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Bluetooth - USA

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60 External Comments

Lunch^^] street fighter iv could not fight on iphone 3g and iphone 3gs. why not? os or bluetooth? (Beautifu*******)

I managed 45 mpg on the drive home today. Bonus - discovered A2DP on the Droid to send my podcasts over bluetooth to the stereo. (Viola****)

Now that I've wound up with 3 PS3 controllers, I might as well get some mileage from PSP Go Bluetooth. (Rdb_***)

When will they make a revision to bluetooth that is 5GHz, tried to use my headphones in town yesterday and it wasnt reliable. (Ric***)

I'm convinced that the guys that washed my car this weekend stole my bluetooth. That is the only way I'm going to sleep tonight. (Vt4ki****)

U no i got my bluetooth 2 day 4 my phone n the darn the dnt fit me ear lik its 2 big it hurts.*sigh* guess i gotta get use 2 it (Babyk****)

Ten bucks says the guy rocking the Bluetooth at the Redbox was looking for shit SciFi. It's like living in the not-too-distant future! (Uf**)

Lmls . my bluetooth is "dottiie riitee cheaa" ( inny w. my bluetooth buddys in class (TUGUPONY*******)

Why do ghetto ppl always have bluetooth earpieces on? Its like they always waiting for very important phone calls?! Lmaoo (Rollan******)

I'm lovin my new bluetooth multitouch mac mouse. I can tell it's going to come in handy with my work, especially with the zoom feature! (AdamGr******)

Bluetooth headsets: talking to yourself in public is no longer only for crazy people - B. (Blason*****)

Hey Apple, while you're changing mobile computing paradigm, could you move Bluetooth on iPhone so it's not buried six clicks deep? Kthanxbai (Mikeo****)

Technology has made it harder to identify retarded ppl grab ur bluetooth headset or ur handsfree nd look lyk one as u tlk on street lol (Jcsem*****)

Looking for a bluetooth headset that I could use for both MacBook late 2007 and iPhone 3GS (Hiroaki******)

Y'know what's funny? people who hold and look at their phones while talking loudly into a bluetooth headset (Corpor******)

Let me see. I have a bluetooth headset, will have a alternate charger with DC 11 and have got my car charger. What do I need? (Akti****)

Finally a phone that gets full bars, good bluetooth connection! (NICO***)

Looking for DIY motorcycle helmet bluetooth system, I'd like separate headphones, mute button, mike. heard of parts for something like that? (Nelul****)

Can control his home stereo with his phone now thanks to his Bluetooth-enabled phone! (Searchin*******)

Just finished installing my new wireless printer! I printed from my blackberry via bluetooth! Luv it. Thanks HP. (BecMast******)

Back from Fitness Bootcamp - got heckled by a little kid yelling "FEEL THE BURN"- Loved the lady in the class w/ bluetooth headset on. (Geoffcs******)

But who the hell is he talking to on his Bluetooth headset the whole time? (Antho*****)

Syncing my new LG Bluetooth headset. Believe it or not this is my 1st Bluetooth device. lol omg (Paul***)

I think I just found a fix to the bluetooth headset issue by fluke. (Nprus****)

Im gonna feel like a robot kus i totally got a bluetooth headset with my phone (Nightcra*******)

If you're italian and using a bluetooth headset when you drive, you are still a danger on the roads. hands on the wheel people. (N00**)

Just busted myself walking around the kitchen with an apron on. talking on my bluetooth headset. So sad. (Vvill*****)

Finally broke down and got a bluetooth headset i know im behind the times but i just didnt think i ever really needed one lol (Chefm*****)

I even have a pink Bluetooth headset in my ear. And my favorite color is blue. Lol. (Lisaw****)

Ma'am, if you REALLY want us to help you sync your Bluetooth headset to your phone, maybe you should have CHARGED the damn headset. (EvilP****)

Now watch this fool still living in 2005 wid him big ole bluetooth headset on.*smh* (Kande*****)

Congratulations Joy and Cyril on winning Plantronics award winning Voyager PRO Bluetooth headset during yesterdays webinar! (Channe*****)

Got a bluetooth headset for Christmas and finally pulled it out today - it's so fun! Why did I wait? (Kristaje*******)

All right. Getting the Epix and a bluetooth headset. Speed wins over headphone jack. Even have a way to unlock it. (Brand****)

Walking out of ABC and OH a bunch of 40smthngs meeting with a 30smthng for a "social media meeting" he even has a Bluetooth headset. (JohnDe*****)

Bluetooth Headset Girl is currently doing her makeup, while wearing the headset obviously. No catsuit today though. (Jhaywar*******)

The new bluetooth headset I got yesterday is exceptionally clear. (Digital*******)

Youlooklikethetype to pretend to hold a conversation on the phone in public jus cuz you're wearing a Bluetooth headset (BadAz*****)

Samsung trots out Modus Bluetooth headset, complete with dual mics and multipoint: And you thought the Bluetooth headse. bongdibongdatso (Bongdibo*******)

I can't decide between a bluetooth headset for my PS3 (I have a crappy wired old PS2 one) or DA: Origins. Help? (Clap4Do******)

Dam u blue ant and ur ability to read text through bluetooth headset on android. Want one. (Attj***)

Think I found a bluetooth headset I actually like. Motorola H710. It pairs to 2 devices at once.. (Mca***)

Saw a guy with a bluetooth headset and a tie mowing his lawn. That's why I don't mow the lawn. (Tazl***)

F**k at&t wireless they some unfriendly b**ches, not letting me exchange a defective bluetooth headset (Diaz***)

Someone in the takeaway is talking on a Bluetooth headset. Or is a mental. Either way, yay! Curry! (Fawn***)

Bluetooth headset recommendation? I know I know "Don't get one" I need it while Im in the car though. Ppl get tickets for that here you know (Andre*****)

Anyone have these Plantronics 906/R US BackBeat Headphones? I'm looking for a new bluetooth headset that I can use running and biking. (Ap**)

Oh firstly the bluetooth then the usb now i realised actually there's nothing wrong with my mac neither my omnia! (Magl***)

Brand-name all in one car audio & video system indash GPS navigation bluetooth ipod control for Ford - (Bon***)

Put the burner right next to his melon bby the bluetooth lmao (Pay_th******)

Hedgehog hair? Von Dutch dinnerplate belt buckle? Conspicuous Bluetooth? Ed Hardy jacket? Thx for warning me of yr douchiness, man. (Sean_w*****)

Figured out how to get my ps3's audio to play over my bluetooth headpphones. just sync'd headphones to my laptop and have ps3 plug input :P (Fyl***)

WAP = Wireless Access Point a device that allows wireless communication devices to connect to a wireless network using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (PtahS*****)

I'm need a couple of beta testers for the next version of the wii loopmachine. any volunteers? wii remote, mac, bluetooth required. (Amazin*****)

Hey, do any of you know of wireless networking tech aside from wifi and bluetooth? I'm wondering how to bridge two distant LANs. (The_z****)

By the way, the bluetooth usb adapter was a waste. the girl i talked to at tmobile lied. i can't use the tap as a modem. (Genna****)

I got a Bluetooth USB adapter. I'm hoping it works so I can connect to the internet via my Tap (Genna****)

Planning to buy a bluetooth USB adapter for my computer. Yeah, I spoil this thing too much. : (Yna***)

Wow. just when I get the habit of using my bluetooth motorola earpiece, its gone. damnit -_-" (Christin*******)

Charger+headset+bluetooth+puppy with sharp teeth =destruction to the 10th power (Elee****)

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