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32oz Fifo Bottle photo32oz Fifo Bottle
$ 9.12 ($8.66 after rebate)

60 External Comments

If you use distilled water with a steam iron, fill the bottles with clean water so you have when the water system get slightly contaminated. (Nys**)

Our Nappy Cakes are made from essential baby items including nappies, baby towels, baby grows, feeding bottles and many more useful products (Nappy*****)

If anyone has ANY baby items (diapers, formula, clothes, shampoo, bottles) I am collecting them for a comm service project. Please . (Snappin_*******)

Tsa 2nite we at the marriott hotel on 102-05 ditmars blvd. tonight ! bottles and what not - come thru (Bleu_Bi******)

Things i love: tiny safety pins, vintage buttons, wool fabric, wooden spools, old glass bottles, glass glitter, vintage sewing supplies. (Primp****)

This new schedule with the girls ROCKS! And M is now on these 2-piece sippy cups. So much better than the 7-piece bottles. (Lisadan******)

Has been eating fried dough all night. That's what happens when you're bored. And they take away your water bottles and sippy cups. You eat. (MsTa***)

Ugh. Baby's been awake screaming for almost 2 hours. Gas drops, teething tabs, TWO bottles, and finally some infant Tylenol later. (JRCl***)

We are watching platinum babies. i hope our kids can have swarovski crystal bottles. (Xsaraxb******)

Thanx to various bars on Market St in Corning NY for donating empty wine & liquor bottles for one of my art projects. great way to recycle! (Artfule******)

One nice thing about my corn rows is that i don't have to carry my shampoo or conditioner bottles with me to the shower. Life simplified! (Benj***)

Am I the only one who never throws out empty shampoo&&conditioner bottles? Than ends up finding 7654732 bottles in their shower? (Dounian******)

Replacing all the bottles of alcohol w/ salt water in a barber shop.. (MrSneake*******)

Dr. Pepper bottles start out too carbonated and always explode once you open them. has anybody else noticed this? its a problem! (Wtfsa*****)

Anyone know where I can get Camelbak drink bottles? My son lost his and Mommy is gonna kill me. :-/ (Sule***)

Need to clean this room. It's a disaster made of books, beer cans, pill bottles, clothes, makeup, electronic devices, cables & art supplies. (Cand***)

I successfully carried 8 bottles of wine home in my two bicycle saddlebags and my backpack. Plus other stuff. Putting my bike to the test. (Missw****)

Go go dancers, ice sculpture, roc boys cake, presidential cohibas, bottles and 500 or so people going bananas = STATS tomorrow. Yall ready? (Mrblack******)

Bragging how much bread u got & how many bottles u pop but u still walking with a metro pcs phone (DJCHR****)

TONS of new gear arrived today! Showtime t-shirts, water bottles, pins, season DVDs, highlighters, pong balls, chapstick, posters, & more! (WSUforS*******)

I have this obsession with outdoorsy shops that sell Patagonia and Nalgene bottles. The stuff always comes in the fun colours. (All***)

And then there were none of el and kaffs bottles sitting on the shelf (Kaf***)

Party tonight in Palm Desert from 9pm-. am: beer, bottles, hookah, bongs, pool, jacuzzi. Txt Me for directions. We startin soon! (Mexican******)

Party tonight in Palm Desert, gonna have beer, bottles, hookah, bongs, pool, jacuzzi. Gonna be crackin all night. Txt Me for directions (Mexican******)

I'm throwing a Party 2morrow night in Palm Desert, gonna have beer, bottles, hookah, bongs, pool, jacuzzi. Txt Me for more Info (Mexican******)

I'm throwing a kickback 2morrow night in Palm Desert, gonna have beer, bottles, hookah, bongs, the whole nine yards. Txt Me for more Info (Mexican******)

Today was a big day, packed away all of Jayden's bottles and her bath tub, on to sippy cups and the big bath tub :) / :( (Cassiebl*******)

As the first country in Europe Denmark is banning BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups for children age 3 and under. iiamo - life after birth (Ras_schm*******)

So many stainless steel BPA free water bottles just came in! Many colors and designs. (Maripo******)

