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60 External Comments

Weaving baby items now. ATM a blankie, later matching hat & booties. Weaving is really fast! :D (3fol***)

OK OK.. espresso almost finished.. were are wetsuit booties.. pants.. jacket.. too early for theDAWG in Kayak?? (Bike****)

I've uncovered a stash of old Amy Butler fabrics. I can't wait to make some new pillows or maybe some baby booties. (Raven****)

I love designing heels on my computer i have 25 cute ones now but there all booties except for 5. There super cute and really me (Kelly_c******)

At Ace Hotel Ann Taylor preview slash pty w Rachel Bilson. Patent suede booties & retro 20s round earring bobs will be mine! (Hipg****)

I'm gunna order my very shiny gummy short welly Vivienne Westwood booties when i comes back from london :) (Omgzz*****)

Seriously, leggings, a cropped flannel shirt, ankle booties, and a fake Chanel scarf around your hair? No. (Altgelds*******)

Finishing oral report. get 2 wear a cape. and booties 2morrow hahaha =P (Ninabe*****)

I'm glad I'm not a guy! Cuz good lookin girls wit REAL evrythng is hard to come by! Fake hair nails , boobies , booties, eye color eyelashes (Phia****)

Sistas you all better watch out. White girls with slim waists and big booties are on the rise (Charg****)

Nodisrespectbut i hat girls with big booties! oops. thats your stomach! ha ha ha ha! (Sheilaxx*******)

On top of that, they look like swim booties. Lol. This white washed tarbaby man. gtfoh! (KYRAfor*******)

Persian chicks are bad but they aint never got no booties. I need dat (GOBURR*****)

Do men like loose booties or firm, tight . round booties. let me know (PrittyYO*******)

Dizzy Gillespie plays a sax Me, myself, I love to max Redbone booties I'm out to wax Stick up kids is out to tax (Pat***)

Y'all need to leave Badu alone. it's ok for yal to watch booties clapping but she didn't do anything lewd! The human form is beautiful! (Souix*****)

Going to be a great-aunt! Gotta finish knitting Corey's UF afghan and then start on some baby booties. (Sandeea******)

I need to buy some size 5 needles. My Aunt Sue sent me a pattern for baby booties in the mail and my smallest are size 7. (Arie****)

I'ma be walking downtown today looking for the long legs and big booties (Sulai****)

Seen my 1st piece of dark meat just know. once it gets hot. booties cum out(perv voice) lol (Mist****)

A man drives by, listening to music exulting about "big booties." I will never understand rap's obsession with footwear. (Spin****)

This class is booty.. and not even a nice booty.. one of those flat and sloppy booties (Trumaine*******)

All these lil booties in baggy leggins are killing me. I think it's time to go to class (BigJo*****)

Bell biv devoe said never trust a big butt and a smile :: does that mean their gf's have no booties . Just wondering (K7T**)

It's getting hot I can't wait to see them big ole booties in them sun dresses (2010cho******)

Nowplaying bootilicious - destinys child! shake them booties ladies!! (Andie_*****)

Heck- ya go to South Carolina for a few days and come back to a whole new Biscuit! Melie Bianco bags, Seychelles laser lace booties, sigh. (Biscuit*******)

A new night guard and massaging mosturizing gel booties make for a wonderful slumber - yes I am a dork! (Kimber*****)

Today's outfit; it's cold again soni busted out the Marc bow booties and a blazer. Feeling very Gwyneth. (EBay_F******)

I was looking for peep toe booties, but I bought a Minnetonka :S (Immacul*******)

Shoutsout 2 these ladies on campus 2day w/ lil booties & DasieyDukes on (Unkle Luke Voice) & SundressSeason (Dj Holiday Voice) (SiMmS_*****)

Think of it like this. not all women have big booties. and not all big booties are pretty! (BFP_fan_*******)

I like fat booties and nice weaves. Shrug brought to you by kanye west. (Dari****)

Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cold out there today. (Chipp*****)

Iv figured how to be RICH. I'm going to discover a formula dt helps ladies have erykah-ish/beyonce-like/kardashian-ic booties. (The_PA*****)

At studio with Tesco client styling FF womens and Mens A/W collection, really nice pieces, super cute booties for us girly! Great prices too (Dress_M*******)

Girls want to Be so Fake: FAke booties. They getting Injections and they are wearing Booty Pads. Oh no and they want to be WHITE. or light! (Sunday*****)

WhoRemember:: Go Left. Go Left. Go Left-Right-Left. My back is ach'N, My bras to tight, My booties shake'N from the Left to the right!! . lol (Cyaira*****)

Assorted pairs of our best-selling Baby Booties are now restocked! Many more newbies coming in for our Spring babies later this week! (Littleod*******)

When I have a baby shower, I don't want nobody buyin my baby no Burberry booties, or Gucci onesies, or Polo tees or nunna dat shyt. (Krysan******)

What a gorgeous day! Blk acid wash skinny jeans, rag&bone cargo jkt, iro shredded wht t, proenza booties, new Chanel bag!! :) (Genn****)

Nice ride today with no. booties, wind jacket, gloves, winter hat, got to use normal bibs & knee warmers. I almost felt naked! ah spring! (Joncar*****)

I feel like a rat in a maze except I get to wear a hard hat and little booties for my feets. (Noah****)

Need to get some Suede protector spray to protect my baby booties. (BebekL******)

I've evolved into this little expert and now I'm graduating: next phase, baby booties. (AshesDiv*******)

Oh tiny Baby Booties, why are you guys so cute! (But amazingly they don't make me want to have a baby.) (Hash****)

Knit pink baby booties for our future children during dinner (Kimm****)

Learned how to do a chain stitch today! I'm on my way to throws, scarfs, hats, socks, baby booties u name it imma crochet it! (_Tick*****)

Time to feed and wash baby booties and get them settled down for the night - gotta wash Jah's hair - pray for me, lol (_Lad****)

Working on making some super cute baby booties for my friend's new baby girl. (Aggiesp******)

Finished with baby booties for a while. But they are so cute! Can't wait for the baby to get here now! (TheDayn******)

Making more baby booties today, I found an easy way to do them and I have some great ideas for colors. My excitement has inspired me! (TheDayn******)

Watching tv and crocheting baby booties for my coworker xD ek! she will be happy about them :D (Maedchen*******)

Monring tweeps i am in my sewing room finally. busy deciding on fabrics to make the baby booties (SewChic*******)

I'm knitting a pair of baby booties for one of my very good friends. they seem to be turning out great! ;) (Vervalic*******)

Just left cole haan fall 2010 preview love the shearling wedge booties and reversible totes! (Fromthef*******)

Ifihadadick i would have to buy baby booties (baby shoes) cause its gonna drag on the ground (JUIC****)

Isabel marant wants us to wear cowboy booties with floral romantic tunics (Glamro*****)

Swanky rockets will get me an autumn leaf if i am lucky enough with my mitten booties. lay your heavy trip on me (Lainy****)

Working another fab kiwi designer KateSylvester with my new patent Tods booties, hope my outfit behaves itself! (Ashleigh*******)

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