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60 External Comments

God, what a GORGEOUS day. Great day 4 an equinox! Fairyland, Vans 4 Davey, great dinner of chicken and veg. Cherry & apple trees bloom. (Jessi****)

Making some marks on paper and loving the results and progress. Fine art is in full bloom and inevitable like the imminence of spring. (MilaM****)

Still in "Bloom, IL". even though I haven't lived in Bloom Township in 30 years. And this year is my 40th anniversary of being a BTHS grad. (Flavi****)

Purveyor of art supplies closed midwinter but now suffering Spring bloom induced watercolor craving (Lonel*****)

I love Green Bay in the spring time. And I love calilillies when they first bloom. It's a strange, flower. (Eart****)

Listen today for the Jamaican Escape song, Montego Bay by Bobby Bloom and you could win a dream vacation to one of Riu Hotels and Resorts. (WCB***)

Ok. i can't watch pirates of the caribbean anymore. orlando bloom reminds me wayy too much of my older brother =s (ISingi*****)

I am antiquing in Round Top, TX. Beautiful weather, bluebonnets just starting to bloom. Wonderful antiques from all over the country. (Catheri*******)

I miss my Hong Kong friend who loves cherry blossoms in bloom. He was in Osaka last year just to see cherry blossoms. (KazuTs*****)

Placed an online order at Sephora for Clinique Happy In Bloom and Phytoprogenium shampoo. Let's hope the shampoo works before I go bald!! (Isso****)

End of March w/spring in full bloom. Last week at Pelican Art to see the group show. 4/6 features Mouse & Tofanelli. Reception on 4/10 (Posten******)

A Splendid Friend Indeed, by Suzanne Bloom is one of my favorites. (Laura*****)

Bradford pear trees in full bloom. Winters begets Spring. Southern living at its best. (BlueBa*****)

If you have the opportunity to drive through Brentwood on OHB, please do. The trees are in full bloom and create a beautiful canopy! (Peg***)

Home. Daffodils, scilla and other small early bulbs, and the first early tulip are in bloom. Bluebells are rising. (Djen***)

Our camelias are in festive and copious bloom, as the grounds transition from woodland bulbs to the garden plantings. (Grange******)

Looks like there are currently cheap copies of the Brothers Bloom on BluRay at hollywoodvideo. com for those who might not have gotten it yet (Flabbyi******)

This trivial trope reveals a way of truth. / Our bloom is gone. We are the fruit thereof. / Two golden gourds distended on our vines, / (Wallaces*******)

Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Ben & Jerry's and Jack Daniels! An evening with some of my favourite men! (Hunn***)

I need to get on the "orlando bloom: prince of persia" workout plan. (Jpn***)

Checking out the cherry blossoms again, peak bloom day 2. meandering around Hanes Point, though, and not the Tidal Basin :-) (Jstre****)

The cherry trees n front of the church building r n full bloom this am! (Rham****)

One of my hobbies that hasnt had a chance to bloom yet is scanner/ham radios. Police/media on scanners etc. Anyone else into that? Whats . (CashMon******)

Howard Bloom accepted my friend request on FB. I feel freakin honored. The man is a god damned national treasure, America. (Caele*****)

I wish freaking flowers would bloom already so I could practice with my black and white film. (TATU****)

I'm reading: intellectuals and society by thomas sowell, genius of the beast by howard bloom, public opinion by walter lippmann. (215ta****)

On a call with a vendor implementing DLP in hardware. Heard a phrase I haven't heard in a while: "Bloom filter." Must investigate. (Ar*)

See things its vegas vacation - its actually swingers bloom - vegas baby, vegas! (Jche****)

So it's Isabel Bloom, Mary Engelbreit, Thomas Kincade AND add P. Buckley Moss to list of artists that induce rectal bleeding. (Slakin*****)

I won the Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom achievement in Civilization Revolution for 22 trueachievement points (Tiek***)

Glad he likes it. K also liked Bloom, Brian Eno's ambient music generator. (Mbar***)

Every Spring, flowers bloom, a Master's champ gets a green jacket, and Chipper Jones is day-to-day with the first of many injuries (Seat****)

Those who come to Bloom tonight will get to witness Lisa's debut banjo performance. And I'll be on mandolin. Just sayin. (Michael******)

The sweetness of life lies in usefulness, like honey deep in the heart of a clover bloom.~ Laura Ingalls Wilder (Bluej*****)

Has anyone noticed in any movie that Orlando bloom is in he always has a bow and arrow? Lol (Lrob****)

Was enchanted by the screechy bagpipers all over NY yesterday. May a thousand tortured cats bloom! (M_e***)

I'm still waiting for the trees along Nikko kaido to bloom, maybe next weekend. We'll see. (AnnaTr*****)

Pink Lily-of-the Valley from Kylee made it through the winter and are going to bloom. Thanks again! (Natur****)

Had a whiff of Salvatore Ferragamo's latest perfume "Bloom". Didn't like it upon first spray, but now, I've found a new love & it lasts! (Natasha******)

Because of the brothers bloom, i'll be purchasing a pinhole camera asap! (Lukester*******)

Just called Jessica a rose in the concrete she's bloom after getting out of the shadow who shall remain nameless (ImAnnt*****)

Everything is in bloom. A whole world of vibrant color. Where are my paint brushes? (Phara*****)

Indian paint brushes and bluebonnets starting to bloom like crazy. (Nphas****)

Yes indeed. I live in bluebonnet country. Paint brushes in full bloom too. Gorgeous. Breathtaking. (Sharen******)

Bloom have three new servers on order for internal IT systems. They are the new Dell Poweredge R710. A mean bit of kit for sure! (BloomWeb*******)

I was also invited to the taping of the oprah show when she comes to radio city music hall, spring has sprung & bevy is in bloom! (Bevys****)

Sips his beer* She loved her plants. You should see the greenhouse. Full of flowers about to bloom. Pity she missed Spring. (Emile_Bo*******)

Dear tiffany baker, i am loving "the little giant of aberdeen county," but please stop using bloom as a verb! rocks do not bloom! (Jolin*****)

Things are starting to bloom here Grass suddenly green Trees are budding (Laurie******)

Meeting Orlando bloom, Diane Von furstenberg, Phillip Roth, et al for a benefit for Phillip roth tonight. rock on rock on (Kylie_*****)

Isabel Bloom and Mary Engelbreit: Either make me pass blood uncontrollably. (Slakin*****)

Now is a great time to explore the Big South Fork (Oneida, TN). Dogwoods and redbuds in full bloom and found in abundance throughout park. (Benwga*****)

Anna sui , bloom , revlon , mac , shisedo , channel ? ( Make up ) *kalo ada yg sala nulisnya maap* (Reye****)

Jon bloom from YR is sellin is JCM marshall head on CL lol i came across it and the ad says my band just broke up and need2sell (JDaw****)

Jack Davenport or Orlando Bloom can read me the phone book ANY day. *swoon* (Cruisinp*******)

The greatest edger in my opinion, nice foliage, flowers, second bloom when cut back in summer (Jmarko*****)

You know "Winx" the cartoon? haha you are Bloom? hahahahahahhahahahahah (Nats***)

My bff bloom is totally freakin she and her bf sky is gettin married after college ya noe dat show winx club well im from dat show kool rite (Stellar******)

Just arrived in Thomasville, fresh shipment of 2 gal Bud N Bloom roses. Come by now for best selection. (Marvi****)

BK spring :Brothas playing chess in Fulton Park. rich red tulips in bloom. laughter and icees. (Lisak*****)

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