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60 External Comments

So my sons godfather is getting me a gucci baby bag, and getting my son a louis v blanket. DAMN!! Great people around me. All positive. (Prince*****)

Isitjustme or is it lame to be with somebody just for a security blanket lmao! Yuck (BaddC****)

Putting away my security blanket for the last time. Kinda sad. yet really excited for what the future holds! Great things are yet to come! (Gozi****)

Feeling a little blue again, my sunglasses are like a todlers security blanket (LaVi****)

I got sick over the weekend.. Why am I at work? I need a security blanket and some hot tea. (Robbin*****)

Now Im scared of everything- He was my security blanket, my sidekick in crime, my bestfriend! = / okay now im about to cry! (TylerPar*******)

Father in heaven, You are my main security blanket. Let me never fear the challenges of life. Let me trust in You! (Apple*****)

I dont think i have a "security blanket" anymore. I'm sure i lost it long ago. (Chemica*******)

Security blanket panic. Now where did I put my "LensPen" last night. (Plan****)

Body embodies what created creation because mind is what realizes reality. our skin is our security blanket.8 (Figure8*******)

I think that underwear are like a security blanket. I just don't feel safe without them. (Sawdust******)

It was great meeting you, Gray. So glad you like the Saba the snail. He is your new confidante and security blanket rolled into one. Hugs (Paulag*****)

I always feel content when I come home. Security blanket it serves. (Indyw****)

Don't sleep on healthcare folks. Most don't know they have no security blanket until something major happens. (Dada****)

If one more person ask if I have a hangover imma scream. no the hat is jus a security blanket. and force field like leave me to my thoughts (KneeHi******)

I am not your flunky, nor your comfort zone, nor your security blanket.. i'm so sick of you already.. (Ging***)

Buffy reruns on Logo ("Let me answer that question w/a headbutt.") + Facebook Scrabble: ultimate insomniac security blanket. (Jennp*****)

HN is such a small, warm & fuzzy town. I want to pull it over me like a security blanket. But for now, I'm lost out here in the stars. (Turkfo******)

The Broken Wings by Kahlil Gibran is a security blanket of sorts for me. When i'm hurt or sad or pissed all i have to do is read it & i :) (JLred****)

Big upset here, the boy has spent 3 days without his security blanket. Just took a shot to the face from his sister, didn't ask for blanket. (Bulle****)

My ear startin 2hurt now.. Prolly got strep-throat. N I still can't let my thumb go Strange its like a security blanket big baby! goin2cDOC (Qwe***)

Emergent awarded Department of Homeland Security Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for all Adobe Products. (PapaM****)

YouAintForMe if u still sleep with a security blanket. like wth? (Nycend*****)

Today's Boswell column mentions "Grossman" and "security blanket" in the same sentence. (Boycott******)

Majority of the time I carry my backpack unnecessarily. its like a security blanket while I'm walkin around campus (Tyckle******)

Why is it that the Westwing is the only thing that calms me down and clears my head at the moment? It's like a security blanket (Chris*****)

I miss lemonade already. Security blanket. Scared 2 put anything in my mouth. TWSS. healthy time! (IMel***)

So glad that my red thermos has reappeared. Its like a security blanket for me. warm and snuggly. (Paulk*****)

I feel like i lost my identity, flame, pride, and security blanket along with my hair! (Eddiesj*******)

My 4YO is outside playing w/ another kid who's on spring break. Had 2 remind her 2 leave her security blanket inside. (Runker******)

My 5 yr old lost his col rebel blanket & is throwing a fit. i think its in the dryer. (RainaSm******)

Ruined my friendship w| my best_friend for god ! smh , wuh i need is a glass of cold water ; a pillow ; a blanket ; choclates & advice ! (SwaveyNa*******)

Why do I have a million pillows and 4 blankets when I only sleep with one pillow and no blanket? (Aidan_B******)

Dearfuturehusband if ya snorin is wakin me up take ya pillow n a blanket n carry yo ass to the couch! (BadGir******)

I cant freaken sleep. Idk why. My head is killing me. & my blanket & pillow is uncomfortable. So many complants huh? (JP_Cam*****)

My House blanket (I swear to god I got one of those blue hospital blankets) and my electric blanket are out of the dryer now. YAY! (Cinnab******)

Amazing fog this morning. Cars emerge from it as if coming out from under a blanket. We've been through the full range of weather this year! (Gareth******)

I've got a blanket. A quilt. And a comforter on top of a down comforter and i'm still cold. Goddamn you Napa and your really old houses. (Jessss*****)

Our aging down comforter pooped feathers all over the bedroom. Two hours, some thread (and much cursing) later: meet Franken-blanket. (Gourds*****)

Slept without sleeping bags last night! 43 out / 49 in tent, with down comforter and Jean's fleece animal blanket. (WyndAn*****)

Really, why is it so freaking cold? I'm under a down comforter and another fleece blanket! (Narciss*******)

I stayed warm all night with 1 down alternative blanket, 2 fuzzy blnkts, 1 regular comforter and a down comforter folded in half! (Laura****)

Oh my. This is the softest blanket in the world. Brit Behr, you might not find it when you come home from vaca. (Heyk****)

Abby is asleep in her luxury dog crate, curled up on her baby blanket: Snugga Wubba, plush dragon, hippo, bear, lufa dog- sweet puppy dreams (AbbyRo******)

Just put a load of dyed fabrics in the washer, can't wait to see how they turn out! A sheet, a blanket and two pillow cases. all matching (CRose*****)

All wrapped up in a Niftee printed cashmere shawl AND a personalized blanket. Not sure if its too cold or the fever crushing my bones again! (Nift****)

A thunderstorm. A cashmere blanket. A hyacinth, white jasmine & tuberose candle. & A brilliant glass of wine. Nice way to end a Monday. (Gyrla****)

Wrapped in fleece, heating on, blanket on me (i'm sad enough to have one branded with works name) and i'm still cold :( (Peter*****)

Goddamn im cold! im under a down blanket, a micro plush blanket and im on a pillow top bed. and i still have goosebumps! (ShylaHi******)

After a long day of working out it's time to sit back and panic over my upcoming removal from the worlds largest security blanket; the Army. (Thast*****)

Rly not feelin gud. ugh. layin down w| Betty Boop (comfy blanket lol). iPod on shuffle. thoughts r heavy (Kitt***)

Today, we switched Ansel from crib to toddler bed. This evening, after 30 mins. in bed, he sneaks out to us with his blanket, Elmo and book. (Heath*****)

Early night after last nights floor/dog blanket affair. Been Easter egg hunting today. Nam nam nam. (Euromi******)

Council defeats call for blanket ban on ATVs crossing county roads, but no direction to negotiate with ATV club making request (Hugoa****)

Through my luggage, I found the stash hidden in a pillow case. My mummy did it. She packed bed sheets, pillow cases and my blanket. Hahaha. (Melissaf*******)

The toddler is in a blanket/pillow nest behind the couch, playing the accordion. (Eggdro*****)

Roasting in my grandmas living room. She's covered with a wool blanket and the rest of us are having trouble breathing. (Abaj***)

This ckick got her baby wrapped up in a wool blanket wit a snow suit on. shes all confused smh (IHeart*****)

Drinking a jameson and homemade ginger soda with a lime, by the fire, with a wool blanket, playing scrabble - that's the way it should be. (Stephan*******)

Oh, HEY. the A/C is on full blast again! Awesome! Time to pull out my spring wool blanket and my summer parka! (Rainbow*******)

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