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Bomber - USA

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60 External Comments

Japan's Yamamoto is d biggest battleship ever made in WW II history. And sunk not by another ship. but by dive-bomber from Carrier (Wyudia*****)

Another shoe bomber? Man, people are REALLY pissed about Spirit Airlines charging for carry-on luggages. (Matt***)

Just watch kung fu panda i love that movie now, so funny, now study time, and on my 3rd bomber, (DJ_ESS*****)

Beetch ya stomach is hanging over ya belt with that littel ass PLEATHER bomber you got on looking like space cadet (SirROA******)

Moxie was in Batman (1989) which was always a bit weird. Bomber - Raiders of The Lost Ark. Barry - Harry Potter. Wayne - uh. The Faces? (Hftf****)

From SS10. Bomber with cool scale details on the sleeves and a sun ray motif on the back. (Finalf******)

Nowreading Gone Tomorrow - Lee Child. A female suicide bomber on a train. Lovely eh? (Hijack*****)

Fred perry bomber jacket, DSM t-shirt, new balance M1300CL, akai AX-60 and an inflatable jabba the hutt costume (Roul***)

Fight night at casino del sol. Watching my boy George "the brown bomber" Castro do work!! Love this guy right here :) (Angelic*******)

Threw on a bomber jacket You could tell the ballers cuz they bell wearin Gazelles And if they really had money raised be sportin BK's (MiXXdGrN*******)

Um a scarface al wissam leather in spring? Fashion no no. Then his boy has a scarface bomber jacket? (AMusici*******)

I just broke elis favorite bomber jacket. guess who's in trouble? (Xoki****)

Instantturnon skinny jeans. nike dunks. graphic tee. bomber jacket (IamBr****)

Snipes is my style icon. Poloneck plus silk shirt plus bomber jacket ftw! (Tin***)

So did you have on your army bomber jacket when you picked up shrimp? (Dremme******)

I feel all 80's. Quick! Get me a bomber jacket, side parting and bandana! Boombox! (Shewyf*****)

Lookin pretty fly today! Lol. Bomber jacket and black converse! (Ashleygu*******)

I think I was irresistable in my black over knee socks, mini skirt, quilted bomber jacket and LARGE hoop earrings. How could he resist? (Life_wi*******)

Pleather hoodie bomber jacket. Was surprisingly hard to find something that wasn't thick wool coat. Jumper is so 80s, lol. (Zec**)

Lol . my baby () says KTV still lian ;-) me scared now . i tell him don't disturb anyone wearing a bomber jacket (Scorpi*****)

I have a rocker chick thing going on today. Complete with bomber jacket cos I don't wanna freeze at KTV (Vix***)

I've just walked past a neo-nazi, well that's what he looked like. Doc martins, jeans rolled up, green bomber jacket, shaven head = not good (R1cky****)

Something about wearing my leather bomber jacket puts me in the mood for Zeppelin! (Celiag*****)

Perfect bomber jacket! brown, worn leather, stretchy band on bottom, map printed on inside. Help! (Zoeyl*****)

Typical roadman uniform bomber jacket, primark jeans, market hat & air maxs. it's the same everywhere you go! (MrMU****)

Top half of the man pictured in my previous was clad thus: Black leather bomber jacket, black bandana over bald head. Skull earring. (SimonNR*******)

Just saw a guy get on the bus with a Chicago Bulls bomber jacket. Don't see American brands like that over here anymore, do ya? (Carr***)

Happy Friday! I just got pooped on by a bird. Right on my brand new bomber jacket sleeve. (Sarahon******)

Amen 2 yur 1st today brotha , aint that a fact. Bit chilly dwn yur side is it. Bomber jacket time. By the way. NO thank u!! (Str33t*****)

Leaving your house blacked out, in a bomber jacket n 2 trackies on!. YourPushingIT! (TobiI*****)

I heart my new bargain vintage bomber jacket.. Think wesley snipes in white man can't jump! Bringing 88 back! (Hanna****)

Plain white t-shirt, jeans, bomber jacket and Doc Martin boots! The show starts in 45 minutes. (Haz***)

Oh Nina! I really want a leather bomber jacket like the one Elena has! Its gorgeous! I want it for my 19th birthday xoxo (Bhav***)

Rather brilliantly he is also clad in a bomber jacket, biker boots and turned up jeans. If he was about a 100 years younger. (Deil****)

I love you brightly dressed nanna in the keith haring style bomber jacket, wish you were my nanna. (Tokyo****)

I gotta get this calf leather TUskegee Airmen Bomber Jacket. (Izzy_Fo*******)

Loving the fur collar on his bomber jacket. where do I sign up for one of those? (Mypin*****)

Onthebus the bus driver is wearing a brown leather bomber jacket which looks too cool to be a approved uniform. hm. (TheBus******)

I want a brown leather bomber jacket so badly I can barely stand it. I can't wait to have a real job and real money. (Modale******)

Didn't I just see u wit some lugz shoes, wife beater no shirt just Connies bomber jacket pan handling infront krogers? (RC859H*****)

So how was it? should i be wearing my bomber jacket and doc's right now? (Gabeb*****)

No worries - I can stand on the door again with a bomber jacket & clipboard! (Callums*******)

Ths chick is picking up trash in the park in her Coach sneakers, 7 jns & bomber jacket! Told me she got in trouble w/ law & doing ComSer. (RAref****)

Lool shout out to the yute that wore a nike bomber jacket in this weather haha (ArtistS*******)

I'm sure the Coogi bomber jacket caused the most emotional distress to you :-(. *sends hugs* (Kyla****)

Thats what i thot also. bringing my leather boots and turtleneck. haha. RT: No you better bring your bomber jacket and.. (Bobth*****)

Yep both wallaces, & hamilton too tho i remember too i had on a pistons bomber jacket on just leaving a bball gam school lol (Chic_So*******)

Flight plans on halt for a couple months. i do it for the bomber jacket (Aris****)

Well i got my NEW leather bomber jacket for autumn and winter YO =D and yes. i'm using , LOL how funny XD (Wes_s*****)

I've been walking around in a scarf, leather bomber jacket, & uggs since I got home. Freezing! I refuse to turn on the heat though. (DREWN*****)

I should say Contractors, really. No actually construction guy would be caught dead in a bomber jacket. (Jenna*****)

I exist. no bomber jacket, never tasted ice tea but I'm sure you can unremember me. ;^) (Wacca*****)

If you're not wearing a bomber jacket and pounding Arizona iced tea, I don't even want to know you exist! (Randa****)

Wearing a baseball hat and bomber jacket to a lesbian bar was a foolish mistake. ladies, i don't need a drink. i promise. (Suicideh*******)

Refused to let mum sell my dad's old bomber jacket for 20 dollars at a friend's garage sale. I got an 80s bomber jacket! :D (Ribbon******)

Wearing my grade six bomber jacket. surprisingly, it still fits me! the sleeves are actually a bit big! (Shimmy*****)

Researching this trip to PR for my bday .. Looking for a bomber jacket in a Sick Color and checking emails (TierraD******)

This green bomber jacket thing isn't the coolest ever, but it's clean and warm. (Paul_Par*******)

The girl standing opposite me on the train is wearing short shorts with a puffy bomber jacket that almost covers the shorts. I have no words (Meege****)

Silent hill, resident evil, parasite eve, time crisis, fear effect, siphon filter, dino crisis, silent bomber, guilty gear (OddHappe*******)

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