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Blues - USA

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60 External Comments

What an awful week for the Blues; Inter then lost momentum in the league, feel the team is crumbling in confidence & injuries are mounting. (Paulh*****)

Music rock and blues electric guitar solo lesson - blues rock lick on gibson sg (TopFavor*******)

Kima tomorrow, houston day after, san antonio 3 days after, yess lovely spring break, house of blues, pappadeauxs got my name all over it (Theba****)

Fritz&ken's ale from sierra nevada and anchor is on tap! only one in co. hotd bluedot, oskar blues old chub, mad river serious madness &more (TheAbb*****)

Jlwalker and bonnie raitt -- low down dirty blues -- great guitars (Wmnfpl******)

Nowplaying i gotta right to sing the blues with bonnie raitt - tony bennett (BluesC******)

Njdevils better come out flying tonight. They just lost to lowly Toronto, were shut out by the Blues, but can STILL tie for first w/win. (YankeeCl*******)

All 5 members of bone thugs n harmony are gonna b at the house of blues this saturday. Thts a must see! (Cuee****)

Of P. T. Barnum and Charlie Chan / Shine your shoes, light your fuse / Can you use them ol' U. S. Blues? (TonyV****)

Listening to G. Love and Special Sauce. A one of a kind band. Hip-hop, blues, and rock all fused together. Lovin it. (Nick_*****)

Enjoyed Johnny Winter last night, frail, needed help onto the stage and sat to play his guitar, but boy, he can still play the blues. (Keithw*****)

Nowplaying gbs - she dont need romancing. sounds like johnny winter with texas blues. (Leos****)

NataliesChin look like it helped "Dora the Explorer" helrp find the Blues Clues (MisterMa*******)

Why are you tube videos taking so long to buffer today?!! Me wants to watch "Summertime blues" by Alan Jackson and it's taking forever. (Teata*****)

Starting to gear up for some writing! Screenwriters' blues playing. "You spin, like a Cadillac was overturning down a cliff on television" (Renai*****)

Is listening to Paris Blues from The Art Of The Jazz Guitar by Django Reinhardt of genre Swing (Thetoil*******)

Fireplace Accessories - Sucking Away Your Fireplace Ashes Blues (Racquet******)

Is going to the House of Blues in Hollywood to see Bad Religion. (Changa*****)

Roy smeck "frettin' blues" (roy smeck plays hawaiian guitar, banjo, ukulele and guitar) (Erikad*****)

Just played: blues to bechet - the new york jazz orchestra - le jazz hot(planet arts) (Wtul_pl******)

Retro: march 23, 1955 . frank sinatra records "learnin' the blues" w/ nelson riddle (DailyS******)

We are the navy blues. we are the all dark navy blues. oh no. did i just jinx them? (Nei***)

I want different rooms to have themes. my bedroom I will call whimscal surrealism. I want lavendars, blues and lots of tulle. lmao (MzYumm******)

Nextdbt tremors, the blues brothers (ooh pretty please!), blade runner (esp featuring roy!), withnail & i (uncle monty's holiday cottages) (Tr*)

Robin Rogers returns to Asheville in two days (3/27), bringing her brand of tasty blues back to Jack of the Wood | (American*******)

Dad has always always always been a blues man. BB King, Al Green, Muddy Waters, and even Otis Redding (Ohfox****)

Ty Conklin records a shutout for St. Louis Blues in 1-0 win at New Jersey Devils. (ThomasK*******)

As a Penguins fan, I just want to thank the St. Louis Blues for shutting out the New Jersey Devils 2nite :D (Ilovel******)

Can't wait till the game tomorow! Were playing the New Jersey Devils at 6:00 Pregame at 5:30! Let's watch. Let's go blues! (Maris*****)

Nowplaying nights in white satin- the moody blues. I love this song for some strange reason (Zbull*****)

Nights in white satin (single edit) by the moody blues, peter knight (Threeclo*******)

I've been jamming with my hubby (guitar) me (piano). So much fun on a Friday afternoon. nowplaying Moody Blues "Nights in White Satin" (Kaelife******)

Curled up in my High School Musical blanket listenin 2 blues & thinkin--bad combo. (Twiligh******)

Blues Brothers was effin' awesome. My Metal Gear buddy, Norman, reccomended it. Thanks, bro! (TheGlitc*******)

Walking thru a Blood neighborhood w/ a BlueJay Baseball Jersey, w/ blue denims, singing the Blues Clues Cartoon theme song (Comedia******)

Da blues, the crawfish circuit, the melting pot w/ bobby d. 6-midnight. (Jazz88*****)

I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet. - Ancient Persian (Clydew******)

Jon spencer blues explosion - i wanna make it all right nowplaying the best drums ever! (Shoesand*******)

Playing my original Blues live at home today in celebration of my having so many great friends !! (Shayla******)

Random clifford the big [ red ] dog would demolish ( blues ) clues . . lool ' (French******)

It's so beautiful & sunny. What do I do with today? Can't go to Freo coz I'll cry about not going to blues & roots. Maybe leederville? (Ashinyn******)

The nice Blues Traveler: "If you are tripping on the right thing to do " (Alfre****)

I hear Alan Hansen said Blues were great. Highlight of the season! And apparently he said it 7 times. (Barbs*****)

Ian Cole looking good tonight in Peoria of the AHL. Blues mgmt in attendance with Davis Payne watching team play. (Pang****)

Ha! "ain't no betta cure 4 the blues than some good pussy"! -blk snake moan (BigB***)

Love to go to byron bay blues fest next monday, i have A passes, can get cheap or free flights, have no where to stay or ground transport (Adb***)

Listening to old abstract blues and jazz vinyl, looking for good samples. in the process discovering new music. (Avrib****)

For some reason this past 3 hr i've been watching blues clues. werid eh. grown man watching blues clues (Dariem*****)

If you don't know me you shoulsd get a blues clue opps I meant true clue (Lil_H****)

Listening to - stevie wonder ~~ i call it pretty music but the old people call it the blues (part two) [2005, r&b]. (WCWMT*****)

Huh, guess learning about the blues can get you to start liking the blues. (K9West*****)

I don't know why they call it the blues, when listening to it makes me so happy. (EllaP*****)

Nights in White Satin do Moddy Blues na "viagem verde" desse filme na Globo :p (J3**)

House of Blues: waiting for Bad Religion to take the stage! Totally random they happened to be in Vegas this weekend. 30th Anniv. Tour! (Prelap*****)

Watching Iron Chef - they just said kitchen stadium - made me thing of C&A's kitchen, yup I think the post meet-up blues kicking in (Raem***)

Babysitting is boring but money is worth watching blues clues till midnight (Musica******)

Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the devil and in return obtained the talent for the Blues. (SoISays*******)

I really wish I had me some St. Louis Blues pajama pants right now. :/ (Ohitsda*******)

Some will win, some will lose, some are born to sing the blues.(; I love that song.(: (Bail****)

I think my neighbors are listening to the music from The Blues Brothers in reverse. (Jkell****)

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