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Bliss - USA

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60 External Comments

Looking forward to tmr and sat's hotel stay. lovin' lovin' time wit the bf. bliss. (Iamcam*****)

MuteMath's discography on repeat for a day filled with bus travel. Bliss! (Steve_******)

Mm honey baked ham is the shit m bacon broccoli bliss is the shit (Kurious******)

Raw organic agave gelato n 3 flavors chocolate. mint chocolate. pistachio. being served at both bliss locations! (Blissr******)

Tex-Mex bliss and blitz tonight at El Patio. I'll have to make it last for at least a year. (TobyL*****)

The bliss of an evening on my own: will have Chinese food leftovers for dinner & watch home decor programmes / Law & Order on TV ;-) (Michele*******)

Back from 8 days of Boating bliss. If you've never been on a Royal Caribbean Cruise you need to! Now back to reality and a 9 hour drive. (Bryanm******)

Moog voyager + ehx deluxe memory man analog delay + honey whiskey = bliss! (Ears****)

I have a SSD in my Dell XPS 16 and it's beautifully quiet AND fast. No more defragging nonsense, bliss. (Simons*****)

No more listening to walking frame being dragged down wooden hallway soon. BLISS (Mareeno******)

Baylor is really putting on a show. Dave Bliss would have framed someone for murder for a team like this (Kachri*****)

National cemeteries available for texas veterans-abilene-dfw-fort bliss (el paso)-fort sam (san antonio)- houston-houston-kerrville (Rural****)

Wild mushrooms on walnut bread, bubbles, a pot of chestnut tea, purring cats, Sunday papers & Something for the Weekend on the box! bliss (LuluV*****)

Friday Night: Me, Gus, Clementine, Laser Pointer and an early bedtime. Pure weekend bliss. (Amy_n*****)

Back tired from several hours on the door knocker and what bliss - back to back episodes of Come Dine With Me! (Cllrste******)

Ignorance is not bliss. If you can't answer what software your using on your pc then here is a box of crayons and an abacus. Goodluck. (Wild****)

Cheap preamp from Maplins & the old turntable is up & running again. Day of warm vinyl sounds through the Linn - bliss! (Robin****)

It's so nice out today, but I put on the headphones and powered up the turntable, so my afternoon is now busy. Vinyl DBT=Hours of bliss (Dav***)

Listening to my hubby read Max Lucado's 'You are Mine' book to the kiddos. Bliss!! (ShesCr******)

Ahh. toasted teacake, mug of Earl Grey (no bone china till life is more civilised), purring cat on lap and episode of Supernatural. Bliss! (Rhia***)

Currently Tripping On Porcupine Tree's Anesthetize. 17 mins of bliss. Its a journey. (Milc***)

Absolutely amazing Muse show in yeg. Road tripped for the Calgary show, also amazing. Saw RBS and Bliss in yeg! (Mschoe******)

Submitting my boss for sainthood - he has just bought me a tube of anaesthetic for my exposed jawbone - pure bliss. and numb tongue :) (Kimberle*******)

Is about to apply bliss "youth as we know it" moisturizer which I like except it has a kinda odd smell. (Lwg1***)

Someone is knocking on my door n aint expecting anyone, abeg I refuse to open cos am not ready to wear any clothes, naked in d AC is bliss!! (Oge***)

Due to a magical Ethernet cable, I can now watch 1080p movies on our projector, directly streaming from my iMac. Bliss. (Sugar****)

Numero uno salade, venetian downpour, hot shower, books in bed. bliss. (Chloei*****)

How long do I have to be ignorant before I start experiencing bliss? (Markb****)

Jerry had just finished the film Meeting People is Easy- and it fit in perfectly. I escaped completely for the duration of the song. Bliss (EosCh****)

Nowplaying Beautiful Bliss -Wale, windows down, radio up & singing at the top of my lungs (So_l***)

Back home yeah friday :) and woww had fun playing WII at work what a bliss (Madhu*****)

Drinking wine in TrinityBellwoods with friends in the sun=bliss. (Jamieh*****)

Pancakes, orange juice and the weekend paper. Saturday morning bliss (Meege****)

Everyone should come to Bliss in Belcamp to see the Jay DeWitt Jazz Trio. (Benn_j*****)

After waiting all day in the apparently faint hope of an interview I needed for a story, I'm shifting to pizza night with family. Ah, bliss. (Joj***)

Reunited with my Tweezerman tweezers today. sweet, depilatory bliss. (Not sure what they were doing in the shredder, though.) (Circu*****)

I like that everyone is out celebrating and I come home to sleep because I pulled an all nighter. Bliss. (SarahS*****)

Peopleshould realize ignorance is bliss to any and everybody it's not imposed on (B3tt3*****)

I've been in a black hole. Sat in a pub in Devon, drinking fine wine with fine friends. Bliss. (Havanacl*******)

These people who just show so much love and respect to me. I want them to be happy and peaceful. Feel the bliss and the vibes in the rhythms. (Dhiraj*****)

Mans on the ps killing things as he does ah domestic bliss aye lol (LJ**)

Nitenite peeps bed to my self so i can put the tv on loud, the other half is getting pampered at a spa, bliss (Dca***)

If knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss. I would rather sit happily in the dark. (Jemon*****)

Stripping the flash and going HTML for destinyhop. Simplicity is bliss anyway. (Palace******)

They say ignorance is bliss but I've learned stupidity is bliss as well (Kingof******)

Chicago bliss to join western conference in 2010/2011 season - the west just got that much tougher (Mitchell*******)

Friday Bliss = manning my grill with the right hand, and this icy cold stella with the left. "Can't touch this" - Mc Hammer (Thekevin*******)

PeopleShould masturbate. yesIsaidIt. An orgasm is bliss & you can have one on your own so take a solo trip. Thank You later. (MsExQu*****)

I just left the toilet seat up. for no other reason than I can. and the TV volume is still at an audible level. BLISS. (BarneyA*******)

At The Highball. 512 Wit. Cover band playing Motorhead, Suicidal Tendencies and Nirvana. Bliss. (Ericsyl******)

And secondly, Just Cause 2 combines the best of Spiderman's web slinging and Bionic Commando's arm crawling. BLISS. (Forty*****)

Got the smashbox green 'adjust' primer and some bliss moisturizer. These better be good! (Anni****)

Ah a night of bliss, Action films, hot cup of tea with 2 sugars and a silver neck chain for my katush (thats an Egyptian pendant) (Mell***)

I'm in Abingdon, VA. Good friends are celebrating 50 years of marital bliss. Congrats Glenn and Doris. (AceAir*****)

I am in bed eating chocolate and reading a well worn book. God what bliss. Night y'all, loves ya x (Yoghur******)

My family is watching the Dark Knight in the basement. Every time the music changes I hear a chorus of screams. BLISS C: (Yarh***)

Domestic bliss is a constant battle for the hearts and minds of white goods. (Maxbo****)

Imaginary Folklore companying me through the starry night. Pure bliss. (Sara****)

Thinking of clarins face wash. but want to try bliss and philosphy. Moisturizer I might stick with oil of olay, toner is up in the air. (Just_j******)

Enjoying a midnight snack of salted sesame crackers w/ cornbeef or salami.. While watching ol' Xena episode.. *bliss* (May***)

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