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So cold in my apt right now. wish i didn't pack away the flannel sheets last weekend. time to find more blankets and get some sleep. (Andrew******)

Why do I have a million pillows and 4 blankets when I only sleep with one pillow and no blanket? (Aidan_B******)

My House blanket (I swear to god I got one of those blue hospital blankets) and my electric blanket are out of the dryer now. YAY! (Cinnab******)

Great Luck! Our blankets and burps featured as Must- Have Baby Items today on The Doctors! (Swaddle*******)

I unpacked the boys room and made up their beds with new Lightning McQueen blankets! (Xmad****)

Helping brandy redecorate her room, she got new zebra blankets, a floor lamp. Different shades pink. Room make over for her bday.:) (Jazzy_*****)

Baby strollers at the park circled like so many Calistoga wagons of old, guarding a prescious cargo of blankets, sippy cups and cheerios. (Scottl*****)

Guess we forgot Bush's statement: "Don't send food or medical supplies or blankets or clothes.. just send your money" BIG middle finger (Khensu*****)

I love when the bed sheets and blankets are fresh out of the dryer. makes me want to ditch studying and go snuggle :) (Lynn***)

Finally got around to reading the graphic novel Blankets. Just read it from cover to cover in one sitting. It was fantastic. (Cdef****)

Dr pepper + hot cheetos + boondock saints 1&2 + pajamas + warm blankets + 6 pillows = the BEST combination in the world :) (Marissa*******)

Helpsmesleep mommy quilt, crumpled blankets, 2 big pillows, sleepytime playlist, and sometimes a rainbow iguana named ian. I'm a child. (Heathe******)

Curled up with my well worn but loved Teddy Bear, in a sweat shirt big enough for 3 of me, puppy in her blanket and me in thick blankets (Marvi_*****)

Beach, fire, Great White, thc, blankets, sublime, girls&&boys. Ahh yess. (Raegans*******)

I qotta clean my bed i qot baqs of chips , clothes , like 4 blankets , 15 pillows , stuffed animals , and a heat blanket. It's overcrowded (Lanysia******)

Aye when i say reynolds took shelter. ahha we sat in thee basement with flashlights, water, food, pillows, blankets and computers waitin. lls (Urbanhip*******)

Important Question: does anyone know if fire blankets go out of date? A new 'door-knocker' breed is in town saying they only last 10 yrs? (Josp****)

Thinking of summer breezes blankets and being free. I dream of sweet smells. Cool water and intimacy. I dream of higher planes & dimensions (1stph*****)

Chris' workmate & my fav teacher are preggers. Do I knit each a sweater or weave blankets for the babies? (Crafty*****)

Online movies in the comfort of my own bed with lots of pillows and blankets; I got the junk food to now all I need is you :] (Jae***)

Minky and chenille order arrived! Now I can finish stroller blankets and bibs. Then, etsy shop? hm. Mm. minky. (Sshai*****)

Our new house is SO cold. I haven't slept with so many blankets EVER. Time to bust out the space heaters. (Stace****)

We gonna build a tent with dining room chairs and blankets lol (PinKyy_******)

Faux fur blankets and bubble baths. good morning Viceroy Snowmass. (Tbyr***)

Working on some custom items today. personalized blankets, and a gorgeous pink & chocolate crib bedding set. pictures to come! (MiaDolce*******)

Garage sale today! 313 SE 2nd Bville. Silk flowers, lots of clothes, a TV, books, CDs, DVDs, exercise machine, blankets, baby stuff. (Jamies*****)

Rofl xD Dutch oven why am I with these people!! :L so funny. XD I covered them in blankets, booyah! (EmmyMe*****)

I LOVE going to sleep on a cold night under my blankets with the space heater blasted! p. s. i want him alot. GOODNIGHT :/ (LoveKi*****)

I'm building an earthquake kit this week. Wind-up radio, bottled water, protein bars, blankets, flashlight, canned food. what else? (Gre***)

So big wheel races were fun, up until it poured on me and then I had like hypothermia and yeah. Finally back in warm clothes and blankets! (IheartK*******)

The party was a blast. Tie-dye, peace signs and headbands abounded. Jello mold, pigs in blankets and TAB soda consumed. (Welm****)

Nora has a Play Yard/Bassinet, clothes, passy's, car seat, diaper bag, receiving blankets, and sleep positioner now :D (Metalba*******)

Layin on the tannin deck w/Laney wrapped in our blankets.(: Gaby is comin over Friday(: (Bcoo****)

We just recieved the jj cole picnic blankets just in time for the season. (Bambiba*******)

We are looking forward to donating Blankets/Cribs to tomorrow morning! (Hiltona******)

Bottles n Blankets, yeah. Onesies in the bigger sizes, not newborn. (Daniell******)

Working on some blankets with the embroidery machine. I will be excited to see how they turn out. (Meek****)

Most items for baby boy 2 will be hand-me-downs: clothes, blankets, toys, baby gear. One new purchase: double stroller. (Pickle******)

Pink baby blankets with John Deere logos. This redneck teenage family is clearly made of win. (Tmo**)

Is a snuggie over there those blankets with arms? I've been thinking of Huggies. which are nappies lmao. that's funnier though (Zydrate_*******)

It's like a chenille/microfiber that is often used for baby blankets and things like that. (Kikiv****)

Understanding over being understood. Just don't let yourself forget when the times get good. [Bright Eyes, Blankets, Bawling, Bye] (Nod***)

It is. Just some blankets and a pillow. Mom says it's from Costco. But I say it's my kitty condo. (Leothe******)

I really wanted to work on those baby blankets after lunch but dangit feeling tired and icky again :( (LilBit*****)

Thank you! were getting our baby blankets this weekend I think! (Bekahr*****)

Crocheting baby blankets for baby JJ. Any specific colors you and would like. I have already made BLUE (Redl****)

I'm crocheting baby blankets for baby JJ! any specific color you like other then BLUE. (Redl****)

Made cloth wipes out of old baby blankets, but didn't make enough and they got lost easily. Now I use disposable. (Mileh*****)

Practically everyone I know is pregnant or just had a baby, so it's baby blankets for me this spring!! ;) (AutumnS*******)

Love, love, love socks as well, but working on baby blankets and a new facecloth pattern a lot. (ADDcr*****)

Grateful for music, baby blankets, Teddy bears, being vulnerable, having hopes and dreams, fighting shoulds, not having all the answers (VoiceinR*******)

Making baby blankets will make it more reasonable too. I bought the rotary cutter and the guide, so that cutting is easy. (JudyR****)

They would be great for baby blankets very soft. Keept making them mybe you can make some large ones. Love Love them. (Casino******)

You know your a redneck when you have John deer baby blankets. (Yessu*****)

Ah! Is the baby blanket you're working on made out of a lace pattern too? Baby blankets with tulips sounds nice! (Poetes*****)

Just finished the first of several County Cousins baby blankets. It turned out well, but only after I altered the pattern to be a tie quilt. (Kateedm******)

Going to be a busy day. Need to run errands, clean inside windows, and make baby blankets. (LilBit*****)

Lol I bet you laid down on the couch wit one of them small ass baby blankets and ur glasses on huh lol. That's how u always (Daddyd*****)

Juz cleanin and lookin at my old baby blankets =) lol. Hows ur day goin? (Chrisca******)

I have three baby blankets to make so needed to learn. then got home and abandoned practice to make a lace scarf. (Peyg***)

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