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60 External Comments

Alice in Wonderland - loved the visual touches like the bird chandelier and depp made the movie but the dragon slayer storyline? Not keen (Als***)

I was on a tube with Capn Bird's Eye this morning. Truly. Big ginger beard, flat cap, donkey jacket, creepy eyes, everything. (WannabeS*******)

Walk with your head on a swivel, that Peacock is still on the run. Reports say its a threat to you and your kids. Oh wait, its just a bird. (Sonic****)

Posted 'Texas Hill Country Bird Photo Safari & Workshop' to cardinalphoto. com (Davidca******)

While walking, found out on XPN She & Him Vol2 is out today, as is the bird & the bee's Hall & Oates tribute/cover disc. (Some****)

The car in front of me has bird crap all over it! It's disgusting but also looks like abstract art! (Ericy*****)

Just saw this on craigslist: bird and reptile tank hex. Who would put a hex on a bird & reptile tank? (McIn***)

Bird/Magic documentaries are the new Mickey Mantle documentaries. Billy Crystal's going to be pissed. (Raygu*****)

My stupid cat "ming" fell (or jumped) on our koi pond then rushed inside our house dripping!! argh!!.. now.. he's in a bird cage for life (Jaos***)

The Winter Music Conference is Underway down in Miami Hopefully I will get o see some shows (I missed the Cheap Early bird Registration) (3R**)

Birds chew shit up an my bird just tried to chew up the mac book charger. That bitch won't see the outside of the cage for a min. (Jerom*****)

That bird I alluded to earlier tried to come at me wrong once again. I swear the animals here are on some other shit. (BeeTe*****)

Other people my age are rewarding themselves for a hard day's work with a glass of wine about now. So why am I making a papier mache bird? (General******)

Head over to pickyourshoes. com and check out the new releases. Just to mention one Nike Dunk SB Low Chirping Bird. Hurry, they'll go fast. (Kicks****)

Pardon me, we're going to see the Sox crush the Orioles. Spelling is important, but whoever named that bird was wickedy-wack. (K8co****)

I put a ceramic bunny by some daffodils under the bird feeder wondering if it will freak out the squirrels! (Sla**)

I want to go to McDonald's in Dallas that's designed like the Happy Meal. Ronald, Hamburglar, Grimace & Birdie the Early Bird come hang out (Natasha*******)

Jumping on the Alaska Airlines Nerd Bird tomorrow morning to Austin, TX for the weekend. (Jeff_h*****)

A bird just flew into my house through the dog door and I can't get it out. Help! This gives new meaning to a " ." (Jenn****)

The impossible becomes possible when andrea alexander gets a . i think i just saw a pig flying outside my window giving me the bird. (Andreatw*******)

So far today. Finances, hair cut, fixed car audio, cleaned bird feeders and watching Harry Potter. (TonyGre*******)

How the heck am i suppose to read in peace when people next door are yelling about bird food and playing with their ugly new car's alarm?! (Jessii_******)

Should i do an oil painting of a bird? some real deep thinking happening right now. (Shir****)

Football? The three bird mascots of the Baltimore Ravens are named Edgar, Allan And Poe. (Sylve*****)

Everything changes, Nothing parishes. Lift our souls like a bird in the wind I glide like I'm flying through heaven (Mjdolph*******)

Relaxing at home with the fam in ol carson city. Almost bedtime for this old bird haha was in the sun all day (ShylaKo*******)

After lunch i cleaned my bird cages and the guinea pig cage. I also planted seeds spring ! (Dign***)

High fived 'coach' buckets, kramer, jj, lew, barlow, 3'twan, smith, dj sticky-bird, kg, and coach keady at the airport! howled for wolford. (Thu**)

Planning on deploying a wireless bridge between remote building, question is what happens when a bird fly's through it (Ha1ry****)

This lady just straight up crashed her baby carriage into me walking Didn't look up. No apology. I think I saw the baby flip me the bird 2 (Brookl******)

