visits, lunch w/church planter . now it's time 4 God's Word to go forth at Rock Bridge PM! (WMatt*****)

Did anyone else see the bald eagle hanging out on a lamp post on the 520 bridge this morning?? (U64***)

Looking forward to our gig Saturday night at the wooden bridge Guildford. (Tmsl***)

VeryBadSituation busted gear box on 3rd Mainland Bridge. start pushing ni99a (Tunj***)

Anyone set up an airport express as a wireless ethernet bridge before? easy? (Ninj***)

Just switched my WDS setup to Wireless Ethernet Bridge. Take that, halved bandwidth. (Edand****)

Whatsup monitor says, problem resolved on wireless access point fhs bridge 2318 at 01:13:29 pm on march 24, 2010' (Qisd****)

Whatsup monitor says, problem on wireless access point fhs bridge spcsvcs at 12:36:44 pm on march 24, 2010' (Qisd****)

Major traffic news: Northbound US 45 bridge in the Zoo Interchange to be closed immediately. Detour near State Fair. Traffic jams ahead. (MarkKa*****)

Just bought a new wireless bridge. tp-link tl-wa500g. brings wireless networking to our stationary linux based pc terminals. (Embed*****)

Hey, do any of you know of wireless networking tech aside from wifi and bluetooth? I'm wondering how to bridge two distant LANs. (The_z****)

Good day today, checking out Tower Bridge, the Imperial War Museum and wandering around Notting Hill. Liking London more and more. (Kro***)

Decided to buy a 802.11n Apple Airport Express to use as a wireless bridge. After a weekend of messing around I finally got a stable setup (Techno*****)

Working on an expect script to automatically reset my printer's wireless bridge via my hacked (Td**)

Calling to confirm bucket truck reservation for this afternoon's wireless bridge install. Pretty sure I still don't get to work the buttons. (Amyeng*****)

Fsck. Everything was going fine until I connected my brother's Linksys router which I have acting as a wireless bridge. Gotta rethink this. (Travis*****)

Planning on deploying a wireless bridge between remote building, question is what happens when a bird fly's through it (Ha1ry****)

Oh and my plans for the evening are to make my old wireless router into a wireless bridge (Aled***)

Finally got wireless bridge running. Had to flash someting called DD-WRT, configure, then reflash the oem upgrade, reconfigure and viola. :p (Gambi****)

I think I bricked a wireless bridge while trying to flash a firmware update so that it could use WPA security. Seeking recovery info now. :( (Gambi****)

Time to flash the old router and start figuring out how to build a wireless bridge. (Polar****)

Went on a camera course last Sunday, learnt a lot about my Panasonic DMC-FT1! Would like a bridge camera I think though.! (Alfl****)

Minor delays on George Washington Bridge eastbound approaching New Jersey Side/Lower Level Toll Plaza (Fort Lee) (511n***)

Delays on George Washington Bridge eastbound approaching New Jersey Side/Upper Level Toll Plaza (Fort Lee) 15 minute delays (511n***)

Operational Activity on George Washington Bridge eastbound at New Jersey Side/Lower Level Toll Plaza (Fort Lee) manned toll lanes closed un (511n***)

Saw a guy walking across Storey Bridge wheeling a giant crucifix behind him. Mundane commute livened up! (Liamt*****)

Removed the bridge and the wick from a 510 last night - and it's vaping like a beast at 6v on the sb. (Smoke*****)

Back in Virginia land after short trip across the key bridge. (James****)

Riding over the Manhattan bridge overlookin the most spectacular Manhattan skyline with the lady liberty in backdrop..:) (Shirr****)

No.17 nags head to London bridge first time on dis route let's see how it goes (EMEB***)

Eating in the basement of a strange mall under the manhattan bridge in chinatown. (Makr****)

This weekend is: ronette's bridge, books, parks, drives, mad men, pizza, naps, bt highway.. it feels very 2001 and I love it. Hard. (Kati***)

Enjoy all the NCAA action on the flat screen tv's and enjoy good food at The Tap Room, located at the top of Bridge St, Vail, CO (Vailinf*******)

Bookends. Bridge Over Troubled Water. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme. These are the things that made up my Thursday evening. (Jaredc******)

So I had another weird dream. There was something about a barren valley and an evil bridge we had to complete, and Shaggy in a haunted house (Ski***)

New show opening 7th april-space voyager by rebecca glover and edward murray, the art academy, london bridge (Rebeccag*******)

Wow, survived 20 hour sail to St Martin! What a night! A dolphin swam with us. Now waiting for bridge (?!?) in Simpson Bay to open. Weird. (Esther******)

Leaving for Charleston, SC tomorrow.. Cooper river bridge run, Firefly and southern living. Can't wait (Politic*******)

I wanna go for a bridge run which is wyandotte boat club to ecorse bridge and back. I think im gonna (Goldent******)

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