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Bermuda - USA

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60 External Comments

Bermuda rugby chartering a 737 to take them to the Conyers cup in the Cayman islands (Bermud******)

The Bermuda Triangle got tired of warm weather. It moved to Finland. Now Santa Claus is missing. (Scrapboo*******)

Royal Caribbean Cruises : Explorer of the Seas : 9 Night Bermuda .: 9 Night Bermuda And Caribbean Cruise (Bayonne Roundtrip) . Boo. (Complime*******)

Just found the most spectacular specials at the Fairmont Southampon in Bermuda for April and some May travel dates! (MyVacat*******)

This girl got on bermuda shorts flipflops and a North Face fleece. smh white ppl (Beauty*****)

Thinking about taking a Royal Carribean Cruise from Cape Liberty to Bermuda next month - anyone have any thoughts. RCC- ? sponsor blog review (Madam****)

Comprei mais 4 esmaltes da Essie = pink parka, lovie dovie, flirty fuschia e bermuda shorts :) (Orga***)

T:koo :D mexico is nice. isnt da bermuda triangle close to ther? :p (MSPNi****)

Check me out at all american skates pajama jam this saturday 5400 bermuda rd. stone mountain ga. get my cd free thats right free (Wiithe******)

Anguilla: Antigua: Barbados: Belize: Bermuda: British Virgin Islands: Cayman Islands: Cuba (Rev_***)

Definitely going to plan a vacation. dominican republic or bermuda!?! (KRos***)

Reaching out to the Bermuda Ham Radio Community. We need your help providing location/alt data. 270 miles north of Bermuda at 12:20pm EDT. (PB**)

Dear Air Canada: Stop taunting me! Stop putting Bermuda flights on sale when the hotels there are so expensive I can't go. Augh! (Katy****)

I bought a carry on backpack for our trip to CA/bermuda today! So i can put my laptop/camera/videocamera/flip, etc in it :) cant wait! -b (Wintersp*******)

Your Garmin GPS device can actually navigate through the Bermuda Triangle. Really easy directions: "Turn left. Turn left. Turn left." (Entrer******)

The HR Reds have hit seems to have gone right into "Bermuda triAngle" at landshark so I wanna see sum triples tonight (WVU_Reds*******)

Aruba, Jamaica o I wanna take you To Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama Key Largo, Montego baby why don't we go (JacobS*****)

Aruba, Jamaica o I wanna take you. Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama. Key Largo, Montego baby why don't we go. (Dmitri******)

Have half of Ethiopia emailing me :) I have taught about the Bermuda Triangle, and now they want to know about this volcanic ash! (Liz_S****)

Oh I will. believe me I will lol. Aruba, jamaica, o I wanna take ya to Bermuda, Bahamas lmao xox (Xxsarah_*******)

So you're saying u wouldn't go for an old fat bald guy with a chin beard wearing bermuda shorts and a pork pie hat? (Tomc****)

Flights on jetblue from Boston to Bermuda are 99 bucks each way. Hrm. (Fes***)

I have been to some of those. Not Antigua, Barbados, Dominica or St. Lucia. Been to Bermuda St. Martinique, and the Caymans (Makm***)

Similar to Pacific, NYTimes AP reports floating garbage patch discovered in Atlantic between Bermuda & Azores islands. (Cardz****)

A swirl of confetti like plastic debris. floating garbage spun together by a vortex of currents between the Azores & Bermuda has been found. (Mortyth******)

Going to lunch Black Pearl with Shenstone on Friday, will send update. Are you headed straight across or via Bermuda, Azores? (FinePro*******)

Taking A Great Bermuda Cruise Vacation | reservationsfor2. com: Royal Caribbean Cruises to Bermuda are several of the good that this li. (Complime*******)

Cannot focus on studying! Brain consumed by thoughts of Pheonix, NYC, Bermuda & the new puppy :) (JuliaEC*******)

Happyhour to me is like working in bermuda for BetterLives. the best thing since sliced bread (Korrin******)

Iight my money rite thinkin bout takin a trip real quicky 2 go see b4 she wind up in japan iraq bermuda sumwhere takin pix (Dreamboy*******)