Listening to a very hipstery genius playlist while cleaning the apt - lots of fleet foxes, andrew bird and animal collective. thx itunes! (Djmissm*******)

Happy B-day Marcus Allen ('60) John Stockton ('62) Marshall Faulk ('73).'79-1st Bird-Magic showdown. '31-1st time NHL goalie "pulled" n game (Johndu******)

Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt is setting up. Theres a snowman, a giant stuffed bird in a Maytag outfit, a quilt backdrop. (Emperor*******)

If your a bird am a bird but am a much faster bird who can fly higher, upside down and backwards! + I have a wingspan of a pterodactyl. Yup! (LISTNT******)

This study hour has been brought to you by bright eyes, andrew bird, fruit bats, the avett brothers, and the mountain goats. (Pegle****)

Conversing with nature so worthwhile. everything have so much to tell, the plant. the stone. flower. bird. butterfly. dew drops. microbe. even air. (Chandan*******)

The tiny suicidal bird has been flying into our bay window all day. again. (Super****)

A tiny bird has been attempting to fly through our bay window for two days now. not sure what his deal is- death wish? we have six cats. (Super****)

Still have to roll out the Flour Tortillas and I'll have to clean the bird cage in the morning. otherwise it was a semi-busy day 4 moi. (Kabbala******)

Perfection=Judith Leiber's Bird Cage Minaudiere, Meringue cookies from the Gelato Bar in Sydney, the Tao Te Ching, & San Francisco bay. (DocHo****)

Oh, i have to clean the bird cage after my nap. gr. we have two cockatiels named: pancho and coco. they about 20yrs old! (Kabbala******)

My list 2 do: change dad's bandage, check his sugar levels, make more flour tortillas, make calzones, trim my doggies paws, clean bird cage (Kabbala******)

So far I got most of my chores done today. Just one bird cage to clean and I can play! (Asilve*****)

Just scored a awesome bird cage from freecycle. going to get it now Sque (Uppity*****)

So, instead of Beltline walk, to do today: Eat pizza. Shower. Clean bird cage. Profit? (Amber*****)

On top of that has to get the bird cage shoot done preferably be4 it kills me =0) (Wyoj****)

Smoked a cigar last night w/ my friend Tom to honor his birthday. This morning my mouth feels like the bottom of a bird cage. tradition? (Splinte*******)

Woke up to a nathan lane scene from the movie the "the bird cage.". (Certai******)

Ok, all these bleak overcast days serve as a drape over a bird cage for me. it's like film on my eyes I can't rub away. (Conse****)

Yay big bird cage has finally gone. Bloke was late picking it up 'cause he forgot about the clocks lol. Poor guy was late for work too! (Nutty****)

The bird cage collective might be coming! huzzah, everyone who sees me tomorrow shall get a cookie. (Abc12****)

As they played the wedding march and I imagined my brother's dad crying like the guy in The Bird Cage, I lost all composure. (Imake****)

Spring cleaning tip 101: never clean a bird cage with a vaccum cleaner! (JonRH*****)

Got the new bird cage finished, 6 budgies, 2 quails, 1 lonely lovebird. Breeding time for a little while, then explore how to get rid of em? (AshleyA*******)

Oh Albert. The Bird Cage never gets old. One of my faves, so glad it's on today. (Laur****)

Was spring cleaning my son toys but bird cage came on so "F" spring cleaning. I'm all for drags haha (MissJ*****)

Met a quaint old lad called julian parr from england. He wore a bird cage on his head (Rubber******)

Made an amazing mixed cd while watching the bird cage. what a great night! (Kayle*****)

One of my all time favorite comedy movies is The Bird Cage with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. (Soldo*****)

Yehey ghost adventures marathon for me again at you tube hahaha cool planning to watch magnolia plantation, bird cage, ram inn etc2x (IamC****)

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