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60 External Comments

My son won't let me read bedtime books to him, but I'm like Mariano Rivera with my night-night songs coming in after K is done reading (Mateo*****)

Hitting up these books hard. gotta get work done before tulane basketball. 9pm on espn 2. girls in the ncaa tourney vs. georgia bulldogs (DavidG*****)

Storm Thief under my pillow, almost done. All my books need to be packed, what will I read? (Kissm****)

I just received more review books from Hachette. Yay! There might've been a Twilight graphic novel in the bunch, too. ;) Awesome! (Yolanda*******)

Come and get your stuff! I still have a bunch of stuff , its all free so come and get it! Board books, suitcase, toys, bed rail. (Shannon*******)

Dear AmEx: Thanks for telling me about your live-in au pair service. In return, may I recommend a few books about targeted marketing? (Happyf******)

So my mom got me these books the other day and there called "Sweep" the first one is called "book of shadows." Anyone read them before? (TeamJ****)

Xbox Live: mistah clutch is currently Online. Playing Netflix. Watching Amazing Stories: Season 1 - One For the Books. (Xbox Live Nation) (Mistah******)

Avon has Outlet books, great sales. visit yourAVON. com/kendraquintana : ) (Kend***)

Tumbledrier, shoes, shorts, trainers, 2x Hungry Caterpillar 40th anni pop up books. West Quay b4 lunch on tuesday = bearable. Now: children. (Siwh****)

Back home in South Bend, went straight to work. Another IC event in the books. (UPSL***)

Done with Ann Rule's Dead by Sunset at last. One of the best books I've read in a while. (JayDee******)

Has just seen "The Crafty Cockney" by Eric Bristow in this months Mitchell Library books showcase. m tempting (ChrisAM******)

I should know better than to stay up half the night reading. Need to remember that books, electronic or otherwise, don't disappear overnight. (Defende*******)

Just downloaded the "Kindle for Mac" app. Nice to have my books on my desktop as well as my phone, but it's a pretty bare-bones application. (BitterO******)

I think ill give up laptops and phones and just sit in a room with a reclining chair, some books and my ipod. (AprylA*****)

Goes to Asheville NC this coming week for book signing on Sun. Aug. 9, 1 PM at Spellbound Books (Xbcksea*******)

HowYouAThug an own 4 berenstain bears books. an read dem wen u go on long trips (_Sun****)

Didyouknow Michael Cera did the voice for Brother Bear in the series based on books The Berenstain Bears (Brend****)

I use to read all the Berenstain Bears books ! yall notice they aint r e a l names ? Momma Brother Poppa & Sister bear (CaseyL******)

Free download for Amazon Kindle software. U can then download Kindle books onto your laptop or desktop. This is a BETA test I believe. (Coac****)

Very pleased kindle app is coming for ipad. Even if I do switch to iBooks I still want access to my kindle books. (Billn****)

Awesome birthday. Kindle+books+reeses pieces sundaes+friends n fam+bday wishes from fb friends+bday dinner with beautiful wife and kids. (Sla***)

Now you can read kindle books on the ipad- wow. Is there any reason to get a diff ebook reader now? (Gnomen*****)

I'm very relieved that I'll be able to read my Kindle books on my iPad! :) (Ta*)

Downloaded 'Kindle for Mac' yesterday - not sure if I'll buy Kindle books (DRM!), but great for free samples to try out new books (Matthew*******)

Downloading the Kindle app. I don't have any Kindle books either. I'm such a BB addict. (BigD****)

I don't get why Kindle books are so expensive. I would buy more e-books if I didn't feel like a chump since I could get a paperback cheaper (Semant*****)

I wish there was a way to purchase Kindle books as gifts. Or is there and I'm missing it? (Ficti*****)

I'm goin to da store in this rain but when I get back I'll be readin some Kindle books. can't rememba the Zane story I started *thinking* (XMsSh****)

Swagbucks almost up to getting another gift card to buy more kindle books. You can never have too many books to read. (Bookw*****)

I downloaded some free kindle books from amazon: Emma, A Rush of Wings, Poems by Emily Dickinson, Beauty & The Beast, Ivanhoe & one more :) (Enter*****)

I fear a problem with kindle books will be self publishers that are lousy getting into the system (Gnomeon******)

Kindle (software) for the Mac is finally out. You dont need a Kindle to read Kindle books. Read em on Windows, Mac and iTouch. (MarkR*****)

Downloaded the kindle for mac app today. this is great - i have access to all my kindle books on my iphone, mac, and kindle. (Jmay****)

I've downloaded Kindle for Mac and some sample books. It's useful becuase I can get soon!! but, kindle books are expensive a little. (Shirop*****)

As I count, you can now read Kindle books on Mac, PC, Blackberry, iPhone, and of course, the Kindle reader. (JSteve*****)

My amazon wish list is full of kindle books. i accept any paypal donations. lol (Konsta******)

One of my kindle books is going balistic - I'll stick it on createspace too (Garetht*******)

I've gone back to the blackberry now that my iPhone contract had expired. Love the fact that my Kindle books are all in sync! (Wc**)

Kindle for Mac is pretty cool. I already had a couple of Kindle books for my iTouch, but now I can actually SEE the text on my Mac. (Busymo*****)

Just downloaded Kindle for Mac. Now I can read my Amazon Kindle books on my computer. It's pretty basic, but better than I had yesterday! (Church******)

Wait so was I dreaming or is there really a way to download Kindle books for free onto your pc? (YMof****)

Read more than 450,0* Kindle Books on Your Computers with Free Aplication for your Mac. No kindle Required. (Parth*****)

Kindle for Mac new software from Amazon to have Kindle books on your computer. (IMa***)

Kindle for Mac released today. About time, Amazon! Now I can read my Kindle books on my Hackintosh (Theipho*******)

Kindle for Mac. All the expense of Kindle books combined with all the inconvenience of reading lengthy PDFs on a screen. (Blue***)

On chapter 4 of Joanne Fluke's 13th Hannah Swenson mystery, Apple Turnover Murder. Her books are cozy, funny mysteries with recipes. (Marian*****)

Still looking for good books for my Sony e-reader! The cheaper the better! (Zuric****)

Almost got in a Kindle vs. Sony e-reader fight with guy next to me on plane. Don't tell me stealing books makes yours better than mine. (Racke****)

So. how about i just found out that you can get library books on the sony e-reader (kindle look alike). now im extremely tempted (Thewil*****)

Catch me at the mall, antique shops, flour bluff, half priced books and target today. (AboveC*****)

Lookahere Antiques & Collectibles Apparel Arts & Crafts Beauty & Fragrance Books Business (Iambar*****)

Posted a LOT of collectibles on eBay (user jng6) and in craigslist. Beanie Babies, Book collections, acupressure, cpap. 200 books yet. (Rent***)

I'm still standing like the statue of liberty and I put my name in history books so you will forever remember me. (Sk8boyJ*******)

In my anger. I left my personal bag in trunk, w/ books & cell charger & such. Called cab co. back & am waiting for call from. bad driver. (CarolE*****)

Vampire movies. vampire books. cannot get enough of all of it! It makes me curious about a quote. are you really out there!? (Kbbe****)

Imthekindofperson who loves 2 read. Especially vampire books, humor, & any erotic sexual books lik zane (Asian_*****)

I really wish they'd stop with all these vampire books and movies. (Cam***)

It's weird hearing people in St. Louis making jokes about the weather in tiny Forks, WA. Silly vampire books. (Ben***)

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