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Bikini - USA

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60 External Comments

Packing for Iceland: Popomomo, Rodarte for Target, Chanel Rouge, HOH tights, Something Else bikini, and Frye boots. (Lauryng*******)

Lounging poolside, 80s rock, spiked arnold palmer, teeny polkadot bikini, living the life. !! (Elycia*****)

Daily panties: snow white string bikini w/pink scalloped edges by Steve over polished steel chastity protected by dribble pad. (Sissydo*******)

Thinkin bout making a 2011 bikini calendar and sell them for the "Charisse Fall 2010 fund" for 10 dolla a pop. (Cshon****)

Free Celtic Women Bikini Calendar. That will bring in the bucks. I can almost guarantee it. (Kwic****)

Krazy krazy day at a Bikini Calendar shoot now and have a Video shoot at 2!. Time crunch! (Valeria*******)

Um bikini calendar shoot on Saturday in Bev Hills. Someone pick me up outta bed and throw me into the gym immediately. (Christin*******)

Feel a total fatty after modeling at the St Tropez seminar for Boots!! :-( started to feel happy about my body till I wore a bikini!! :( (Sam_be*****)

I wonder if cheerleaders get bikini waxes before putting on their get-ups. Hm.. (Orangeap*******)

Shud a fast food advertisment display paris hilton in a sexy hot bikini pose, stripping at a mercedes? parents, watch your kids! zionist. (Raul****)

Being ashy durin the summer on the beach with a bikini. verybadsituation find some lotion. Ask around! (ISale****)

My Bikini novel prize picture fo you skull and bones, war would U like the from many pics from myspace take u 2 nowarspace butt ya prison (Tomokoi*******)

OK Pink it is! I suppose my pink bikini top is more apt as breast cancer/ CRUK is pink (LOUI****)

Note to all: dance number by the beach. in a bikini. you gotta wear a niplet (ChrisPi*******)

Stretch* Need to get ready for my Sweet 16!! But idk what bikini to get/wear. D: (Chi***)

Skimpy bikini, high heels, banging hair. less than 48 hours until I hit the stage and strut my stuff. my butterflies are on Red Bull! (Jennh*****)

Putting on a bikini when you know you need on a one piece IKnoFu*ckinBetta and you should too (Larryfit*******)

Which bikini would you wear to the beach with Bieber. What? He hasn't hit puberty or seen a sex-ed video yet so he might be taken aback. (Sara****)

Oh dear God, i wish i didn't have a nip slip in the swimming pool a while ago when my drowning niece accidentally pulled my bikini top. (Fishnets*******)

Misha was so funny he talked about his underwear collection. Said he had some polka dot bikini ones and red thong he wears on laundry day:o) (Supernat*******)

Two, three, four tell the people what she wore. it was an itsy bitsy tini wini yellow polka dot bikini. haha. :)) (Qgell****)

I'm in la trick! and you lookin kinda cute in that polka dot bikini (Livee****)

Looking at victoria's secret catalogue. damn i want a yellow-polka-dot bikini! (Cmon****)

Hey! u look kinda kute in dat polka dot bikini girl. . da venetian is AMAZING! i luv my boss 4 selling me out on this place. .. (Dontsay******)

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini that she wore for the first time today (Thirsty******)

Searching for a cute, itty bitty, teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. So far, no luck. It shouldn't be this difficult. (LeilaniB*******)

Its so nice outside Im abt ta put on my little yellow polka dot bikini. and sunbathe dntjudge me lol :) (BianaL******)

Itss so hot & sunny ! Mee and my boyfriend qoin to the beach tomoro for sure :) polka dot bikini it is ! (ASHeatsD*******)

An insy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini that she wore for the first time today (Kil***)

I had an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, purple polka dot bikini, that I wore for the 1st time today! :} (Rache*****)

Wish I were in LA laying out by a pool in my polka dot bikini. leaving dallas in a few hours. f yeah! (Xoxon*****)

