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60 External Comments

Why does the cat keep trying to bite me. I guess I did not wash my hands after draining the gas from the snow blower. (Jluk***)

Its gonna snow here this week and i can't find a single pair of snow boots anywhere. i see frost bite in my future. (Keys****)

Bite down. Shawty chewin like a billy goat. Going crazy. dancing on her tippy toes. (Kiaran******)

Im a wolf girl {team jacob & team seth and embry, quil, paul, sam) ok ok team wolf pack. but i'd let emmitt bite me ne day ;) (LovatoJ******)

When you meet the georgia bulldogs. ya gonna feel a bulldog bite!" (Obi_Wan*******)

One of my kids head butted me earlier jumping up from the carpet (without permission.. smh) & made me bite down on my tongue. still hurts.. (Essen*****)

Drinking at a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale. This has some serious bite. (Sousle******)

I've decided to bite the bullet and buy the iMac. I can't eat the Big Gummy Bear. =T Now introducing the budgeting module into my life. (Andr****)

Oh My GAWD. just ate entire Santa Fe Cheeseburger. blarg. It was worth every bite though (Iluvmy3g*******)

LMAO!! Dumisani has a love bite for real!! This is the best episode!! But why do they all look so bad today? (Nomu***)

My question of the night: Can sharks really be electrocuted when they bite on an electric cable? (Stephan******)

Dear Camelbak, where can I get a replacement bite valve cap for my water bottle? I've broken 3 now. (Lanej*****)

I have a camelbak water bottle that has a rubbery spout that you have to bite to drink. It is almost impossible to spill. I LOVE it. (Jajaa*****)

Dang bite valve cover for my camelbak. How are we supposed to clean them and get them back on!?! Oh well, good thing it will be hot tomolo. (Surr***)

HaveYouEver seen a pitbull bite a chihuahua? - KAt Williams from friday after next (BuqNas*****)

Thinking of becoming a superhero. but I can't decide between the names 'Balloon Man' or 'Frost Bite' (JudeSte******)

We should have time to grab a bite to eat before the show. Reebok Stad. Bolton vs Man Utd (live). haha (Antopr*****)

Ended up at the Charnley Arms for a quick bite. Though to me it's a dump, there's a 45min wait for food so it must be good. We'll see. (Zno**)

I have this huge bruise on my foot where I tripped over the baby gate in my hallway. I just bumped it on the desk. oh agony. *bite hand* (Zhao***)

Just ate an eclair so delicious, angels descended as I took the first bite. (Et**)

Dog just tried to bite the laser pointer. I'm sure it deserved it. (Ajaxw*****)

Sigh, I need to bite the bullet and buy an external drive. 1tb should be enough. for now. NAS? (Acci***)

Just watched a guy chase his apple across the carriage floor of the train I'm on, wipe it and bite into it. Brave man. (Yourava*******)

Just had a great salad from sweet tomatoes!! My first meal in 2wks and it was incredible lol every bite! (FAB_KA******)

Graphics card shopping is gonna be frustrating for the next few months. Market prices are way over MSRP and I'm too cheap to bite. =( (Jer***)

I can't stress it enough. TODAY is ur day!! U have been awaken 2 eat from the tree of life. Take a bite and watch the blessings come forth (MrSpea*****)

Excited to watch the finale of Kell on Earth. two bite cookies from Whole Foods in hand! :) (Pepperd*******)

Ijustwannaknow you got thong sandles on and ya feet look like they bite (Mr_Mc*****)

I'm bout to get wild in Onyx tonite I mite bite some stripper booty lol (Beame****)

Sh, it'll only hurt for a second. Just bite down on this leather strap. On a count of 3. (Retired*******)

Man it's a beautiful day! Heading to Lido Beach after a bite this tropical bar and grill (IHoo***)

I bought something from the computer store. i am nervous to try it because it might not work. im just going to bite the bullet (Natel*****)

Bite bite bite ! ah ! infect em all ! tuscan mammoth fever baby ! rawr om nom nom foxxxii got the chompies ^.^ (FoxXxii*******)

Invited to Seder with band of orphans in our Chicago hotel. Great except my big bite of "bitter herbs" was like snorting wasabe. I cried. (HartH*****)

Pretty sure I just experience heaven in that caramel cheesecake bite from Del Taco. Glad I only ordered a small tho, kinda overwhelming. (MissLo*****)

Edward Cullen: Doesn't bite people, he looks like he resides in the woods and he sparkles. Face it, he's not a vampire, he's a fairy. (Twilig******)

Home form an interesting day, gonna get a bite to eat maybe watch some Abbott and Costello tonight (Bobm****)

Prevent fleas by using a product that kills adult fleas before they bite, as well as eliminates as many stages of the flea's life cycle. (TotalPe*******)

Omg I just took a bite of my pizza and it was still cold smh. magic johnson is horrible. ghetto as hell (Harlemv******)

Dang. Lil Bitty Baby had go to dr 4 spider bite & my nephew got hit n nose with a baseball (Bchazar******)

Whoa. And this is a love story? Yup. 'Cept there's no whining. See, while some lovers were born to run, Jody and Tommy were born to bite. (AmazonC*******)

Fixing a bite to eat then going to start on the second book of House of Night series. It is so good! (WNM***)

OMG. I just caught a big-ass barracuda! He DOES NOT look happy. I wanna pet him, but I think he's only playing dead so he can bite me. (Richard*******)

Is celebrating the fact that Christopher Moore's BITE ME is 1 on the Denver Post best sellers list today! (SHB6***)

So i had my fishing rod cast for an hour an didnt get a single bite, so i finally checkd it and a seasnail had eaten my bait! xp d (Jac***)

Beagle pup who turned Piranha has now tuned Kangaroo. Powerful back legs facilitating her to bite from eye level. Yikes! (Miriam*****)

Things to ponder in traffic, who took the bite out of the Macintosh apple.? (Andyo****)

On your way to Lonestar Roundup ? Stop in our locations in Bridgeport or Decatur to grab a bite to eat before you get into the I-35 mess (Yester******)

James Bond went to a busy market and said 'I am Bond. James Bond'. A dog bite on his leg and said "I am Kutta. Pagal Kutta". (Ishtdee******)

Why do some male tweeple adopt a catalogue man pose 4 fheir profile pix, cheesey in a bite size chunk (Mor***)

Keep holding out for a verizon iPhone or just bite the bullet and get some version of a droid? (Jeremy******)

Holy kitchen aid use, batman! The first 300 bite-sized cupcakes are done. Only 400 more to go for the launch party! (Paig****)

So this morning i put brand new trucks on my long board and went out side to see if they hand wheel bite, it turns out that they do, and . (JonnyO*****)

Other things I'm excited for: The Masters! Oh, and going to the Dominican Republic tmrw am. Watch out Teeth of the Dog, I bite back! (MissKi******)

Hi.. The other felicity is enjoying the fab weather and having a bite to eat in malahide.. Hope ya having lovely weekend x (FLIS***)

The cat just tried to bite my nose, out of nowhere in the dark, while I'm trying to sleep. Bad cat. (Nicos****)

It's kinda funny that I have a bad cat bite on my main mouse-using finger, but current feeling is pain more than humour. (Leight*****)

Alvar just because you tired to rape her doesn't mean you let her bite your tail & chase you all around your tank (Burnafte*******)

Yikes, just heading to Belize to travel through the country - is it a sandfly bite?? (The***)

Made marshmallow & Envirokids Koala Crunch treats! Looking forward to a hint o' chocolate! I'd let eat a egg sized bite! ;) (Jengal******)

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