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60 External Comments

We read a book called "The Bernstain Bears and the Golden Rule" today. Ask your child if they remember the message of the book? (Sal***)

Just finished The Mind Map Book by Tony and Barry Buzan. Now to learn how to get mindmanager to create pretty maps. (Vbor****)

Somehow adding a gaming book and my laptop charger to my backpack adds like 20 lbs. (Alex***)

Final chapter on the book abc asthma allergies lupus we will get to lupus cured by water. what is lupus. your body is thirsty? (NEW_VI******)

Listening to vintage Burlap to Cashmere's Daisies and Roses. Check it out and the book "Roaring Lambs". (Barbarah*******)

Bed time for me. I'm really really tired and have an 8am class. totally not reading the book I have to read (300 pages, ya. right). (Pattim*****)

Getting read for the DOLLS Red Carpet book club finale "Divine Divas" im so exciting what a journey (Josaynem*******)

I forgot to mention the graphic novel. I enjoyed the book and it had very creative art. People should keep in mind how it is hard to make. (Joel_T******)

Goin 2 BestBuy 2morrow 2 buy My World 2.0. and twilight graphic book. im readin frostbite rite now (YOCi***)

I'm watchin true life right now and this girl said she has her laptop, math book, a cell phone and 2 back up cell phones. smh. hahaha (Sric***)

Watching Sebring on Motors TV and reading Joe McNally's great book on lighting with flashguns: The Hot Shoe Diaries. (Johnd*****)

Started in Joe McNally's 'The Hot Shoe Diaries'. Great book, and lots of excellent tips on flashing. Learned a lot from the first 30 pages. (Will***)

Dv dude's favourite photo book? the hot shoe diaries by joe mcnally. (Dvsh****)

Book club tonight. got drunk on a tankard of ale, and talked too loudly about contrivity, contrivement & contriveyness. all in one sentence. (Sli**)

Everyone should read "Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1,500 Years" by S. Fred Singer and Dennis Avery! Very helpful book! (ZzWAPAKA*******)

I cant belive a book that was writen in 2 months as a joke is going so far .2011 come faster! (Notoriou*******)

I could read my new book, but that actually involves some work. Lights. Little words. 500 plus pages. Glasses. Too much work (Medei*****)

Recovering from partying in houston Texas! Had fun. Now it's tine to grind again. What should the second chapter of my book be titled? (MizzT*****)

Found out today that in the book animal farm the character boxer is in fact not a boxer. I am super upset about this, I threw the book away (Julieti*******)

Ugh. dnt feel like doing dhis option.! nd i gottah read dhis dumb book.."animal farm" (Kayla_*****)

In the book Animal Farm, what are specific examples on how the sheep disregard snowball (Animals*******)

Animal farm, you are an amazing book but I wish that mr rooney didn't make me do you for my lit sac (Kgleninr*******)

Just finished Animal Farm. The most timeless book I have ever read. Wow. (Rileye*****)

Finally finished the book Animal Farm. It was a very interesting book. The whole plot of it reminds me of what Obama is doing to America. (Apple2******)

Finished animal farm! The only outside reading book I've read and it wasn't that bad! (Ginsa*****)

There are wonderful Prizes for the month of January like Urban decay book of shadows, E. L. F. Makeup & 25 dollar gift card to Forever 21! (Alexca******)

At work. hanging out. thinking about blair witch 2: book of shadows (Jtle****)

Work on my Book of Shadows for a bit and then knocking out with a podcast. (Zabu***)

So my mom got me these books the other day and there called "Sweep" the first one is called "book of shadows." Anyone read them before? (TeamJ****)

Congrats nayzemonstar! you bought this item. item:urban decay alice in wonderland book of shadows ;;_;; (Nayzemo******)

Book of Shadows a magickal journal that a witch keeps they usually contain his/her notes of magickal workings dreams spells rituals etc (MAGICA*****)

Im so jealous of my best friend. I get her into Charmed and she buys the whole series with The Book of Shadows! I WANT IT! :) (Btoll*****)

On serious note. I put Book Of Shadows in my cd player and it stayed in there for a week. Those cd's are phenomenal. (Crunchy*******)

Finally I put my hands on the Uban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows. I can't stop squeeing *O* (Bea_i*****)

A book of shadows. of nothings. holding only the passage of time. (Madscot******)

Zakk wylde's pride & glory: horse called war . zakk wylde - book of shadows - way beyonde empty (Pentaton*******)

I'm not a big fan of make-up but I am super bummed that Urban Decay's Alice's Book of Shadows sold out. Ebay, be my friend, won't you?!?! (Lifei*****)

Zakk Wyldes book of shadows playing in studio, acoustic greatness (Frank_F******)

Just watched Hercules and I'm now watching Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. I'm nothing if not consistently inconsistent. (Mr_Dood******)

NOW, reading Book of Shadows by Cate Tiernan. Oh, and Tantalize is totally an amazing, wonderful book! (Hollyle*******)

The article is cautious about blame, but after reading the Mark Thomas book about Coca Cola, I can definitely believe it. (Chris_c*******)

Chilling to Over The Grave (Sojourn Louisville) and a church history book. Good night. (Small*****)

Rainy day here, so I'm going to work on my blog: adding a book list & children's stories/poems I wrote when my kids were younger. (Bunk****)

Classic: Johnny Main interviewing Mary Danby: Were you really the budgie woman on the photographic cover of the 5th Fontana book of Horror? (Paulm****)

Fashion tutor Lena Santana's book 'one piece of fabric' is taking the world by storm.. see link below (Designer*******)

Found a nerf gun& Capt undrpnts 4E7, Clifford stuffie&book 4Z2, skull belt&cute blk mini 4M13, lucky elephant 4me at the thrift store today! (Faith****)

Ann Rule is an idiot, I've never read such a not good enough book. (Phillip*******)

Also, I am reading Ann Rule's book about the Green River Killer. A little odd because I was just in Seattle. And very very sad. (JannJ****)

Can't for the life of me understand why I have made a dummy cover the size of a movie poster. It is a small book. It is HUGE. (Evbj***)

Making swans out of bath towels might be the next thing I learn how to do (that doesn't make any money). After I read a book about plumbing. (Yrubme*****)

HH To locate a book in electronic form, you may use the Library Catalog as well as NetLibrary. (ATU_Li*****)

For book club: Go controversial to start the conversation, go classic, or safe bet, pop fiction? The pressure! (Neal***)

I found a great 1890's tailor's guide pattern for Watson's suit coat. There's one in the same book for trousers. I'm very pleased. (Estelofi*******)

One thing that's good about Tony Roma's today. fit for lunch n dinner too! Nite . I'll try to sleep after readin my Fern-Girl book. (Amandee******)

Home, in bed with book, completely knackered after good day. Just been for early dinner with Bob to Tony Roma's. Now to try to love Williams (Caronml******)

Is having a Lia Sophia booking blast for April! Lots of great "deals" when you book a show with me in April! (Mizmom*****)

Spring is in the air - lets get some people together & celebrate! Book your Lia sophia show today & I will shower you with new JEWELS. (TracyLia*******)

Very excited because I just started selling lia sophia jewelry!! Let me know if ur interested in ordering or having a book show. (Tiaja****)

Hello Ladies. Im just starting out selling Lia Sophia. If you or someone you know would like to book a party please get in touch with me!! (KittyK******)

Is using speech recognition for her book to make it faster. Also is using a dictaphone for the chapters (Newbiew*******)

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