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60 External Comments

Wat was wit d militants mounting road blocks in benin city 2day. GOD pls save naija (ZeeK***)

Noshi with Alexandra! What am I going to do when her bed is blocks away from me? (ERIN****)

Just saw a bike crash about two blocks from church. Two dudes ran right into each other. One dude was wearing a suit coat. Dumb! (Danxm*****)

KA - Q: why is the S Korean government so focused on 3kWe single family home resCHP when there are twice as many apartment blocks as homes? (FuelCel******)

I just walked 10 blocks IN school uniform WITH my backpack. and my dad doesn't even wanna buy me a soda. :/ (Music*****)

YouLookLikethetype to walk 2 blocks to the bodega in Betty Boop pajama bottoms, Spongebob slippers & a dingy scarf over your doobie. (MrPete******)

My boat was made for floating not keeping at the docks the hood is like an anchor think deeper then the blocks! (CuRb_Yo******)

The colourful blocks on the IGP's uniform would make a very tempting candy. Like a cross between Cadbury bar and M&Ms. Bobby bar?? (Har***)

Spotted marchers parking several blocks north of 8th ST for Ladies in White / Damas de Blanco solidarity march in Miami. Viva Cuba libre! (Aramis******)

My Mother? "To provide best (free) WiFi experience, Amtrak blocks access to sites with content that could be considered questionable" (Laer***)

New merchandise shipment! new car audio amps, equalizers, power distribution blocks, and much more! (VipPawn******)

Xbox live: blackgal2003 is currently online. playing lego batman. playing villain chapter 1 - breaking blocks.. (xbox live nation) (Djcw****)

N Bucharest tonite, eery mix of beautiful Parisienish architecture & communist regime ugly & degraded blocks. Like lookng thru a time machine (LibbyRo******)

Gorgeous day! just got back from a roundtrip beachside walk to the promenade; broke in the skechers & walked the last few blocks w/tuca! (Indiej******)

Road blocks in douglasville is getting jokers tonight. please don't drink and drive. they got a new high tech flash light. (Demarc******)

Dontactlikeyounever chased the icecream man two blocks just to get a chocolate eclair (Sexycrea*******)

Chin up bar, Bowflex SelectTech wts, Kettlebells, TRX suspension bands, yoga blocks & mat, Gymboss timer. . . Garage now ready for P90X! (SheilaDo*******)

Just washed a huge bag of mega blocks in the washer. Thrift store find 2 bday present for toddler. w/out me washing every. single. one (Babywear*******)

My 18m old is trying to stuck up mega blocks on top of his head. He's not succeeding obviously & he's getting frustrated! :o (Micielo*******)

Elijah has his sunglasses on, in doors, at night. He's just cool that way. The better to play with his brightly colored mega blocks, maybe? (Erinj****)

Home after an afternoon of mega blocks, bubbles and small child being scared of tractors! Was naive to think I'd get any work done. (Peekay******)

My goal is to win prize number 3 My son would love the mega blocks! (Beeac*****)

Squee i found my cell phone - its was in the bin of princess mega blocks for 3 days! (Tazz****)

These mega blocks of Lily's are so cute and girly. They have two different sparkly pink colors and some soft blue blocks. I love them (Jinxy****)

My BFF Becky is a huge lego fiend and she brought Lily some mega blocks last night. It is soo cute watching my girl play like her Aunt B. (Jinxy****)

The first 4 blocks of my quilt top are together. I feel like I have accomplished something. It is going to look great. (Dreamin******)

I love productive weekends! Jam-making and finishing a quilt top and the backing have all made me very happy! Starting on blocks! (Onestit*******)

Autocad acad autocad lt to expensive? try progecad, edit autocad files at fraction of cost autolisp, blocks (Cadc****)

Loving downtown Nashville=PFChangs. Ted's Montana Grill, Pandera Bread, Subway, Starbuck's, plus a camping supply store-all in 2 blocks of me (Submi*****)

