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Brick - USA

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60 External Comments

Dinner n a Mediterranean place. brick arches, leather menu and hand-carved chairs n acoustic guitar, taking me back to Rick's in Casablanca. (Rs**)

Fixed my old 30GB iPod that I thought was a brick. Now I can listen in the car again. It's a good day. (Thomps******)

Listening to Velvet Covered Brick and taking notes. So cool that he included printable notes on the cd (SixOve*****)

My creative side is coming out tonight. Taking a red foam board and turning it into a brick wall background for my "FIRE WALL" control. (Blinks*****)

Just got Break the Bricks and a fishing app, I love the brick app but the fishing one was terrible. Android needs a better police scanner. (TrueCa*****)

Catch dj undaground live this sat at The Ocean house in carlsbad and sunday at Brick alley (Djundagr*******)

For every brick they throw, one more death panel gets disbanded. These patriots are fighting the good fight. Bravo, America. Bravo. (Msalan*****)

Alabaster, brick, concrete/these are the secrets that i keep/'cause in my skin is all i know/all these secrets i can't show. (hbd. com) (Srot***)

I'm fascinated how external storage hard drives continue to shrink. I remember when a 500gb external was the size of a brick. Much smaller now (Retrosp******)

What do you get if you cross a chicken with a cement mixer. A brick layer! (BuildM******)

I have pugs snoring in 4 part harmony. The girls are much noisier than the boys. I think Brick House needs a cpap machine. (Resident*******)

Painting my Kitchen ToDay, putting some brick on the wall to finish my Fireplace! Busy , busy , busy. (Mylilwon*******)

Beating down a brick wall with plastic silverware. almost done, too. 53 more days. missing katie, too. but it's ok. (ACAblack*******)

Brushless setup . hobby king ap-03 ,7500 kv motor. xp-3a sp control with a gws 3/2 prop super simple to go brushless with new pz brick. (Wru***)

Final score Vipers 4, Vees 1. The Vipers advance. It was a record breaking season for the Vees but they hit a very good team/brick wall. (VeesOn******)

Jeremy: "Another Brick in the Wall" (Pink Floyd) -- Jeremy told me, in essence, that this should be the mantra of the Republicans. It is! (Groa***)

Mapmyride. com: completed cardio - brick (treadmill/spin). 867 (kcal). 13.00 mi.. 1:20:00 (Sapple*****)

Omg. if video games were real. "all i have to do is collect gold coins by punching this brick*punches*. ah fuck. d:" (Nanno*****)

My cursid Ipod Video (ancient I know) has become a mostly useless brick. *sigh* I think the hard drive is going. (Kald***)

Do I really wanna walk down that yellow brick road to only end up back in those ruby heels he left me standing in?? (Mad_****)

Colour ideas 4 next spring: innovative ornate blue & white prints on voile, indigo, brick red & henna tie dye on muls & mor ecru, cream (Oldbri******)

Had a great time watching TX Rangers beat up on the Seattle Mariners. Hambino two run jack in the 7th! Thank you Am Tile and ACME Brick! (Drewm****)

On Charlemagne: He claims he found the city of brick and left it of marble. (Kbouw****)

Should I get the clear brick Game Boy or the banana yellow Game Boy Color? Decisions. (Prim****)

Check out all of the amazing videos of last weeks show of the drag factory at the brick in pomona at youtube . com/thedragfactory (Heresv******)

At Park West listening to music and enjoying the beautiful weather while Grimaldi's finishes stoking their coal brick oven. (Purp****)

Quick review: c. crane universal solar battery charger - slippery brick (WhatIFou*******)

Bbcqt sarah teather does seem like she should be guiding you along the yellow brick road. provide her with a booster seat bbc! (WHARFTH*******)

Momusic Andrew WK/Close Calls with Brick Walls/7 A glorious mess, like a kid playing with Spider-Man, Transformer and WWE action figures (Jeroc****)

I'll be upgrading my phone to an EnV-touch on Wednesday. Much preferred to the brick I've been lugging around for years. (Jcc**)

