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Boxer - USA

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60 External Comments

Best thing about a home gym is. i can work out in my drawz! wife beater and some boxer briefs! =] (Chick*****)

Found out today that in the book animal farm the character boxer is in fact not a boxer. I am super upset about this, I threw the book away (Julieti*******)

If i wore just a suit coat and boxer shorts to school. would you love me? (Shutup*****)

Nearly savaged by a collarless beige, beastly boxer on the way home from the library. Thank goodness for my good ol' Frye boots. (Shoul*****)

I usually sleep in silk boxer briefs or BUTT NAKED wit a robe. so imma just wear that to pajamajam maybe bring a sleep mask. ;) (Jtoll*****)

Did you know that acorn is now community organizations international? obama hcr huge debt gogreen pelosi reid boxer soros (Lostm*****)

Thinking of getting a small dog, not sure what kind the boys love chihuahuas , dh wants a boxer , I'd like a boston terrier any suggestions (Xyfac****)

I returned the faulty electric razor and got myself a pair of boxer briefs instead. They're blue. (Fireb****)

Looking for really nice dog bed for my westie, Emma's boxer squeezes herself into Molly's bed, she looks so funny! but now its all squashed! (JenniK*****)

Fun day at dog park as usual. some new boxer named Lola knocked down a little kid. Loki Sez: Dumb human should have been watching her.. (Cesa****)

The Japanese version of Street Fighter II introduced an African-American boxer named "Mike Bison" as a boss, parody of real-life Mike Tyson. (Drave****)

I know it is. omg there are like 4 dogs in my house. boxer. pit bull. bull dog, and the mini doxen. its a hhell hole. (Skinny*****)

Hum they always say "this is a pantidropper" wat can girl say den?."this is a boxer dropper!" lol. or lifter upper lmao (Futurist*******)

Just heard from a member of our boxer rescue group. and the new issue of Bark Magazine it out, and my dog is in it! (CalicoCa*******)

Mike Tyson in his prime. was he the Greatest Heavyweight Boxer of all time? (Ashley*****)

Well, happy Easter to us! I woke up to 7 new puppies. Looks like my mixed lab mated with a boxer. TOO cute, but SEVEN?? (Batt****)

I wanna give a shout out 2 the boxer David Haye. U make this country truely proud. with ur skill. looks and personality U will always b a champ (BOS***)

Delaying starting the Boxer too early on Sunday morning, but will soon be back to the patio--finish excavation, set grade, and put base in. (Sor***)

Resting on sofa with a snoozing dog at my feet. He tried to keep up with a 6 month old boxer. (Katy****)

Q] History: In which country did the Boxer Rebellion take place? (Twivi*****)

Someone's comment on the First Sun/ Sun is cool too. Being a priest and a boxer (or maybe he started boxing 400 years ago)? That's badass. (Crysta******)

Have a bad case of Wii Boxer's Arm. In both arms. Will I never learn? (FilmFa*****)

Hilarious. I have no idea why Roy did that. Oh. money. Man Roy use to be my boxer nshyt. Now he's B. Hop's punching bag. smh (Im_So*****)

Definitely bored, the "we buy any car" advert came on and I stared to bust some moves in my boxer shorts (Redha****)

Keeps having to tell her son to take his hands out of his boxer shorts. For the love of God! What is wrong with the child? (AvaV****)

It's coming to something when a boxer is promoted as "the quiet man" just because he's not a gobby moron ! (Alexbro******)

LOL! My favorite brands of boxer-briefs are: 2 xist, calvin klein and emporio armani. (Cocoa*****)

Are there different UFC categories based on trunks (e. g. boxers, boxer briefs, banana hammocks)? (Cowhate******)

My bio: xl-shirts, 34-36 pants, PITT hat, size 15 sneaks, 34 boxer-briefs, L wifebeater, Nike watch, samsung, iPod touch. (SC_Ri****)

