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60 External Comments

Soo. Hanes has bras xs-xl. I think I can fit this medium, lol. Since they don't have smedium hahaha. (Beauti*****)

I was totally into Joey Wedge but when the the Sears catalogue came in, I couldn't help but wonder what was beneath the bras. (MaxBooB******)

Madonna to create a juniors' clothing line w/daughter Lourdes that will debut at Macy's this Fall. Love her, but should we expect cone bras? (Hawaii******)

Victoria Secret bras are nice. But they show no big boobs. I can use a pushup bra as a candy dish. nothing more (KelTha*****)

Stupid bra shopping. Stupid M&S. Stupid confusing sizes. Came away in huff with no bras but EXCELLENT denim-look leather bag! (Teamawe*******)

WhoRemember:: Go Left. Go Left. Go Left-Right-Left. My back is ach'N, My bras to tight, My booties shake'N from the Left to the right!! . lol (Cyaira*****)

Disturbingsightings Has to be mature women wearing overly perky bras, looking like caution cones on their chest smh (Mada****)

Ilove bangles, the color pink, mani/pedis, small stud earrings, new bras, pretty color eyeshadow palettes, pearls. Um. (2bc) (IMsK***)

Man, okay, I WANT these white lace plunge bras, but I have to wait over 4 days for the auction to end and someone's bidding on them. D: (Annabet******)

I come home to find some new decorations.. My bras are hanging on my ceiling fan.. hahaha. (CandySa*******)

Yeah I got her 2 books and myself 2 bras! V nice ones lol! And I was treated to my fave lancome foundation! No T-Rex Keyring tho! (Kati****)

So people have thrown boas, bras, and underwear onstage during Adam Lambert's live shows. Just now in Canada, someone threw a pair of pants! (Good_n*****)

Woo! just got my Belzeneff fingr puppet/phone strap. The guy who sent it wraped it in a catalogue for womens clothing (bras & unides) so lol (LiL_s****)

Lol seriously! o JC penny had some CUTE bras tho at the southpark mall lol.. And theres a JC penny in Glendale go use that card! (Cosmo****)

Thanks Andrew! i've added Balconette Bras to my Glossary! Cheers Jodes (Igniting*******)

Okay, *this* is the last on this: I concede, also, that few ladies (self included) have any desire to wear huge body-armor bras. (Natyb****)

They have fredericks of hollywood in the malls here. they even make bras & undeas for really big boobed women. check out the site (NvK***)

Try Fredericks Of Hollywood they have really good bras & sexy ones too . lol (Lisa****)

Hahahahas! Aiyoh, you must have bought poor quality bras. How can the strap end up stuck on the velcro. :p (Azam****)

Just finish badminton training at eunos. now im otw to bras basah to get the 'book'. smellynyee! haha! (Banu****)

Bishes wearing cheap ass bras & underwear. clockout with those hanes dummy (The_o****)

Loving jean paul gaultier's comical bras ! maybe i have gone crazy! (I_is_****)

YOUNKERS. The bigger Younker stores have strapless bras! I got mine from Homecoming from there. haha. Just a tip :) (Andrea*****)

So the "freaknik" I saw while crossing over peachtree is some women in thongs. bras and high heels pushing baby strollers (Marcusr******)

Online looking for a small Princess Tiana backpack, nursing bras and medela parts. (Thediv******)

My neighbor just gave me 10 gently used Medela nursing bras & I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. (Natalie*******)

Butt pads, push up bras, false eyelashes, mad make up? letsfacereality that aint wat u look like mamaz u like a cartoon (Leetha******)

I spanked Dingo bc he tore up a buncha my bras while I was in the shower and now he is trying to act like a puppy and is curled up in bed. (Charlot*******)

The mall was whack becus all the bras at VS have tags lmao manicures here are too expensive& so are phone covers! But i had fun :) (Chchche******)