I would rather watch Rosie O'Donnell run a mile in a string bikini then be at work right now. :) hell, Lisa Lampanelli, too! (Jbj***)

Im confused where shoud i go. white ave's foam part, ascend's timbaland's after party or alchemy's bikini party? help me choose! (Rond****)

Got a new curling iron and a bikini and makeup and a dress! Life. is. good. (Strong******)

I'm prepping for bikini laser hair removal. If waxing is any indication, I'm scared already! (Down****)

Staying at La Jolla Shores Resort. Rigjt on the beach, lots of people and action. I knew I should have done bikini wax! (Rickle*****)

Dats why i love Pensacola. Florida. is so hot alreadi. might hit da beach 2moro. got a new bikini. i love wet seal,! (Mz_pNp******)

I mean, who do you ask, do you have to pay someone to walk down a beach simply because you are in a white dress rather than a bikini? (Ihatemy*******)

I would take HuffPo more seriously if it didn't prominently display "Kim Kardashian bikini pics." (Rando*****)

I know this is a dumb question, but WHY are pictures of kim kardashian in a bikini the second most popular post at the huffpo? (Eloiseru*******)

I drive a GIANT black dodge ram truck when in CA--I feel like I need to be blonde, wear a RW&B bikini & get a boob job to do it justice (Holm****)

Under attack by spam. Think about what Magnum P. I. would do. Grab beer out of mini-fridge, get hammered. Hit on blonde girl in bikini. (Ordina*****)

It feels wrong packing a bikini along side ski boots and a ski jacket. not that i'm complaining. (Laurab*****)

I said i would shave some sort of small animal with a bikini razor. Does anyone know what animal it was? ._. (_kay_e******)

Just bought the cutest yellow bikini. Bottoms are like an almost-thong. Look out!! So tempted to leave work early & take a nap on the beach. (Acc***)

Now that I've gotten thru the adverse reaction I had to waxing I'm going to stay in a bikini poolparty poolparty no more spray tan :) (MsTash*****)

I'm a black girl who likes rap so I must aspire to dance in a bikini in someones music video (Jessjo*****)

I saw chicks in the park with dukes and halter tops yesterday It will be hotter today so they will be in skirts and bikini tops LOL (PosM****)

What are some bikini hair removal products that actually work? Like wax strips? I've used Nair Bikini strips but they. (Deadra_******)

Paris Hilton used to live in the building my grandpa worked in, and he's telling me gross stories of her in a bikini and stuff haha omg. (Natash*****)

Summer dress and bikini shopping isn't turning out as hopefull as I planned. Things are so expensive in 10'. But eh, it's alright. (WhoaIt*****)

Sandals check toenails check bikini check summer dress check mini skirt n shorts check ice cream check lemonade check rhum check HURRAY! (Island******)

Just waking up, last day here in Cabo San Lucas, Lots of bikinis poolside, no daughter bikini cop to tell daddy not to get some taco de ojo! (Trojan******)

Is back to surfing in just her 3-2 wetsuit instead of her 5-4. Yippe! Could a bikini just be a few weeks away? (Karen*****)

White vans, zoo york bikini, o'neill boardshorts, juicy couture lip gloss, coach purse. that's all. (: (Ohsicki******)

Should I put on a skimpy bikini and get some sun on bowman? Because I will. (Unclef*****)

Getting ready to go on cam - 4 hours online today :) shall I do the white lace undies or the pink bikini?? decisions . (James****)

HEADING over to Muscle Beach in Venice CA. To see the bodybuilding & bikini contest and to check out the vendors. let's see who comes out (Phillip*******)

We won the Team Trophy at the NPC Northern Fitness, Figure, Bikini & Bodybuilding Championships! (PRT***)

Things I'll Never do : bodybuilding. I'm not shaving my legs for a trophy nor will I wear a bikini bottom (Jeremy******)

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