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60 External Comments

A possible job opportunity that includes doing marketing for a company that provides inflatable obstacles to bounce on? Yes. (Dearja*****)

Assistant and says its the "Brawley Bounce" (the golf carts that go up and down the Promenade). So then I ask "Well, sir are they running?" (Mjsrec*****)

Christopher is already passed out he had a great time with his bounce house and cotton candy machine (Obeyob******)

Church hill irish festival was fun. festival food, moon bounce, irish(?) music, & lots of claddagh jewelry haha. (Caseyr******)

I'm so out of shape I used to be able to bench press 195 on my legs smfh! No drinking for a few I need my body to bounce back :( (Sir***)

Smh at the lakers tonight. its all good tho good thing we play again tomorrow night champs always bounce back (MrDrak*****)

All "bounce house rentals" in DFW Metroplex for today have been cancelled due to bad weather. (HappyJ*****)

DontActLikeYouNever did the fighting stances from Mortal Kombat. It was like a wide, almost crouching, bounce-like stance. (DHay***)

At joes house kickin it. pool table in the living room all of a sudden! gonna bounce in a while and go play basketball (Samhe*****)

DontActLikeYouNever got hit wit a baseball cause u did the "bank head bounce" to "lip gloss" by lil mama (Effici******)

I didn't believe the people who told me so, but playing icy tower is terribly addictive. bounce bounce jump whe :D (Pop***)

My bank, Frontier Bank, is in serious FDIC doo doo. In fact, I'm afraid if i write a check, the bank will bounce. (News****)

Want to be in monty again today. Animating the bowling ball bounce. (Yas***)

We look at Shaun Marcum in the 4th round as great value, he should bounce back nicely from TJ (RIQua****)

News: Stand-in skipper Mahela Jayawardene has not given up and believes the team can still bounce back in the Indian Premier League wi. (Cricket******)

Wants to push you down the stairs and see if you fall like a slinky or bounce like a ball! Either way i promise i can make it hurt. (Lakin*****)

Make love on my weight bench. to da weights.. i make bounce up and down on my chest while im sweating and gripping you hard (_TheRea*******)

So. have done with mail, feeds, LiveJournal. exercised inkjet printer. time to take a shower and knit! *bounce* (Stars*****)

Dreams of the day when he will walk out of work make sure the Bullit is tight, fire up the H22 and bounce VTECH all the F-in way to Moraine. (B_e**)

Is going on a shopping spree at the chocolate factory outlet! *bounce* :-) (Jonas****)

Lots of toys, bounce around, little tikes table & chairs, easel, ride on horse (TheBab******)

Watching bounce beats n pocket beats on youtube makes me wanna go back 2 my drum set at home n learn the bounce beat its a hard beat (JoelBa******)

My iPod case has arrived. Finally I can drop it on the floor without caring . It'll just bounce . haha (Miss_Amy*******)

As OGGOA reported this morning, the Chicago Bears have released former Florida Gators DE Alex Brown. He will bounce back w/ new team soon. (Onlyg*****)

Bounce bounce baby bounce back to me. Bounce bounce baby bounce back to me. This is it. Call it quits. With honesty. (Leah_*****)

Newsflash: pattergirl just bought her bounce bounce baby and LOVES it (Patter*****)

In preparation: Chicken Tikka Masala (as per jamieoliver) ably assisted by Global DJ Broadcast and Brooklyn Dark Chocolate Stout. *bounce* (Ninth*****)

Bounce* *Bounce* *Bounce* New feature on Seasonal Cornucopia should launch tomorrow. Excited now! (Cookl****)

I must find me my Kangaroo leather soccer cleats. They add bounce to my step. (Annoyin******)

Lola is playing with a toy that is filled with treats and throwing it in the air to make it bounce so the treats fly out LOL (Bodding******)

Dood i dreamed abt u last night! we were havin a bounce dance party but u put on bruce springsteen and str8 killed everything (Neon_c*****)

Wld it b in bad taste2ask whn she's recovered 2 do a ustream&bounce up&down 2 compair silicone&saline. Soft&bouncy is alwaysgood (Jeanett*******)

Welp CollegeFootball time.. Spring Games in affect.. Michigan Wolverines gon bounce back dis season (Rockin_*******)

Correction - family fun day at hummel park, sat 10th apr 1pm-4pm plainfield, in free food, popcorn, bounce house and fun (JPla****)

Correctio - family fun day at hummel park, sat 10th apr 1pm-4pm plainfield, in free food, popcorn, bounce house and fun (JPla****)

Family fun day at hummel park, sat 10th 1pm-4pm plainfield, in free food, popcorn, bounce house and fun (JPla****)

They got the Spongebob bounce thing, cotton candy machine, snow cone machine, popcorn machine, face painting, balloon twister. SMH LOL (BillyD******)

Dop line. ay dogg. ay u know that soung "bounce" u got on the prelude. (Train****)

Duvalandkhartfirstsong "don't play me short" and "bounce with me in my Big Wheel" (Rolands******)

Just saw your post. I have a question about the 430EX. Can the bounce card & diffuser be replaced? (Rjb***)

Saw a bro on campus walk this morning with a DVD copy of Roll Bounce. Nothing else in his hands, nothing at all. (JustTh******)

So for my nephew first bday he gonna get a moon bounce. cotton candy machine whos gonna pay for Dis. he onli turning one (Sincer******)

Iwouldnotbesurprised if the ok city thunder bounce the la lakers 1st round. mayb I'm dillusional with this (Ajc***)

Biomed had some ceiling tiles bounce loose but you don't car about us. Sniffle. (Bmlj****)

Playing bounce from ipod speakers in the conservatory - bet the neighbours can hear. ;) (Beckyr******)

Around, so glad I'm back home again. I've been living like a nomad. He pulls me down and we bounce, then I fall flat on him- (Hippie*****)

Wish I could see bounce dance RAT Nah! miss those random moments :( details coming soon to a theater near you! (Ky**)

Ball til fall or until the bounce, I'll send some * wit * to y'all house. only to find out, you live in a doll house. DAMN! (Iamkda*****)

I'm from a ward so I'm hard. You mad? lol 12thward,2thward, Uptown in the building. ya heard me *in my Magnolia Shorty bounce voice* (Topmode******)

Fingers crossed back on BBC - wouldn't be the same on Sky. Shame about Lee - reckon he can bounce back at Pebble Beach? (Pr_mi****)

She's got a silk dress and healthy breasts that bounce on his italian leather sofa. (Sham****)

There's a pirate ship moon bounce outside and I'm not allowed to play in it. Life is so unfair. (Matthew******)

Argh tennis balls dont make that noise when they bounce confused. com (Chrism******)

Is either doing the obstacle course or the hamster ball for Battle of the Bounce. Important decision to be made! (Justj****)

Turning the magic machinery to helios.. will it break or bounce? :-) (Jpospy*****)

Watching my 6 mo old son bounce and giggle in his Jumparoo. Don't know who's smiling bigger, him or me! (Antoni*****)

Can you tell king richard I to bounce what hes done of that remix. (Tomb****)

Toys that don't have so much bounce or spin might often be safer dog toys (Wholed******)

It should be against the law to have a basketball hoop in your back garden!! Bounce.. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. BOUNCE! Argh (Angi_b*****)

Mann i cant have wat i want nd itx killing me . i guess i gotta get over it sumhow ill bounce bak tho myspacers lol (Imdatg******)

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