Loves whole foods and the fact that she will have one a few blocks away from her school nxt year =] (NataliaM*******)

Update: Our circle now includes stars, the life cycle of a kfc chicken bucket, some blocks and a bridge. (Junk***)

In store: maintenance products, hardwaxoils - in various colours, wood filler, PVAC wood-glue, buffing blocks. All ready for a DIY-weekend? (Woodyo*****)

Can't get into google mail wiout being rerouted to hacker site (bitDefender antivirus software blocks it) How do I get to my Google mail? (Terryli*******)

A push broom, rake, hoe, shovel, tiller and many mason blocks from 9:00- 3:00 makes for a good nap. Time to pick up the bassinet. (Digab*****)

Mom- "I smell Abercrombie and Fitch" Me- "We passed one two blocks ago" (C_sant******)

Extreme winds on site today. Got our TCRP1203's tripod legs held down with concrete blocks! Start of british summertime my foot! (OmegaGe*******)

Just got honked and whistled at while lugging an unboxed 5qt kitchenaid mixer 5 blocks to bed bath and beyond. Yeah I'm sexy. (Syldel*****)

Stat leaders through three games: Price with 15 kills; Goas with 43 assists; Del Valle with 11 digs; Gasparovic with 8 blocks. (Dn_sp****)

One of the secrets to live is to make stepping stones out of the stumbling blocks.-jack Penn (Joyful*****)

Whataburger in west campus!! Two blocks away from my apt next year. My dream has come true.. (Jmaris*****)

Having a bad day. i just finish walking 120 blocks in new york city (Razor****)

Your greatest steno tool is self evaluation. Don't just go through the motions - take it upon yourself to work on your stumbling blocks. (Simply*****)

Baqintheday my grandmother was a phone call or couple blocks away R. I. P myy love I mis u baby ! (LYrical*******)

I couldnt remember what my dream was from last nite. My brother said last night i kept talking about blocks of cheese & ninjas w/ nerf guns. (Haleyro******)

I've gone approximately two blocks and already have motion sickness. (Kellymca*******)

Damnn just walked 3 blocks holding a heavy ass box! Got my workout for the dayy. haha (ThEEj*****)

Somebody come pick me up and drive me two blocks to get boba tea. Kthx. (Danade******)

So my drug dealer neighbor runs up on me and says "yo I opened a stripper spot two blocks up, free weed for the first 10 niccaz" -_- (Kings*****)

Stat leaders through two games: Schulte with 11 kills; Goas with 26 assists; Ebel with 6 digs; Gasparovic with 7 blocks (Dn_sp****)

So like. i need Shong May Ree Yong to get me 20 points. 20 rebounds. 20 assists. 5 steals and 5 blocks to beat my cousin for the day. thnx! (MAC_M*****)

I am to excited I'm at the soccer game and I hope my boo blocks a ton of goals for me! Wooh! (L_dub****)

I never learned. even after they tried to hit me wit a couple shots i jus grab me a band aid and got a new glock and hit a coulle blocks (Pistolb*******)

Walked all the way from fairways and stopped two blocks away from my house to tell the world about it! Yes i was THAT bored xD (LaLaR****)

Ice cream truck wars: three trucks within four blocks of each other. The music clashes and de-harmonizes in a truly surreal way. (Leafand******)

What website I can get on if ur internet domain blocks certain website, to GET on the website I wanna get on. (Thisis******)

I just found the most amazing vintage store 2 blocks from the new pad. so dangerous. (Elain*****)

Super excited for my birthday dinner with my lovely wife at a cool neighborhood eatery just a few blocks away! Nice little walk too :D (Na**)

Dear Brendan Haywood, I need you to have the game of your life tonight. Get like 10 blocks, 20 rebounds and never miss a shot, even FTs. (Soop****)

One hour on, we're somewhere near glasgow. estimation based on seeing thousands of lampposts and tower blocks. (Jordan******)

It takes a special kind of Redneck to have a Smart Car up on blocks in his front yard. (RyanDan******)

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