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Birds - USA

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60 External Comments

Just played: Birds of Fire - Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of Fire(Columbia) (Wtul_pl******)

Well i bought an airsoft gun but i was told i can't shoot birds or squirrels. isn't that just lame. haha. (Likewo*****)

U birds have that halloween pussy. Real women have that christmas pussy (IDontL******)

Make everyone happy/mechanical birds by Modest Mouse, album: this is a log drive for someone with nothing to think about. :D look it up. (Icanha******)

Bare Bones by Kathy Reichs. A forensics case that links slaughtered black bear, exotic birds, a small aircraft crash, and infanticide. (Sma***)

Well, I cleaned the crib today and am enjoying hearing the birds sing lol. I also was mixing on the turn tables (Djve***)

Hey how are things? I am going to Santa Fe this weekend. Did not know when you were getting back. I have a careprovider for the birds Call (Gir***)

Tried to record the birds via contact microphones attached to a birdhouse. However, squirrels have begun to battle it out. Microphone br . (Jasonar******)

I better win the powerball or mega millions or somethin. this "going to work" shit is for the birds. smh help me Lord (Lady***)

This working thing is for the birds. I bought Mega Millions, Lotto, Sweet Millions, and Powerball tickets this am. Pray for me. (David****)

Living out in the country, all you hear is birds chirping, tree frogs, and Diesel Engine Ford Pick-Up trucks destroying the ozone layer. (Matthe******)

Instead of me and rach going to the gym our daily workout has become walking to uni then library to do work! Killing to birds with 1 stone!! (Lola_****)

So we're living with Alfred Hitchcock. So far two birds have appeared under out bathroom sink. Only me. (Missoli*******)

Birds chew shit up an my bird just tried to chew up the mac book charger. That bitch won't see the outside of the cage for a min. (Jerom*****)

Yesterday: Woke up to the sound of waves crashing and tropical birds singing. Today: Woke up to the sound of garbage trucks. Just wrong. (Nouri****)

South Africa had gorgeous rain these 2 days. Wonderful 4 the gardens & wildlife. The birds seem 2 really noisily appreciate the weather. (CRYSTAL_*******)

During WW2 paratroopers were taught to jump with homing pigeons strapped to their chests. The birds wore jackets for protection. (Pigeon******)

Just made all my arrangements for Baltimore Orioles opening day on April 9. I look forward to this every year. Come on Birds! (Healthp*******)

My caravan or tent would be full of Big Issue sellers, gypsies, stray dogs, birds damaged by cats, 3 legged dogs, divorced/single women, . (KB_Sha*****)

Birds chirping, cotton candy clouds, sun shinning! :D love today! (YunY****)

Wormadam looks like a slice of pepperoni pizza with a birds head stuck on it. *Pokemon Platinum* (Captain******)

Why do birds nowadays insist on flying so low (under the car)? I swerved 4 pigeons, 12 sparrow things and 2 crossing ducks this morning (Sati****)

These people have 25 pets, including but not limited to cats, dogs, birds, ferrets, a gopher, and a kangaroo. (Darkblaz*******)

Not sure if it's a velociraptor. lemme check. nope just birds chirping at 1:40 in the morning!! (LDBB****)

Has anyone ever dealt with birds randomly flying into their house windows? They have been trying to break through all day, crazy (Pcarne*****)

Good morning from the Aegean, where the sun is shining, the birds are singing & I have an alarmingly long 'to do' list. (Carol*****)

Join our facebook group! The Birds Nest- Baltimore Ravens & Orioles News (Baltimo*******)

Family playing the new Wii Fit game where they flap like birds. They need a video game to tell them to do that in the name of "exercise?" :) (Debbi*****)

Being able to is what seperates us from the animals. except for birds who pretty much do nothing else BUT . (Greeb****)

Speaking of birds, went w/ our neighbor to the dump. Never been there before. Disturbing number of seagulls circling, bombing the cars. (Pammy****)

