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Binoculars - USA

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60 External Comments

Theory: Being a "creeper" is hereditary. Observation 1: my parents bought binoculars to watch the neighbors (Hapahaol*******)

Wish I could sit here all day but I have work to do. I'll be back with my binoculars and my camera and a tripod and a chair. (Seab***)

I wish I had my binoculars. the eagle just took a fish to the tree to eat. (Seab***)

I'm sitting in a black suv on a stakeout, now where did I put my binoculars. (Tomte*****)

I also love them because they remind me of the Binoculars in Toy Story :) (Jayy****)

You got the binoculars tryna spot me to the the feds look for something you will find it. see ya mommy giving head. lmfao (LottyDo*******)

Did Buzz Aldrin use binoculars to view Earth whilst he was on the Moon? (Nick_*****)

Just saw the ISS streak across the sky in 5 mins. Pretty cool. Wish I could have found the binoculars. (Kospo****)

Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground? (_Kami*****)

I will be jack ass nude tomorrow morning while doing cardio in my front room at 8am. Get your binoculars ready, bitches. Show starts early. (DirtyP*****)

My dad is trying to read the computer screen through binoculars. (Urba***)

I need some binoculars so I can peek from my window like an expert. (MEsoS****)

Dramatic weeps- no date no party for me -weeps into her binoculars- lol (Tuff****)

I'm watchin some mind readin shit nd da chick had binoculars and spikes came thru da view holes n 2 her eyes dats wicked (YungC*****)

I'm just a socially awkward curious person who knows where you live and happens to own binoculars (74in***)

I am disappointed that I am not able to stalk people via Facebook because I have chosen not to participate. Oh well, binoculars it is. (Stormy*****)

Just saw a bright light in the sky looked through 10x50 binoculars and it didnt display any other lights. (Marksp*****)

Andrew Lloyd Webber looks so creepy on that new musical competition advert. Like an overgrown toad spying on you through his binoculars. (UlrikP******)

Why is this old white man w/ amish clothes am a Jesus beard sitting w/ binoculars watching onstucton less then ten feet away Lmfao (LadyT****)

YouWontFindMe in the sprite section of a raptors game. I don't own a pair of binoculars (Iss**)

Rollasole Tip of the Day: Save money on expensive binoculars by simply standing closer to the object you wish to view. (Rolla****)

Those must be some pair of binoculars that you see every move I make, so I'll never be a liar. But you'll always be two-faced. (Alan_S******)

Uh, that'd be housing TRACT. that's on a little slope, clear view from raised patio. Binoculars would be awesome. (Blond****)

Passport, flight tix, concert tix, maps, money (baht & rm), clothes, binoculars, glowsticks, travel adapter, did i miss anything? (Maih****)

Elephant corridor -boutique hotel in Sri Lanka-what a treat- exceeded expectations. All suites Easel & binoculars. Lunch delicous. (Travelga*******)

So ELC have pink laptops, pink binoculars, pink pinball and a pink garage. So no gender stereotyping with the toys, then. (MetalS******)

Just acquired a beautiful, old pair of Bushnell binoculars. they will come in handy in Yosemite and Denali:) (Lady_B*****)

Leupold Yosemite 6x30 Binoculars vs. Bushnell powerview 10x50 for Hunting in Timber (Mark75******)

Canon 10x30 Image Stabilization Binoculars w/Case, Neck Strap & Batteries (Bela1****)

Opteka Neoprene Adjustable Cushioned Neck Strap for Digital Cameras & Binoculars (Black) (Opte****)

Canon 12x36 image stabilization ii binoculars w/case, neck strap & batteries (Alvi****)

Stalkerthoughts Got dark pretty fast good thing I packed my night vision binoculars (Maines******)

Stalkerthoughts These binoculars have night vision? I'll take two please. (Mental_M*******)

Looking at some kick ass digital binoculars with night vision built in , i have a nigh scope but would be cool built in to binocs (Boot***)

Stalkerthoughts He just pulled in, I gotta stop and pull out the infrared binoculars. (JoeJis******)

Stalkerthoughts "Your living room set looks great. through my binoculars" (Res**)

Getting things together for Boat Race day. Trinity Hall scarf, check. Flask of whisky, check. Binoculars to see the race from New England. (Boy_M*****)

I enjoy sitting on back porches with an ocean view, with a wine cooler in hand and some binoculars. ilovemyoldwhitefamily. (Hottati*******)

As if I would stalk anyone. (Hides binoculars, camera and telephoto lens.) (Malcu****)

Lol of course! Headphones will be included in your spy kit. Plus binoculars and a HD video camera. ahahaha ;) (Jemift*****)

I would much rather blow money on cameras, binoculars and spotting scopes :) (Tucke*****)

I'm across the street with binoculars. Love the new bedspread. Carry on. (Prezof*****)

What are the best binoculars for astronomy at canadian tire? (Jhumph******)

What are the best binoculars for whale watching in the Bay Area? (Dale12******)

Lady Ga Ga tickets are secured. Looking for world's best binoculars now. (122de*****)

Yes that was me, i caught my trench coat on a branch and dropped my binoculars down the drain. silly me. (CazCr****)

Early up for Neesy and gang. breakfast then nap until squirrels wake up. Cat binoculars and cool water dish--play all day! Ah purss (Neesan*****)

LOL! And do you have to wear a helmet and goggles? You should get some night vision binoculars. I just think they are cool!! (Jennife*******)

Nowplaying Night Vision Binoculars- Passenger. thanks for showing me this song. (ItsTyle******)

My 3 fave hco songs just played in a row! "streetwalker" - delta spirit, "night vision binoculars" - passenger and "lisztomania" - phoenix=) (Giantpan*******)

Looking to replace some compact binoculars loaned to a co-worker & "lost in a fire". Any suggestions? (Klyco*****)

Biggest creeper song ever - Night Vision Binoculars by Passenger. Thank you Hollister for having that on your playlist once upon a time (Mkkas****)

Going to the st Augustine birding and photo fest tomorrow. Lookout birdies, here I come. Got my new binoculars ready to go, Pentax and Nikon (Egil***)

If you know the answer to what the HMS Beagle is named after, write it down on on a pair of Swarovski binoculars and send it to WANT Expd. (WANTexpe*******)

Good thing I have good Bushnell binoculars. Don't think I'll be able to take the telescope to KSC for sts132. (Phal***)

Todayslesson is that the devil is always hiding in the bushes with his night vision binoculars just waitin for you to mess up. outsmart him (Theyoun*******)

I am sitting on the balcony looking at the dog run with a pair of Binoculars. (ChanceS*******)

Still unable to order telescope mount. Bought a pair of Zeiss compact binoculars for hiking, watching my little prick (It's a bird, it's a (Trea****)

Amy found an original nintendo and fisher price binoculars. Pretty excited. (Jeffba*****)

I found loot in my storage locker: Pogs, fossils, original nintendo and games, fisher price binoculars and a spice girls cd. (Amymas*****)

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