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Binding - USA

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60 External Comments

Raining today today so its a good time to finish the binding on another quilt. (Byji****)

Wanted: Type writer or ribbon (Newtown) , Breadmaker (Maroubra), Flute teacher (Enmore), rug binding (Lane Cove) (Sydl***)

If I accept terms and conditions of being faithful to a religion then what Buddha or Christ or Mohammed said is binding. Otherwise not much. (Phil_****)

Yes, baby gifts are so much more doable for me. Making Laurel's full size quilt was an endeavor (re: handstitched binding)! (Boston*****)

Okay, feeling better since I found out binding takes 10 minutes at staples. I can totally see me finishing this dissertation at 1pm on 23rd. (Josh****)

Cos after asking for d mighty blessing of husband and money, voice returns to normal and dey start binding enemies in baritone (Miss_*****)

Emacs key binding of the week: 'M-s o', Show all lines in the current buffer containing a match for regexp. (Kpra****)

Sorting through decaying books at the Penn RBML. Why would someone repair torn vellum binding with Scotch tape? (Fake****)

I think I got my husband to say out loud that he'd like a dachshund AND a chihuahua someday, so that's a binding verbal contract, right? (Ruby****)

Very upset with . Just opened one of the Harry Potter books I got last week. There's no binding holding the top 59 pages! UGH! (Rich_****)

Finally sewing the binding on baby quilt. Shower for DIL is Saturday. I think I'll make it! (Charmin*******)

Tip of the Day: Ever have a hard time setting up for binding? Why not use a Serger on the edges? (Ednasq*****)

Quilt top done! Just needs border, batting, backing, quilting, and binding. Sheesh. But this part is done. (Paisley*******)

Binding another photo album - this time with black stonehenge paper pages and dividers (Parkside*******)

Writing letters is an act of magick, a linguistic enchantment, spell binding at its finest. keep the conjuring of sorcery alive.. (RATIO****)

EB: Some cQTLs are down to SNPs in the binding site, but most aren't. So what are the rest? (Lukejo*****)

Half of a take-home exam and the binding of my thesis portfolio are all that stand between me and my diploma. home stretch baby! (Vicki****)

Do you want to help me with some binding? Would that be a better one.? kidding too ;) (IHph***)

Caged doors are less binding if they have beautiful intricate patterns. (Twisted*******)

Caged doors are less binding of they have beautiful intricate patterns. (Twisted*******)

Of course, binding Royal Prerog no big deal in UK. It's a const'l change, but they can change theirs ie no need for provs. (Aco***)

They already are, in principle. Gov Gen can deny PM's request in some circs. See King-Byng. But are they binding Royal Prerog? (Aco***)

In any case, a binding arbitration panel must then figure out whether the observations were biased. (Dropout******)

It moves perfectly when pulled, it was even binding a little because I was moving it from the other side. I'll get running video (Dd*)

But enough of the hypotheticals.. what was the previously binding situation that is breached by this? (AlJa***)

And is a VoNC binding anyway? Reckon Broon would have ploughed on.. (AlJa***)

It's looking like I'm going to need to use an Io WebKit (via objc bridge) and PDF lib binding and write my own tool to do this. (Steved******)

I just used the copy . machine 2copy like 10pgs of my chem book so i can hilight instead of writing notes. the binding is like broken now lol (Kay1***)

I've been told calling shotgun is also legally binding. Did you call it on the flat? (Audrey_*******)

AlejandroiTunes and two binding factors in every little monsters life (Edwit****)

Thanks Tony - I was hoping you'd say that! I'm really liking (although totally confused by initially) the xchange+Q binding (Neile****)

Postman delivered the 2009 annual report in AMS this week. Again great design and beautiful printing and binding. Well done Thanks! (Nie**)

No sleep for me tonight, but I can see the light at the end of the dissertation tunnel. Binding tomorrow, hand-in and ATP Friday. Oh yeahh (Ffi***)

NAC states (Egypt, Ireland): request the launch of negotiations on legally binding NSAs (CNS_Up*****)

I'm almost giving up modifying the Mac key binding to closely match that of PC/Linux. Sigh. (Nomo***)

Working on advanced search in echo3, search by binding factors completed (Ncdm_ka******)

MEMO TO ME: cotton thread = fine for piecing & quilting, but not strong enough for binding. Silk thread for binding. *unpicks* (KittyJ******)

Binding my project to hand it in. WE THANK GOD. now jus got everythn else done n tuesday I'll b a free woman! (Coko****)

Looking for recommendations for DIY book-binding techniques. (Blazin******)

Thanks! I love when the final copies come because it's always a surprise to see the color of the binding. (Courtne*******)

Dear The Copenhagen Accord means nothing because its not legally binding. Your lack of action cannot hide behind it. (Adamma******)

So busy right : ( that one we so called finish already printing and binding tmr (Justre*****)

The binding for my book SINCERELY is the prettiest binding ever - pink and yellow. I love the cover too. I just keep staring at it. (Courtne*******)

Were truly spell binding last night at the Garage, though I accidentally went into the wrong venue and watched K's Choice (Famil****)

EFF. Trying to complete a binding and have no Scharf-fix blades for leather paring. DRAT. Do not want to spokeshave this. (Njst****)

Yes, but not that binding. 1 month notice, don't start until September. (Joshjg*****)

Binding update: Yes, you can bind an 8.5x11 sheet into a 11x17 perfect bind. The catch: you need at least 40 pages for a perfect bind. doh. (ENCRGo*****)

Music has a green wave of energy that you cannot see, this wave goes from ear to ear, binding people to wake up and be human again and love (Roel***)

The point about the prerogative though is that you can argue Parliament isn't binding itself, as Parliament does not call the. (Benjami******)

Steadily binding everything together, i can see an end to this all in sight, a talk with alex will set me straight re middlemarch. i hope. (Pinte*****)

God's Law = Perfect Law of Liberty (James 1:25). True freedom is only found in binding yourself to the Law (Gmo***)

Workshare advanced pdf - binding, bibles, advanced editing, security and form deigns. much cheaper than adobe (sh) (Tiki****)

Yes, it can measure binding energies, useful info on electronic structure. (Robaja*****)

Stupid me forget to submit my report for hard cover binding. need take 1 week to bind. need go down sch sometimes nxt week again haiz (Bakaba*****)

That promise is binding in a court of law. You owe me a copy of CS5 Abid. (Gtru****)

Have been noticing from quite a few days the binding between my mouse pointer and scroll bar. Have i changed any settings unknowingly? (Manohar******)

That's inaccurate. Parliament can bind its successors, it's just that its successors can repeal the binding statute. :P (CHRI****)

Binding's on the front - YAY! Pins are out - YAY! No more machine stitching - YAY! . 3 hours of hand stitching ahead - whee. (BeautyC******)

Finally gave the project report for binding. still project not over. time to make ppt. (Ankitb*****)

My moleskine is completely falling apart. Any recommendations out there for a simple notepad with stronger binding? (Brian_******)

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