Today is peppercorn day (bermuda), aragon day (spain), children's day (turkey, cyprus) (Cultur******)

That's right Wayne - it's a 'Bermuda Triangle' of discouragement & woe. (MarkBe******)

Sacramento = bermuda triangle of sushi: mikuni, sapporo grill, zen, tokyo fro, momiji. now megami has al fresco dining! i still love KRU (916be****)

Art Festivals in Florida: Flamingos wearing sunglasses, Santas wearing bermuda shorts and Harley Davidson inspired jewelry. (Undor*****)

Yes come come I'm goin and umma wear my bermuda shirt just for u :) my bermudian princess! (Mz_D***)

Casual Friday at work so I wore Bermuda shorts, havianas & an urban camouflage muscle top. I expect that look to catch on this summer. (Roy_kea******)

Looking forward to a week in bermuda next week! bermuda shorts, black socks in sandals, ocean breezes, and high tea! jolly good, yo! (ALifeR*****)

Ok i'm thinking Bermuda College for myself too. I need help with enroling and stuff. i need to know more, maybe you can help (Reether******)

Well my plan is to go to Bermuda college and take up communications there while i save up to get into Randolph Academy (Playf****)

The Bermuda Road is this underground limestone structure thought where Atlantis may be. Gotta go diving there soon. (Iza**)

I knw its summertime but I'm tired of da damn cottage cheese already. Capris and Bermuda shorts bishes (SheN****)

Question on radio, "Where is Turner, KS?" They're having a city wide garage sale. It's down the Turner Diagonal. Like the Bermuda Triangle. (ARagin*****)

Wait just 1 second. this lady has on long sleeves and boots! Ma'am I'm hot in bermuda shorts and short sleeves u must be scorching! (Roq***)

Lol. Hal in the Bermuda Shorts in LA. Hey that sounds like that should be in a song. or not. wtvr. Enjoy buddy. (Daveny*****)

My room is a bermuda triangle. if you drop something on the floor, accept at once that you lost it. (Rapoin*****)

Mercifully Juju is in Venezuela I think? (via )Ah yes! Hopefully that trip includes a return flight over the Bermuda Triangle. (Gillian******)

The next person to call me lightskin is gettin smacked!! I'm brown skin!! Come to Bermuda, I'll show u lightskin!! (Neebb*****)

Bermuda cruise. Cabin in 10 Fwd. Maybe I'll meet Guinan. Nerds will get that. :) (Robp****)

The reason the ocean is blue is because God put a huge "Saniflush" right at the Bermuda Triangle. He don't like it when we get too close. (MichlAnt*******)

My dream date? My hubby - Bermuda or Washington State but if he was not available I would settle for Brad or George Clooney (Aj1***)

From Cali, to the Big Apple, to the islands of Bermuda to South Africa! eSalonSpace is making its mark. Free advertising for beauty pros! (ESalon*****)

Cheetah lockin down bermuda alongside Chino, Colly Buddz, Star Child, Matrix aka Ninja Cutty, E-Levels, A Team on da rise! June 12. Lock in! (Cheet*****)

Jreal the presents got turnt up saturday night come chill wit heartless ent bermuda dr. stone mountain georgia (YoungCh*******)

Today on Gloda explains the world: How many sandcorns get absorbed by a Canon flash when it falls over on a Bermuda beach? (Glodad*****)

Just played: bermuda triangles - six gallery - breakthrough in modern art(superball music) (Wtul_pl******)

British citizens overseas Anguilla. British Virgin. Falkland. Montserrat St Helena. Bermuda. Cayman. uk election 6 may 2010 vote labour (Votelab*******)

And Tiff are on the continent after a week at sea w/ unplanned stop in Bermuda. Today Gibraltar, tomorrow Alicante, Spain. (Patty*****)

Malaysia airline u sux! web online check-in does not work. your itinerary times are all wrong. is malaysia the bermuda triangle for brains? (K47***)

Just had a great burito at el picante real mex. Silverado ranch & bermuda (Datenigh*******)

Bermuda Vacations, Bermuda Vacation Packages & Travel Deals on Orbitz: Note: An infant who turns 2 before or during travel requires a . (Britney******)

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