Empty cider bottles, 14 empty beer bottles, 2 empty vodka bottles, 2 empty rum bottles and a half full whiskey bottle. Good night? You bet. (Irradia******)

Just noticed that the cleaning lady stored my condenser mic where I keep my booze, right between bottles of Chivas and Riga Balzam. Hmm. (Patod*****)

Picked up 2 bottles of red from the Mt. Washington wine shop, my son from School of Rock, popping home 2pack a bag&head to the Eastern Shore (Colle*****)

Chillin with Meghan pretty drunk about to go to daytona and FINALLY going to dump al these bottles in the woods ahah (Jessica*******)

You can figure out a lot about me from my computer desk. full of compie stuff, empty bottles and beauty stuff (Suol****)

I can't say no to door to door salesmen! I didn't need 2 bottles of miracle cleaner, but there they are in my laundry countertop. (Chebor*****)

I can't say no to door to foot salesmen! I didn't need 2 bottles of miracle cleaner, but there they are in my laundry countertop. (Chebor*****)

So i've drank 1 & 1/2 bottles of Fuze Juice today. & i bet ill drink even more b4 the day is over. =) (_EmilyM*******)

Many thanks to WhiskiesOTWorld and the companies that donated incredible bottles and gift baskets to tonight's raffle at WoW for AEF/BCEF! (Bcef_e*****)

Felt like nesting tonight - so I bought 6 bottles of wine to stock my wine fridge with. Not the same as buying an armoire. (Katiesch*******)

My mum passed out after drinking; apparently Human buckaroo isn't funny :P 7 wine bottles, a cigarette, perfume bottle and a tin foil hat:P (CPT***)

Did you know: yyc Airport Authority in 2009 recycled 240 metric tonnes of paper and cardboard. Also, around 500,0 bottles and cans. (Calgar******)

The crumbs, old water bottles and black windows all add to the experience. I think I counted 14 cars on the car deck. (Cairngor*******)

I got: 2 bottles of strawberry ribena. AIW shirt, new moon dvd (with 3d cover 0o0o), angel delight, garden gnome (B_for*****)

Got back from Lolo Creek Steakhouse. Had a 10 oz. slab of chicken (ironically), 6 bottles of root beer, and homemade cheesecake. I'm stuffed (LPGha****)

Anyone know if I can get bottle collars for my Evenflo glass bottles anywhere? O throws his bottles down when done and they break easily :( (Mama****)

I mean, you don't know suicidal until you're faced with a sinkful of old bottles brought in from the car. (Kefau****)

When I get back n town we can pop those good old bottles my dude crossover letss go (Luck****)

Raw milk drinkers: we got it here. Come replace your old bottles. (Green*****)

Dug up garden today: a lot of it was midden, found old bottles. Found an underground wall too, took about 50 bricks out. Knackered. (Stua***)

God always wants to bless, but many times we refuse to come out of our mess. New wine doesn't go in old bottles. (Reali*****)

Instead of throwing away old bottles of 'poo with sulfates. use it instead to clean makeup brushes. Then of course, recycle the empty bottle (LolasGr*******)

Today's 5 minute challenge: Gather up all your cleaning products. Toss out old bottles, consolidate half full bottles & get rid of toxic.. (Cashinc******)

Itsreallyannoying when people refill old bottles with other drinks. gross and a pet peeve of mine! Weird, I know!! Lol (Sparkle******)

Tonight: an exciting opening/tasting of 30-40 year old bottles of Mort Subite gueuze. (Svenca*****)

I understand why medicine bottles are child-proof, but why are store-bought DVD cases adult-proof? (GrayJ****)

There's a place i know if you're looking for a show. where they go hardcore and there's glitter on the floor. errbody breaking bottles. (TS**)

Finally bought a Britta water filter. No more wasting bottles (_Jo**)

Brita claim their water filter replaces 300 plastic bottles. But the filter isn't biodegradable! How does that help? (Neera*****)

Fun things found cleaning: a Fred Meyer receipt from 12/20/00, three bottles of bubbles, two ring pops, and a pay stub that's not mine. (Acutel******)

Now we have 2 bottles of Jagermeister at home. Plenty of bombs to drop. (Ske***)

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