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Mitel 68765 Belt Clip photoMitel 68765 Belt Clip
$ 18.00 ($17.73 after rebate)

60 External Comments

Be honest which is better LV belts or Gucci belts let's be real.. Or should I just stick to the Chrome Hearts belts? (Privlej*******)

BON show is gonna be beautiful! jacket/backpack combo's, belts as pockets, thumbless leather gloves for easy iphone access, woven fabrics. (Thexox*****)

Remember those days when skaters wore baggy pants, studed belts and big skate shoes? oh how its changed. (XAmyGe******)

MarryMe and I'ma bronze all your kids baby shoes! I'ma bronze the belts, switches, and extension cords you whup'em with too. (Latil****)

U got a moncler bubble louies guccis belts shoes n hats and riding in a 1990 Toyota camry that's tinted with rims. Smh (YungnRec*******)

Ended the day with some Khaki King, tore a couple of brand new wide sanding belts and milled a load of mahogany (Batsong******)

Given a choice I'd want England to win the next cricket world cup. that'd effectively be the treble of global sport under our belts. (RoyalBl*******)

The cars in the video are not, as the title suggests, from General Motors. Also note the dolls are not wearing their seat-belts. Bad dolls! (Automobi*******)

Ralph Lauren Rugby selling these cool Skull n Cross Bones cotton adjustable belts and Skull n Cross Bone Flats. Hurry won't last. (Billie*****)

DIY surgery= steak knife duct-taped to a door rigged with elaborate pulley system of belts & twine. Pinched nerve, you will soon be no more. (Cardboa*******)

What if you want a new ford mustang but you dont want seat belts? (Emee***)

USMXSNUZRRK Athens 4-volume set stack silver, gold, rubies, emeralds, black opal Athens 4 belts silver belt, a disc . (Brianri*******)

They should make Mens wallet or messenger bags! :) cause belts, sandals and bracelets aren't enought leather! Well for me NO! (BryanC******)

Some of you have been asking how you can help. We are currently accepting donations of rope for new belts for the stable boys. (IMS***)

Rollercoster speeding up downhill without safety seat belts :D (Marek****)

What's really good w/these dudes &these bejeweled belts, bad enough yall pants are below ur asses, now yall messing w/the bedazzler. smh (Core_A*****)

Shoutouttotheguys who rock gucci belts and prada shoes but still wana bump train (Serg****)

Top Spring Items I am allowing myself to get: cuffed shorts, belts, earrings, cocktail ring, skinny jeans. OH, and running shoes. That's it! (LuizaA******)

Doc martins, timberland boots, adidas track suits, white air forces, throwback jerseys, fitteds, kangols, name belts, name plates (Sincere******)

Is going biking, picking up new belts for the stupid-Cub-Cadet-that-is-not-a-John-Deere-mower, and maybe pick up a weed eater. Gorgeous day! (Deiz****)

LupeQuotes I like Yohji Yamamoto and I might roll solo Leather Gucci belts and Guilty Brotherhood polos (Peoples*******)

Hahaha, yes with very fashionable belts and designer shoes. j/k j/k (Il_bel******)

A close second, news-wise (tho' unrelated): Eileen Fisher opening up on Main St. Westhampton. Love her linen for summer, with belts & flats. (DBerth*****)

Gosh, I didn't know that Bette Davis coined the phrase "Fasten Your Seat Belts" interesting! (via ) (Sock***)

Uh oh, Julie just got out the head-bands, the leg-warmers, and the wide-belts. (Kingis*****)

Panasonic upright vacuum cleaner belts, style ub-8 part mc-v270b. 2 p (Too***)

The Flex Belt: Ab toning belts are much additional than just an additional piece of exercise equipment. They use the same proven techn. (Itoge*****)

Shooting fabulous new items now! vintageChanel riding boots, vintage Gucci bags. original Doc Martens. lace up boots, belts& more. stay tuned (Youngand*******)