Ihaveathing4 Victorias Secret. their Bras are so wonderful omg. (LilMiss******)

Ihaveathing4 victorias secret bras :) of course the super padded ones lol yeah i said it so what. . i'm just bein honest (Joyce****)

I do too! I'm going to go to victorias secret this week. I love the new bras they have out now (Only1s*****)

Tmi but WHO wears those playtex bras? They are so unattractive. anyone know what im talking bout. lol (ILoveL*****)

Playtex bras are so ugly if I ever buy one I would need to be well in my 70's. (Star****)

Oh god. Those new Playtex bras are really weird.. the chick was like, OH! I feel a breeze. TMI LADY! t. m. i. (Magicm*****)

To the ladies: It's hard to find a good bra so I thought I'd let you know about Playtex Secrets bras. VERY comfortable & seamless. Try them. (Kitten******)

Them bras by Playtex be FUGLY!! Whewf! Glad to be a part of the IBTC (ittybittytittycommittie). sometimes. : / (She_G*****)

Playtex should stick to tampons and quit making grandma bras, they're hideous! (Mallory******)

Playtex has a new line of pushup bras for big girls. gonna get one so I can rest laptop on them and work. Hee hee. They'll be happy (Splinte*******)

While you were sleeping i: cleared out the entire loading area, pushed bras, replenished sleepwear, organized marketing. (Abbyji*****)

But nfh! the bras are cute! and their actually in my size holy crap. i know i need some new ones too. arg so much money to hold tits! (Rent***)

LOL exactly the of bras hanging over the room divider. Can't BELIEVE my junk was all over. I feel like a fool!! (Tamar****)

Bra bras stole the karaoke machine. Gotta know videos is soon! (Cotteon******)

She played out like The Jungle my bras done been all up in her play pin! (Gregi*****)

Pants and bras are underwear, jackets and coats outerwear. there's headwear, footwear. so what are jeans and t-shirts? just wear? (C_Ball*****)

Salomon bras does not compress the breasts to give a fuller figure; lift the lower lobe & raising the breasts giving better more cleavage. (Salom*****)

Instantturnon natural look. NO make-up NO weave NO girdles NO push up bras. (Bobby*****)

Ladies: I know we feel young but, all of us don't look it. It's alright to invest in good bras, girdles, corsets, and body shapers. (ButImS******)

Damn, where can I find that guy? He should take me along next time so I can buy girdles and bras for 1 Dollar! (RetroMo*******)

Ladiespleaserealize wearing pushup bras, butt padding and girdles are not cool.. You will be found out and it will be embarassing (Ricard******)

I remember when Lennon said that. even in this little town ppl burned bras, Beatles albums.. was crazy! (Ddsn****)

Shark teeth, london. sports bras, tittyweight, revolution, 16 bars, 6'1, battle rap! tell ya new friend pow! ha! (NewB****)

Spencer- panama! Panties and bras! Kyle- were going to gulf shores spencer- gulf shores! Get us some whores! (Karas****)

Move ya ass up out the hood, learn how to pronounce "Chopard" &matcha panties witcha bras yung grasshopper ;; (MeetCha*******)

It ought to be 1!! No one can pack a greatest hits with actual hits like our lady of the cone bras. (Patric******)

Tony Hadley has an incredible voice-and a v funky back-up singer. and women keep throwing bras and teddies on stage (NadiaNe*******)

Today i brought two bras, two pairs of shorts, a skirt, sum sandals, sum shoes, 2 lipglosses, lip liner, and i got a free victorias bag (DontGive*******)

I MUST have plenty of hue tone lipglosses, white lace bras & panties and Silk sundresses! Oh & my htr blokas (sunglasses) (Modelty******)

It's my druggi aunt.. One time I cut up all her water bras and put dog poo in her pillow cases (MiSsRaC******)

In the style of Mucha, or with cleaner, simpler lines like prefers? I take my devils in coconut bras very seriously. (Brand*****)

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