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60 External Comments

Still have to add a mounting board for motor on my small fishhing boat. Have to get permit to use ramp 4 launching my boat. (Nlcat****)

Omg i cannot wait for this weekend!! either columbia or the house boat :]] (Binkey******)

Spring is here let us help you with all of your inflatable boat needs! (TRIADM*****)

Youtubing. reminising over old tv series. Davey Crocket, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, The Love Boat, Chips, Airwolf, Magnum PI, Nighthawk (Gareth******)

Feel like I've lost a piece of my history- the Robert E Lee boat burned to the hull last night, found out about it today ::Close to crying:: (AlienRef*******)

Made a second attempt going into the hall to find earphones. Everyone out there is in the same boat as me. (CyndaR*****)

Today I am trying to find ways to link the masks to the scene (ie owl and pussycat in a boat). Any ideas? (Heyha****)

If riding in an airplane is flying, then riding in a boat is swimming. If you want to experience the element, then get out of the vehicle..! (Markos******)

Im on a boat bitchh its goin fastt and (: haha jk its not goin fast. we just pulled out of the marina hahah (Jbieber*******)

I didn't realise how tired I was until I went to sleep. Just woke up. I was so delirius last night! Kept talking about being on a boat?!? (Clair*****)

Had a snake slither into the boat while fishing. Mom just whacked him with a fishing rod & hooked Daddy. now THAT was a ruckus! (Burges*****)

Im on a boat so ima b on my iphone 2day. haha i dont really no how to use it so it will take like 3'days for me to answer (Jbieber*******)

SU campus after rain= more worms than a fishing party boat. Stench of worms+my meds=me almost hurling on comstock like a drunk frosh. G'day! (Penguins*******)

Its raining in ny and I got boat shoes , shorts and a hoodie on lol (Reni***)

Nowplaying "i'm on a boat" - the lonely island ft. t-pain. mp3 lls good times . (Vicki*****)

Lol. I could. But id get bored with it. I mean how much fun can it be to row a boat? Put a motor on it and I'll drive it! (Cfarme*****)

I swear everyone must think im fresh of the boat lol. . . thanks for caring tho :) (AlexMil*******)

Well I'm up for the day going fishing today on a 17ft bass boat yay (JesseDo******)

This weekend i want some belgian waffles. Watch hot tub time machine. Some boat shoes. (GPB***)

Eep! finally finished with bed boat pattern, will list it after lunch :) (Follow*****)

The weather in Rockport has been like Summer the past few days; I am looking forward to launching our boat and do some fishing! (Beu***)

I jizzed in my pants like a boss because i'm on a boat with a boombox (Guccili******)

Spreader waterway. Buzzin with law enforcement by boat & helicopter. in Cape Coral, FL (Terri*****)

Look out for our new Custom Boat Trailer website: Coming soon! (Beck****)

Need a new boat trailer for Easter, no problem. Trailers in stock now. (Beck****)

Headed back to sactown! Pullin my boat trailer so I can only go 60! It's gonna be a long trip. (Chadm*****)

Oh, bloody Oxford are so going to win the boat race again, aren't they? Damn. (Helen_*****)

In St Thomas. Still have cell service here too! Went on a snorkeling trip and saw SEA TURTLES! Not to mention it was a party boat w/rum. (Patsfan******)

Another great Maine Boatbuilder's Boat Show. A lot interest in the new "Zogo" with the custom lithium battery system I was able to provide. (OceanP*****)

Looking at all the bridges and flats at the st croix river. At one point we could boat under these bridges, now they are filled with water (Lauren******)

LOST I'm gay for Richard Alpert today, amazing episode! I do have trouble figuring out how a wooden boat obliterated a stone statue though (Branig******)

Just woke up. I had some really weird dreams. I dreamt that i went on a tour of Gabe's house/boat &watched a movie in his home theater? (KAy**)

Rowing harder doesn't help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction." Kenichi Ohmae (Kasca*****)

Just been rowing in the rain, and managed to make a hole in our boat. Oops. Snobs weren't too happy =/ (FrazerR******)

Spring is here! Thursday evening rowing will commence on April 1st - Six o'clock at the boathouse. Bin the erg and get in a boat! (Goring*****)

We're all rowing the boat of fate. The waves keep on comin' and we can't escape. But if we ever get lose on your way, (Sagat*****)

Big weekend comin up, Rowing in the Head of the River on Sat [across the boat race course, against the clock,. VS 450 other crews of 8] (Rich_*****)

A dinghy and outboard was stolen from a boat anchored about 200 feet from Club Nautico on Jan.7th 2010 at about 0330 in the morning (PiracyS*******)

Free boat only (no trailer) (newberg): the boat is free . needs good cleaning , needs inboard motor , the outboard motor is there . but . (Terminal*******)

PVD Inc begins development on new high performance electric outboard! Convert your ICE boat or outboard to electric today. (GreenA******)

In ebony heritage class on campus! Black gospel music floats my boat for sure;) (Holder*****)

I just saw a '96 Mustang towing a boat. the Mustang also featured a big ass short wave radio antenna. I'm going to miss my hometown. (DDanDe*****)

Vagary of boat life 584: propane tank empty. Spouse gone to board meeting. Wrist too sore to let me remove nozzle. Guess I'm going hungry. (Katrina******)

Ill grab the boat if you go grab the anchor. the tarp and twine and the weights that sank her (CHUDxM******)

My boat was made for floating not keeping at the docks the hood is like an anchor think deeper then the blocks! (CuRb_Yo******)

The boat next to us is called "dani girl". serendipity? sidenote: where'd this guy come from? caterpillar hex. (Itsd****)

Narrow Boat Inn at Stowe Hill on A5 near Towcester now listed under Eating out and bed and breakfast (F1_Wher*******)

I wanna live on a boat. not just any boat. A Royal Caribbean cruise ship! (Averoni******)

Birthday/Ski shopping list: Ski stuff duh, juicy couture bracelet, vera bradley bag & wallet, north face jacket, boat shoes. dang. -stefanie (NickJAl******)

Died 3/22/1993 - Tim Crews (31) and Steve Olin (27), pitchers for the Cleveland Indians, died when their boat struck a pier on a lake. (Letters4*******)

Yeah i can make your bed rock. if i put your mattress on a boat in the ocean. OH! (EmilyW*****)

Beautiful day here on the Island. Stop by Riva South and check out these deals on Yamaha personal watercraft. Its boat season!! (RivaS****)

Getting a haircut, then going to the lake! Girlfriend's parents got a brand new boat. Pretty sweet. And just ordered a new snare drum! (Dustys*****)

I love how the Aegean boat captain is referenced in every God of War game. (Havo****)

If life is a river. then ur heart is a boat. im just a water baby. baby born to float(= (Ilovec*****)

I need a boat trailer for an 18ft sailboat. Anyone have one laying around? (Jimmyca******)

My girlfriends are headed out for a girls day on the boat. I said I wanted to stay home and shampoo rugs and do laundry. I'm a moron! (My_Wild*******)

Sleeping in sail boat tonight. Rocking back and forth like in a baby crib. Lol. (Betl****)

I want my life to be like a Brooks brothers catalog. On my sail boat all day with a huge dimond ring on my finger. (Caroli*****)

Looking for video you drew basic shapes & it searched stock photo for the best fit. In video they drew sail boat, beach & lady in a dress. (CodyM*****)

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