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Bench - USA

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60 External Comments

At the 11:51 mark in the second half, Tennessee Vols lead Ohio 53-45. UT bench outscoring Bobcats reserves 20-0. (Cwei****)

Steve is the guy wearing the yellow dress shirt 2 rows behind the Cuse bench! Haha (Michael*******)

Wish list: wheel barrow and leaf blower, weight bench, vegetable seeds. (Otto***)

Dream an old airport, red bricks, a checkpoint, melancholy and excitment, no luggage just somthing to hold, a couple of friends on a bench (Tita***)

Tootsie rolls* it worked it worked. clinique and a grin the smell of success *twurks lab bench* (Blackne******)

Always shopp'n in " Pari' so i speak a lil french " we we raggedy " time 2 hit the bench! (YoMain******)

I feel like I could fall asleep standing at my tech bench. Lol that can't be good. (Divin*****)

I just unknowingly drank huge gulps of spoiled chocolate milk, i think this cafeteria bench is my death bed (KVisas*****)

I'm the only "adult" wait for a child that's standing on the bench bc of these nasty things!! Urghh I'm freaking out inside (Adge***)

Sitting in Bryant Park on a swinging bench. It's a little chilly up here lol (Mystar*****)

Made some new friends the other day.. The provincial bench press and squat record holders :p (Olsonb*****)

Gotta find a bench, a flower, a boy, and a girl for my panorama shooting assignment (Crizzo*****)

Just got an early birthday present from my parents - a gorgeous blue bench to sit out in my rose and citrus garden! *grins* (Mmautho*******)

I'd workout w them but they r doing weights. Bench press. I dnt need those workouts lol (Partii*****)

Looks like i'm on the sube bench today! :(, never mine. maybe tommorow. xx (Madbi****)

Nice and tired, bit gutted about the rain today, no bench session for me =/ (Wheely*****)

Note to self: Listen to The Fratellis first album tomorrow in full. It's been a while. There's a sandwich on the bench. Love, Matty. (Shado*****)

Just saw a midget with a cd player dancing and rapping on a bench (Courtlyn*******)

Itsreallyannoying when you select a costly player and he sits on bench ! (Amitja******)

Sitting on a park bench surrounded by water, grass, and swans while reading an awesome book. I'm happy. (X3air****)

Something about the smile dental girl on the bench ads really does it for me (Cjbr***)

It had better stop raining before tomorrow, because i have games. if i have to do bench ball, i think i'll cry. no joke. :( (Said****)

J and i invited Sterling to eat w us, so he picked up a bench and brought it over to our tiny table. (Huddle******)

Bit suprised that Ihiekwe is on the bench tonight. Has hardly played for the u18s (CJPLa****)

Tim Duncan taking less shots than ever because of new players like Blair and Jefferson. Give shots to bench and Parker/manu/and now hill (James****)

Cleaning out the house: selling 58' TV, leather storage bench, 2 lamps, and lots of discontinued PartyLite decor. Oh and some Medifast. DM. (Smarta******)

Tempted to get row 6 seats for the canucks game, behind the players bench, for the game on easter sunday. (Oneroo*****)

Is it me or does the KU bench look like they spent too much time at Mickey Mantle's last night? (Granty******)

Just moved into my last accomz for the trip. Where? Right next door to Hells Angels HQ. Awesome. "Do not sit on the neighbours bench". M'kay (TriplejM*******)

Sitting on a bench waiting for my parents to get outta toy story mania lol (Alyru****)

Sitting on a bench on Main St. in Park City Utah. Eating a caramel and chocolate covered pretzel and thinking about shoes. (Theko*****)

Just finished our new displays, great new pieces just in, sofa, bench, awesome round dining table (LinlyD******)

Bench press this morning reppin 225lbs 3 sets of 12. 35 is around the corner but feel like I'm turning 25! (JayBa*****)

I'm a beast in the gym. I can bench press over 100lbs. I know, its scary! (Mikies******)

Gym - bench press training (deload week) -- quick one this morning. Lots of work items to get through today. (Mind****)

Bench Press Fitness Tip: To work the upper part of the chest more, you can perform Bench Press while lying on an incline bench. (Fordfi*****)

Forget ab routines. Performing core lifts like squats, deadlifts, cleans, jerks, snatches & bench press will work your core muscles. (Jasonc*****)

Great Maine Games event this weekend; Powerlifting! bench press-only on Friday, and full meet on Saturday. Brewer Auditorium. (Maine*****)

Almost just killed myself on the bench press. scary! :( my neck hurts :( (Wowma*****)

It's started with question about my hopes and dream were, and ended with him telling me he could bench press 86 kg. (Ang***)

Had a great bench press training session today. Gonna have chicken and broccoli later. (Strong******)

Q: What's your favorite form of exercise? A: bench press and yoga: (Raj1***)

Bout to hit this workout!! Who wanna come bench press wit me at this hour? Lol. (XXMrWi******)

Nice workout. Bahaki bench press. It's a regular bench press. I just really love alliteration. (Bah***)

He gone need bout 3 boxes!! he 5ft8inahalf and weigh220 solid and bench press 425. wth?? (MZVIR****)

Wipfire "She's 6'5 and looks like she could bench press a truck. I don't think her looking vulnerable should be a key part of the plan." (Ajackw******)

Telling me no when I tell you to bench press me thatsabadidea I will think your weak. (MsPo****)

Six hour rehearsal. Invited dress tomorrow. The department is hosting admitted grad students this weekend. At least my bench press went up. (Dvperep******)

Beginning to regret hitting the bench-press yesterday. I feel like I'm having a stroke. (Clemb*****)

Hitting the gym hard tonight. Chest : Bench press, Decline bench press, dumbell flat and decline, chest fly, and core. hitting max tonight (DeeG****)

Sometimesiwonder what guys think of girls who lift (bench press, etc.) (Nicole*****)

Talkinasscourtney voicebox can bench press more weight than they got n strom (Xdie****)

I'm in the 300 club. Maxed out on sqauts at 315lbs. N 300lbs on bench press. Weighing in at 195. 10 more pounds to go! (GoldenC*******)

Back from a tough workout. I'm glad I have some quads to show now xD missed the bench press though=( super sad face. (Olve***)

Gym - leg press, deadlift, bench press, chins, dips and hang c+p. abs and core to finish (Harryfi******)

Day 2 of my workout plan. Bench press. Curls and bowflex for my abs. Its goin down this summer. I'm neva wearin a shirt lol (MWrig****)

Hitting the weights after work. Someone come spot me. Prison weight is taking place today on the bench press :) (Sexy***)

UConn pro day in Storrs. I love Desi Cullen's enthusiasm- putting up 225lbs 11 times. But who cares about a punter's bench press. (KevinNa*******)

Marketing exam, bench press, info systems homework, then home to spaghetti and sleep (Benn****)

It is upper body day at the gym! Hooray! Plan is to start with 4x8 on bench press with 245 pounds. w00+ (Nick****)

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