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60 External Comments

Can't think of a good name for new necklace, going with Pink Blush - kinda lame, but it's all I gots (JarosD******)

My hubby usually makes me blush once a week but rarely twice in one day! Not only did I have an amazing time in Glen Ivy, but I got home. (Bernat*****)

Ooh Moda Basic Grey Blush= fabulous! I got 1/2m of one of the blue florals prints to play with but wouldn't be opposed to acquiring more! (Cynt****)

Experimenting with Topaz Detail and Clean. Great presets, useful effects. On first blush, what Adjust and Simplify should have been. (Loltog******)

Starting a conversation with her] Hello my dear. How are you today? [Grinning as I lift her hand, kissing it and seeing her blush] (Vladi*****)

When i finished stephs make up was awesome: exotic tara trophy wife, water lily, butterfly and blush (Bright******)

Working on my quilt and watching Steel Magnolias -- "My colors are blush and bashful" (Mah***)

Hi, err. err uhh mm, can I be your new-friend-turned-long-time-friend first? *blush* (Kuahj*****)

Just think that I need to pick up a blush brush but then I just thought wait a min I'm getting that with my package. I hope it's nice. (Bonnybu*******)

A 47 yr old man called me a "FOX" today. he made me blush because he was really attractive for his age! *just thought I'd share that (Mim***)

I been threw soo many changes but it aint nothing like being threw this one change wit this girl smh ooboy (blush) (BOSODA******)

I went to my grandpa's 85th birthday party today & met his new lady friend. I think this is the first time I ever saw him blush. (COtra*****)

I'm sunburned/ tanned and have rosy cheeks! Pls don't fade! It's likefree blush!! Haha (Wkai***)

Iknewitwaslove after 3 yrs i still blush when tell me i'm beautiful same way you did our 1st date (MoYo****)

Texting wiiff ma boo lolzz he making blush ya lml he bag dhat numba (Beauty_*******)

Currently lemming for the Bobbi Brown Cabo Coral pot rouge. that or a NARS blush? (Liz***)

Totally loving my new nars blush "love joy" and my bare minerals lip gloss "citrus tart" (Jmar****)

Bought Nars blush in super orgasm. Such a gorgeous color, I love it! (Dropde*****)

Hoping my NARS blush in orgasm and super orgasm get here today!! :) (Smooths*******)

I want this mac palette. just so i can have that mac eversun blush. lol :d (Morena******)

NEEDS a new mac lipstick and blush . but also wants a mascara , brushes , eyeshadows , primer and lipgloss'. FML i need a job! (CaitlinF*******)

Pajama lovers -- My Filosophy just received new Blush and Einai sleepwear! Great new colors and lighter fabrics great for Spring! (MyFilo*****)

Guerlain new spring blush colours. natural, great texture and perfumed hum (RandomS*******)

Things that got me through today: pseudofed, a new headband, blush, concealer, fake tan in moisturizer, and emergenC. (Ladyga*****)

Summary of my day: The Get Up Kids have a Birmingham show, Yay! She & Him pre-order was posted and I am coveting Lancome Miel Glace blush. (Fashio*****)

Is blush a dying makeup item? Im using discntinued 2yo stila stick. Dont like powders. Tarte too bright. Gah. (Cori***)

I took a business course. keyboarding. back in grade nine. this is going to date me. this was in 95. We used TYPEWRITERS! *blush* (___Jenn******)

Brought 8 Lipstick, 5 e/s n palette, 1 mask, 2 blush & 1 lip gloss. I just can't control myself :( (Enn***)

On this rainy day I think I'll try a blush in either "flushed" or "porcelain doll" from Motives. (Maleeva*******)

She got Bette Davis eyes n she'll tease n unease u All the better just2 please u Shes precocious n she knows Wat it takes2 make a pro blush (ZomB****)

I don't own a single "ahem" adult toy. Am thinking of ordering myself one ::blush:: recs?? (Marylan******)

Gahee was a part of Korean-American girl group called S. Blush (Kpopf****)

If your makeup kit consists of all mac everything with maybe one nars blush. um yeah can we say mac whore lol (Ktmak*****)

Finally getting around to setting up boy's leap frog tag reader. He got it in February *blush* (Koti****)

I am gonna look *pretty* running with pink and light blue tape on my legs *blush* (Indiana*******)

The new mac collections are here! I'd love a blush ombre and the lady gaga viva glam lipstick. But I'll better save some money. (Natali******)

I blush when the media calls me the "Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers of sexual assault" but if the shoe fits. (Corn***)

I'm glad I'm alone right now so nobody can hear me sing to all the Wizard of Oz songs. *blush* (FluffyWi*******)

I'm so split. I wear Bare Minerals foundation & blush, Smashbox primer, Two Face shadow, but love Chanel & MAC shadows too. (Tahi****)

Spring Blush & Lips Special! Save this month on select Jane Iredale & Glominerals blushes and lip products! Through 4/30/10 (Carolina*******)

I've always referenced Carole Lombard. The love of Clark Gable's life: beautiful, graceful, talented, mouth that would make truckers blush. (Hitchcoc*******)

I just did (she's sitting next to me). She says "Thanks!" and wants to know if you are enjoying your chanel lipstick and blush. (Maria_o******)

Peachy-pink blush, burgundy brown shadow or eggplant liner, lipgloss. *snore* (Catnipa*******)

Yes i got foundation concealer mineral veil face color stuff blush eyeshadow mascara brush set lip gloss (Lovem****)

That's the beauty of having your own room and a super loud docking station! Rock on! (heard of bros buddies say it) *blush* (KostyL******)

She's ferocious, and she knows just what it takes to make a pro-blush, all the boys think she's a spy, she's got Bette Davis Eyes (Mavig****)

Or Nora Roberts as JD Robb--I blush when I am reading those at work sometimes! (Action*****)

Looks like blush tonight, hey I want to talk to you about cat fights at cat house, dance competition in June, 2500 prize (Mood****)

So i covered tht pain up with lots of mac makeup an i cant help but blush! (ABornW*****)

I have been saying I'm going to go get sum new makeup. I'm really going today. Blush, lipsticks and eye liner. I'm so picky (Royal_******)

I love to get make up for free, one blush, two eye shadow, two lipsticks, one base, one rimel and an anti wrinkle cream (L) (NatiM*****)

We are almost sold out of our muscat & wine bunny blush wines! both VERY popular sweeter style wines! come and get them while you can! (HipChick*******)

Ahh beautiful French lowepro rep came in. My day has become infinitely better. She has a cool Eye of Ra tattoo behind her ear. *blush* (Neilt****)

Just got my sephora package :) hello nars blush in oasis, nars pencil sharpener, udpp in eden & lancome mascara :) (Cyn***)

So I just got this flip for it makeup set. Eye shadow, blush lip color/ gloss. Interested? Ask for more info (LOVELY******)

Thanks doll, however I "NEED" the blush ombre for my collection lol. Love your vids too btw :) Just subscribed tonight, have (Sugarc******)

MAC needs to keep Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach in their permanent line. Still no luck finding one (Mylittl*******)

Good on glasto for securing shakira. personally, i love her, her hips don't lie and when she's screams awo. i blush (The_Ar******)

The Jane Iredale Blush is perfect for the apple of your cheeks. You can also use these nourishing minerals on your eyes and lips. (SkinGif******)

Pick up the May issue of SELF Magazine & check out Hourglass' brand new product Illume Bronzer & Blush Duo (out in May) featured on p. 130! (Hourglas*******)

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