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60 External Comments

Bought my sister a betsey johnson dress today for prom : ) so cute! All the boys are gonna love her! (Laure****)

Girls dont dress for boys. they dress for themselves and each other. If girls dressed for boys they'd be naked all the time. -Betsey Johnson (Codysg*****)

We also won the game in basketball, dodgeball, table tennis and patintero boys division. we. :" (Zellebr******)

S/o 2 the white boys that thought they had a chance on fri nite. Don't do see thru penis sorry! (SMHatM*****)

Personalized Boys Frayed Applique Peace by SiblingRivalryDesign is so cute - every kid needs a shirt like this - maybe girls too! (SiblingR*******)

Theres no nudie star in nite sky. thats 1way 2get boys in2 astronomy. I had a glow in dark inflatable ball it had sexton star on there. closest (BuzwingH*******)

I found a boys sm soccer shirt in the back of my car this morning. I don't know what happened sunday night, but it must have been awesome (AmandaM******)

Madison East wiaa girls soccer on track for FOUR teams in 2010, same as the boys. Go Purgolders! (Madis****)

Boys Soccer played a great match against Pinkston. Game ended 4-2 in Pinkstons favor. Congratulations to our boys team for a great season! (Ferri****)

Charleston. the trains waitin to take you back to south carolina =) good job vcu boys hehe (Omggs*****)

Found more to give away. boys black & camo shoes, size 6 & black & gray shoes, size 5. (Meredi******)

Im super over these mohawks for boys and lace front wigs for the girls . (Barbieh******)

I wanna jeep wrangler like the white boys be having.. No doors no windows.. (Jfres****)

Chillin at the casino. damn i suck at black jack lol but my boys new nickname is rainman! haha (IAMJi****)

North Carolina Tarheels are playing in the NIT?!? First the Fat Boys break up and now this. (Michael******)

Omg hhad the best shopin adventure got my god daughter a Juicy pea coat so nice, a dress 4 my bday, boys som clothes 4 church (Ready*****)

Two men have been charged with the murders of five teenage boys in New Jersey who disappeared more than 30 years ago. (Phill****)

Now playing: me and the boys (remastered album vers - bonnie raitt - [green light (remastered) 06] (Lowcoun******)

Got in some new molds today to make samples of the Red Candy Apple the boys love it. Still worn out from trip to Louisville, ky (Scentsy*******)

No worries, KittyGirl. I got your back. Poor thing worried about those bigasshole toms. Why don't people snip their bad boys? (Lava***)

Sitting here getting ready to watch night at the museum with the boys (Jess****)

Wachin olivia with my boys olivia. da da da da olivia bum bum o li vi a. lol cute pig (Ladyke*****)

Nowplaying I need a Hot Girl-Hot Boys. I like em hot, da ones that don't tell me 2 stop, eat _, swallow da _, and they know how 2 pop (Lion_h******)

Had fun with the wild 1049hd boys 2nite for hot girl Monday at the thunder game! (LiL***)

Anyone else think Phil Mitchell's son Ben will have a sex change when he grows up? 14 year old boys don't look like girls, do they? (VonB***)

I know two boys who had an awesome birthday. Lazer Tag, bumper cars, video games, hot dogs and bicycles. Good times! (Solitai******)

Cleaned our fish tank for the first time tonight--not an easy chore. I hope the boys--the fish-- will still be alive tomorrow. (Veronic*******)

Every time we watch Lightning McQueen the boys laugh like it's the first time they've ever seen it. (Jamb****)

I unpacked the boys room and made up their beds with new Lightning McQueen blankets! (Xmad****)

Nigel Twiston-Davies still has Beat The Boys, Ballyfitz, Ollie Magern, Irish Raptor, Razor Royale, Hello Bud and Knowhere in Grand National (Honest*****)

You're so gay and you don't even like boys. Ole tus letras, Catalina Perra e. e (Hadaaz******)

Heading back to Luavul for Braden's archery tourny. Boys day out. (Brad***)

Toronto Maple Leafs defeated Montreal Canadiens!! Congratulations to blue uniform boys! (MmeJos******)

Woaa, the boys are still playing that yugioh cards game in the class. so USELESS *sigh* (Superr******)

Boys at the train table opposite started drinking at 9:53am. They're now onto a heady mix of Magners and Jacques. Cider with fruit. Yum (Cmfw***)

At Vampire Weekend concert. drinking Pabst tall boys, and guess what. I suddenly really don't give a f-ck about an Oxford Comma (Steven*****)

We have just added more Hatley girls clothes and boys clothes. Discover Hatley Nature Clothing (Tayj****)

Watching crys and the girls clothes shopping while me and the boys plot to rule the world (Brit***)

Good bro boxing fights. The Redwood boys have exactly the same fighting styles. (Michell*******)

Up bored wanting to go outside. y lord? gonna watch bad boys 2 n doze. ya dig. whatifi magically vanished from the earth (Jayden*****)

Being edumucated by the Colwell boys about the wonders of Lego star wars. Anything besides boxing that involves the nunchucks is beyond me. (Ell**)

Anyways. i told some special little boys that i would let them see a few "lego star wars clips" on youtube. be back later :) (Lyndsay*******)

Any good internet cafes with rentable computers in Portland? We have a two boys one comp situation. (David*****)

Wat happened 2 tha San Antonio Spurs? Greg Popovic's boys used 2 be tha shit bt nw diminish returns have set in. (Mizztah******)

I am surrounded by the hottness that are San Francisco Giants boys :D (Ally****)

My wife is trying to buy airplane tickets so her boys can come and live with us in about 3 weeks. (Time4rev*******)

I love bribing the little sixth grade boys to put away my hockey stick :) (Caitp*****)

That's right it IS a "big efin deal" - so what if the boys talk to eachother like that!! Mind your beeswax "The Press"! (Mys**)

Been watching our way thru the box set of trailer park boys, love it. (FusedF*****)

The boys and girls had all started to play, but noticed that thing that looked like papier mache. (Tis_ele*******)

Lmfaoo so me and brianna think the boys in our class are talking about racing real cars but no. their talkin about remote control cars WOW! (Zoesp*****)

I don't have the energy or balance to dance around with Renee while the boys talk about their trucks anymore. :( sad day. (XMelani*******)

Had fun going through my CD collection - Aaron Carter, Backstreet Boys, Hanson, Nsync, b*witched, among others - what a laugh! (Shana****)

Refreshed! Long workout on elliptical, shower (whaat?) and playing outside w/the boys - already feeling more inspired!! (Comas****)

Spurs is losing 1-0 to fulham. I'm not a happy chappy! Pull it together boys (Vietki******)

Just discovered that my boys (10 & 5) define a "rival" as someone you compete with but who is also your friend. (Ziggy_*****)

Spose' "I'm awesome" will go for win number three tonight on the weeknight music fight at 10pm. Challenger are Boys Like Girls. (Radio****)

Nem sei + oq aki shuahushu nowplaying boys like girls - up against the wall (Felipe*****)

Nowplaying Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk. I don't care if this album got bad reviews. I like it! (Ashlees******)

We The Kings, Boys like Girls, One Republic, more We The Kings. this gym has a soundtrack of the Gods! (LoveBySt*******)

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