YES! Now we talking! Cause I need to know WHO Brandy is shopping with that let's her rock Louie Riding Boots with Matching Bags and belts! (RaeHol*****)

AH, that is sod's law in overdrive!! Can't you use a pair of tights!! Or is that just for fan-belts!! Cheers M8 (Stephen*******)

Tons of new skullcandy ear buds, headphones, i-pod & i-touch cases in stock. new rogue status t-shirts, hoodies, wallets & belts in stock. (SkateA******)

Something wrong with the Green Machine. Sounds like new belts. I hope its only belts. she been around a while. 207K miles. (Cchap****)

It was great seeing you adn your bouffant was amazing. So ready to swatch watch those belts (Sparkym******)

Just sold swatch watch belts to the ever fatshionable . Good to see you at The Re/Dress! (Queerfa******)

So you can buy belts in primark that say "rockabilly rebel" this me makes very sad :'( (Jojo_ci*******)

JogieBus run 9.3 flat km with Linde in the pram draped in reflective belts. (flat for Toti in both Secunda and Potch it would be hilly) (Marc****)

THanksto ForeverYoungPics i now know Louis Vuitton makes graphite belts with glitter buckles. (Steezth******)

Had an 8hr shift today. I've been detailing mens belts which aren't quite done my entire shift AND doing registers. (Thatgi*****)

Please pray for me is driving us to old san juan in the rain he's scaring me in the back seat wit seat belts . wow (Venoms******)

Yes of course! But im not going to buy, at least not in 2months time. I like their snake skin belts! Hot! (Hello****)

You still wear the matching belts, with the matching shirt, with the matching shoes and matching hair accessories (FR3D***)

What's your favorite source for FLOWERS? I'm talking shoe clips, hair accessories, pins, belts and bands, etc? The bigger the better, right? (Thrifty*******)

The release says the bike has all-wheel drive using a belt system. Can't see belts for the front hub in pics. Is it a front hub motor? (Drewpa*****)

Thinks 2 get. 2 bb belts, gucci belt n shirt, robbin hat and some shoes. (NikoMa*****)

Who wants to stop by Eddie Bauer and picked me up two belts? One brown and one black. (Peasand*******)

My brother made me one out of nylon webbing (you know, like the stuff seat belts are made out of?). Indestructible and light. (Corey*****)

MFS . Loads of Designer Women's Bags and leather belts. Bags . Belts Accessories made from genuine Italian leather. (Emefe*****)

Ever do something dumb 'cause it's your duty? Removed deck from lawn tractor today, replaced drive belts and tensions springs. mowed lawn. (MannyR******)

Who remembers when Boss clothing and Dickies was cool with the long belts hanging in the front (Jonathan*******)

I'm getting an education in suspender belts from my Agent-Provocateur-obsessed friend. (OH_L****)

Why dont u have any womens belts? not that i suggest u get any lmao. wwe should scrap all their divas (BenAg****)

I love when fat india men stare at me with diesel belts, diesel shoes and a fake fendi hat on (Tranny*****)

A weird convo at work led me to Google the proper way to wear a belt. Contrary to the last 21yrs of my life, apparently mens belts . (Bda***)

Do you sell mens belts size 40 waist? (a fan) paypal accepted ? wat other ways can u pay? thanks. (Specia*****)

So my car needs a timing belt tensioner and some belts for about 350. Hopefully its covered in the engine warrenty :-/ (Fearless*******)

Goa industry mulls conveyor belts to transport ore - Economic Times (Ives****)

Thinking 'bout airports and the conveyor belts for bags. Reminds me of that one scene in TOY STORY :D (Martin******)

You want lovey-dovey? Watch a 55 yr old couple "getting to know each other", a couple of divorces under their belts. Kissy-kissy poo poo (Evanth******)

They checkin car stickers and seat belts on da corner of 183rd and Cicero so strap up (Mrbornt******)

Car getting serviced. Pricey. Brakes, belts, intertial dampening system, tachyon shielding and the phase converter. Stupid Type 40s. (Stephen******)

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