Up and at 'em. brick, brick, brick. back and forth between the bike trainer and the treadmill this morning. oh, fun. (FitClub*******)

Going to take a stroll on the riot badlands that is brick lane. wish me luck. (Isabel******)

Nice day in Phoenix, out for a bike ride and a quick "brick" run. Masters swim at Camelback Village tonight. I love triathlon! (LewisE******)

Shoutout 2 ms licia!! She finally let that old ass brick lookin nokia go!! Haha she got a flip phone!! (TheGreat*******)

Enjoy to do brick paver repair. patios. brick walkways, driveways,& porches while listening to the Detroit Tigers. Hope it is a good season! (Brickdoc*******)

So does anyone have any advice on merchandising cloth diapers in a brick and mortar? (NoPinsR*******)

Um Donald Trump is now hustling mattresses at The Brick? fa'real? just saw an ad with Trump for "Trump Mattresses" at the Brick! (MyRed****)

It's busy as hell around brick lane and the Truman brewery .. What a great way to spend the day (Flap****)

Tonight: MSU American Indian Council Pow Wow, MSU's Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, grand entry at 6 p. m., free and open to the public. (Bozchro*******)

Good thing I kept my macbook charger. The extension cord fits in snugly with the iPad's charging brick :) (Moon***)

Team Building? How about baking herb bread in a wood fired brick oven? In Sonoma County teams can bake & break bread while bonding! (SonomaC*******)

New taylormade! new nike! in stock, oh my! stay on the yellow brick road to golf etc-we fit your game! (Golfe****)

Baby put a brick on the gas pedal get butt naked and lay on the hood while the car is movin and imma ghostride ya ass. (The_re*****)

The Roman Emperor Hadrian once said while building the Roman Empire, "Brick by brick my citizens, brick by brick." It'll get done. (TheThesp*******)

Any n every1 tht routed for duke*hits em w/ a brick/cinderblock/chair/bedpost. kitchen sink. big screen tv. vcr/dvr/dvd/cdplayer/lamp at u* (SMaSHVa******)

Backintheday i had a brick nokia cell phone, with no color and noo full keyboard haha (Shant*****)

If bike then run is a brick, what's swim then run? Feels like a boulder (Imo**)

I'm watching the Wizard of Oz with my 3yr old. My question, where does the red brick road go? (PB**)

Got home safe and sound, and late to boot. So tired! Oh yay, forgot the power cord to my PS3, so it's a brick this weekend. Boo. ;3; (Busi***)

Got my new Zoot shoes in today. No laces and the inside feels like you're wearing a sock. Can't wait to try them on my brick tomorrow! (NRobin******)

Hahahahah when really it don't fit on my coach wristlet.. I have a brick blackberry oh I miss my pearl blackberry. (Ellyb*****)

An economy size tub of petroleum jelly is sitting outside of my apartment complex on a brick pillar. alone. Just sitting there. Weird. (Telena*****)

Just home. A lil buzz from drinks with friends, brick oven pizza, avocado oil potato chips & the W. VA and Duke game on. I'm SO BK bachelor. (Lamont*****)

The Gridiron Club is coming along nicely at Memorial Stadium! It says coming Fall 2010, they havent laid a brick yet. KU Kansas Jayhawks (Bachel******)

Ive had my htc magic (mytouch) for a year now & i am ready to load it up with some fun 3rd party system :) lets hope i dont brick it ! (Amand*****)

The Annual Delray affair was over the weekend, beautiful brick sidewalks and palm tree-lined Atlantic Avenue arts and crafts (Tropi****)

Free pavers, patio bricks.. (Southeast): Free Pavers, over 100 of them. They are concrete and the shape of a brick. great for ya. (Terminal*******)

The mug I bought at The Brick in Roslyn, WA (where Northern Exposure was filmed) has faded beyond recognition :( (Americ******)

Need to stay away from Future Shop/Best Buy/Brick. The LCD TVs are a siren that I'm finding hard to resist. Looked at a Samsung that, well.. (Marke****)

Demolition Trivia O' The Day: With the right shove from a front-end loader, a brick structure basically turns into Skittles. (Therea*****)

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