So proud of myself for driving past the boxer puppies for sale at walmart. That was will power! (Karal****)

Nuu fair! Boxer puppies are so precious. I want a pup. My dogs are too old (Adams*****)

Boxer puppies 4 sale at the artisans crafts and antiques in grandbury (Steveng******)

My vices are: diet coke, expensive shoes, Chocolate, Shopping, Fashion, Boxer puppies, Mexican food&feeling loved&being winked at. (Megand*****)

Pitbull puppies and boxer puppies are the cutest hyper dogs ever! =D (Kisses4*******)

Laying in bed w. all of Ry's boxer puppies, while Ry fills out an app! Fingers crossed this whole week for him!! here we come J. O. B! (Tritt****)

Cute pup - I'd guess Mastiff or Boxer mixed with something else. (Jennbi******)

Who ever was askin for puppies my friend gettin rid of boxer/mastiff puppies (ITCHYREP*******)

NuvaRing & Ford F-150 ads on Joystiq? I'm feeling super masculine. Waiting for Budweiser, Hanes boxer brief ads. Bring on mainstream money. (XanderSl*******)

Hey girl - hey girl. come here let me slide them hanes boxer briefs down guul! yeah you - wit yo sexy ass i see past the boy (TORIAN******)

So I saw this picture of a boxer today. but I still want my doberman (Moytr****)

A doberman? Eew. Girl you better getchu a Boxer! They look like old men (cute) and are fierce! (ElleM****)

Discovered that our boxer mix can jump over the file cabinet in the hallway to wreck havoc on the rest of the house. (Thi***)

Cookin' up a beautiful black angus prime rib on the barbecue. Serving with Mollydooker The Boxer, my favourite shiraz. (Canuc*****)

If I was a Punch Out character I would like to be King Hippo. Not only is he a bad ass boxer, he also has his own pacific island. (Whatchab*******)

Ralph lauren shoes, levi jeans, ralph lauren white t, i be doin my thing. oh yeah ralph lauren boxer, wal mart sox oh boi (WKUROC*****)

WOws! I has had a lot of fun today! Went too class wit mom, den went too the dog park and played wit a boxer, pitt bull, french bull dog (GuidePu*******)

My book is about to come out on Kindle. The Dempsey Gambit, a sci fi novel in which boxer Jack Dempsey is returns to life to fight again. (Hedgeh*****)

Saw a Boxer on our walk. Elderberry asked, "Why can't OUR dog box too?" (Lightst******)

Will MSNBC give Boxer a job when she loses in November? how about Reid? Lincoln? Bennett. Specter? Giannoulias? Ellsworth? (Alexi*****)

Man my Boxer destroyed his dog house. he slaughtered it. Its pieces everywhere! (Kaden****)

Looking 4 male Boxer puppy as a playmate for family dog (female). Females do not get along as past experience taught us. (Boxe****)

We need to contribute to 'defeat boxer, reid, specter, shelia lee jackson, hank johnson, wasserman shultz, just a few! (ROCKWI******)

Really rock when you play your electric violin oppa. so funny when you wore that boxer shorts while walking on the stage. (Socorro*******)

I have 2 cute white boxer puppies looking for loving homes. Want people who will give them lots of love. If you get the time Pls. (Aav**)

Still have 4 Boxer puppies available! Fawn boy, brindle boy, two brindle girls. (Amys****)

Went swimming and ate chinese with christian :) saw the cutest boxer puppies ever. i wish. (Damnit*****)

Boxer puppies sutures out, just waiting for some more to heal and then its tapping time. Still 2 cute white puppies looking for good homes. (Aav**)

Wow. Boxer puppies are more than a little on the ginormous side! At 7 months this one out weighs Houdini dog! (Dizne****)

I also need to mention that i am in love with boxer puppies. need another! (Lissy*****)

Franklin and his brother Bennie, two of our Boxer puppies, have both found wonderful new families to live with! Congrats guys! (Apao***)

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