It is such a beautiful morning! I can hear wind chimes in the distance and birds chirping. Winter can be too quiet. (Edsha****)

I love getting up early when the clocks change. All the birds start singing really early and look all confused! Haha bless them (ScottLo******)

Fuze Goji Wild Berry. The best fruit juice around. And as a bonus I'm donating to cure breast cancer. Two birds with one stone. (NateL*****)

What are all those cute little black/White/grey birds with the long tail feathers that are everywhere today? (NeonCt*****)

Sylvia side a: organized chaos & constant change & vibrancy of a city. sylvia side b: green grass & jazz. birds & bees.. golden sun. ease (Galo***)

Hubby is fixing our bay window roof after birds were trying to make nest in it & sending my cats up the wall (& curtains). Making gd job! :) (Loco****)

I guess Malorie makes a good bird perch. My roomie's birds seem to think so (Ellie*****)

Favorites Haiku 1: Top Five Happiness/Adirondack chair sun birds/green afternoon calm (Lonel*****)

Time to sit on the Glider on the deck.. with TheDawg.. stare at the water of the lake.. listen to the birds.. do NOthing.. breathe in & out (Bike****)

Guys? There are weird sounds coming over my computer speakers, like a recording of someone vacuuming & birds chirping and I DON'T KNOW HOW. (Prufr****)

It was a beautiful day here in the Texas hill country! I always enjoy barking at the birds and the bunny fru frus. (Crazyey******)

Enjoy the happiness of rural privacy, the panoramic views, the melody of birds, the whisper of groves, and the murmur of happy guests & pets (Seq***)

Walked past a worm on the sidewalk by the market: picked him, put him in the plant beds. felt good about that until i saw all the birds. (Innbro*****)

Ah, springtime in Chicago: the birds are singing, the car stereos are blaring, and the 24" spinnaz are spinning. :p (Emar****)

God made thee birds and thee bees , these flowers and these TREES . lmao _ ilovemadeaa (CantCUF*******)

In the midst of naming finished paintings."Yoshino" has lots of cherry blossoms, "Sakura Kisses" has flowers and 2 blue birds "kissing". (Kathe*****)

UltraViolet* -birds flyin hi- cranberry juice & lime green trees (happy hour) (Brookly******)

Sun up bright, birds, green trees everywhere and the loudspeaker next to the house :-) perfect! (Boaz****)

Tonight = super cold out of nowhere, working on a fun collaboration, songs about birds & ghosts, pen-pal postcards, new teapot, paper dolls (Amy_e*****)

The best thing about that episode of eastenders was the birds eye view camera zoom out of the square at the end (Femzf*****)

No thanks. Don't wanna feed imaginary birds, accept virtual margaritas, share pretend gold coins or help water your fake plants. (FromFarm*******)

At the Tailfeathers booth - handmade jewelry western, floral, birds, animals - Juried the Best of Show exhibitor - (Montanab*******)

Oh wow wild country is available wow so exciting watching birds in a telescope hearing wind howling (Ryok***)

Y is it that us as blk men aren't afraid of a fght wit a knife, bttle, bats, or evn a gun fght but we scared 2 death of birds squirles etc? (Nonchal*******)

Houston Zoo, cardinals aren't exotic birds. why are there cardinals in the tropical bird house? (Mercur*****)

Angry birds, doodle jump. plants vs zombies, spirit, finger physics. the crystal maze and monkey island (if you own an iphone get these, now) (Qat***)

Nodisrespectbut Sista. as a african american woman ima be 100 wit chu. yo weave lewk like birds been livin in it fo bout 7 years now lmao (MICK3Y******)

Took pictures with my beanie babies. A blue jay. An ostrich. A dragon. An owl. And a robin. All birds. And each with a 4 or 0 :D (Katieg*****)

A garden bird doing an impression of the neighbour's car alarm, and I'm laughing. I LOVE garden birds. (Tiffany******)

Ok I need to get my contacts ASAP!! Being out here with no sun glasses is for the birds!! (Davidl*****)

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