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60 External Comments

Trying to navigate your way through the new Road Laws for car seats? Belly 2 Baby Certified Fitting Station can help. Call us on 07 547543 (Belly2b*******)

Retief Goosen with a belly putter is just wrong. It is like watching Marilyn Monroe with a burlap dress. Wrong I say. (Diget****)

Oh god there's a guy here that's so fat his belly almost rests on the prep table. Good thing he doesn't work the grill. (Everfa*****)

JoJoMustFeelLike.. Stephen Marberry after being cut from the Knicks w/ a belly full of Vaseline (SlicKGi*******)

How to burn belly fat blow torch cigarette lighter stove regular torch microwave oven gasoline uh and other ways (Erb***)

Belly full of delicious food. Just watched the sad-but-compelling film FISH TANK. Dog blissfully asleep. Daughter suckling. (Quentin******)

So I seen this big girl who was going to get a belly ring. I was like u gonna need a jack hammer to pierce that blubber (KoolBe*****)

Belly Butter-4tblspn avocado oil,1tblspn beeswax,25drops lavender oil. heat wax & oil. cool. add lavender oil. apply to belly (Organi*****)

I have a Fire Belly toad as a pet. He looks like a lil neon green tree frog only witta bright red tummy. (Kaymu****)

Enjoying the creative process of making a one of a kind gift for my friends baby in the belly! (Moder*****)

Good night so far, hit up nickel beers at big belly and now chilling at beef o bradys. (Shelb****)

Feelin good after killing some crabs and spiced shrimp *rubs belly* :-) (24hrSon*******)

Anyone have a gift set for a pregnant woman? Tub soaks, foot soaks, belly balms? I'm needing one for a secret bunny gift! (Scente******)

Just had the dirtiest overweight Mexican women wearing belly shirts and tacky gold hoop earrings come into work. (Martywt*******)

Bored as hell its firday and theres nothing for me to do :( thats sad lol ill just sit here and watch movies and shop for belly button rings (LenaA*****)

Sometimesiwonder why girls think its ok to have belly button rings n u dont have a nice tummy but a beer gut or a muffin top sorry not cute (Yaki***)

I really need to go shopping for new belly button rings for spring! (Chelse******)

SometimesiWonder why those overweight females get those belly button rings and they be havin a bulge (MrSque*****)

I am now the proud owner of 5 zebra striped belly button rings. And I am struggling to switch it. (Maryall******)

Actually written on the board in philosophy: DSL, boobs, belly button rings. (DeltaE******)

Tired. but looking at belly button rings to order. so many cute ones idk which ones i want!! (K_S***)

Are belly button rings cheesy? I kinda want to get one when I reach me goal. amongst other piercings (BlastL*****)

Summer items have started arriving!! Beach Towls, Belly Button Rings, Bathing suits, & much much more! (Sanrio*****)

I never have sexy belly button rings until the summer anyways.. (Kenesh*****)

Wea all da fatchicks at wit belly button rings, and back tattoos?? Lol (SupaSta******)

Chicks with an outie. still decide to get belly button rings? Eurgh. [That is all I shall say about that] (Incomple*******)

Belly button rings are too high maintenance. this mess is blowin me. (_i_e****)

New lip rings came in! My rainbow ones are beast! :) & new belly button rings came. (Zomg****)

Soo uhh yeah spent al my little money spring break smh lol well got new lip rings tongue rings nd belly button rings ready 4 summer! (MiszN****)

Mova bought me back some belly button rings. dammit she kicks ass! (LittleMi*******)

Chest tattoos bout to be played out like belly button rings everybody got one (Itsnev*****)

Belly button rings for my bday! I can't wait to change it! 2 more weeks. (Shy_Dr*****)

Why cant pregnant woman have their belly button rings in. geez (Asslike******)

I feel there should be an age limit on belly button rings.. ImJustSayin Kinda wierd listenin to a 50yr old talkin bout it. lol (Ms7**)

Have you thought about using cubic zirconia in belly button rings. They add sparkle to suntanned skin. Plan now for the summer buying season (Czworl*****)

Looking at belly button rings. Any one know any good websites? (YoniW****)

Youknowitsspring when chicks start getting belly button rings. But they weigh 250 (Oochi*****)

Wife bought me a Jelly Belly iPod cover. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans makes covers? It smells like black licorice. Tastes Like plastic still (559mi****)

Got myself some hot new belly button bling. Someone out there is gonna be REALLY happy when they see it ;-) (RuthRa*****)

Its bad luck for a black cat to cross path so wat bout a black cat wit a white belly (Akann****)

Wii sports is dangerous hahah the wii remote hit my sister in head and my sister hit me belly so we stop playing it now hahaha ow x (JUSTINs******)

Teams have found a place for a good breakfast on the way to cp21, a diner, hash browns, eggs, good food for the belly, if you have time! (Imonp****)

Ayo if I get a 6 pak? nah frack dat if I even get a 2 pak? I'm wearing a belly shirt. (Lmao falls on floor) haha nah but ima get rite! (Talk2*****)

Wow. Belly took out his cornrows, and his fro is huge! PS 'Hot Girl' featuring Snoop is good! (SimonV******)

Just hope west ham are as bloody hopeless as I think, as Hull have some fire in their belly. Wigan run in is v. tough though. Wolves (N1GHT****)

Yay! Just got photos from a couple we designed wedding invitations for. They added a belly band & matching stamp. so pretty! blog post soon! (Izzyand*******)

Feeling a combination of pregnant and fat. Can't button my pants and this belly band thing is not so comfy. It slides around to much. (LilC****)

I'm not pregnant, but can i wear a belly band anyway if my pants don't fit? maybe i should just lose weight. (Caroli******)

Trying a belly band for the first time and NOT enjoying it. I feel like Im squeezed into too small clothes. Thats not how its supposed to be (NancyS*****)

Just bought my first pair of maternity pants. I get the whole belly band thing but it's not comfortable for me. It digs and it's weird. (Jenlov*****)

Just made myself a pregnancy belly band. now no one will know that my pants are unbuttoned (Tiny****)

I just witnessed a plus-size fashion show & a belly dancing performance. OMG, didnt expect it, LOL :) (Peach****)

Oops, it seems i forgot, i'm a bloody crippled wearer of a back brace. better luck next time with the belly piercing.. (_J4**)

Trying on bridesmaid dresses AGAIN. to accomodate my growing belly! (Jennife*******)

She goin tell me 2go 2 the nursery..1st of all i'm not logn him, this bag and my belly upstairs. is only a jar of peaches and a bottle (DaIT****)

U on the bus w a double stroller a baby in yo hand in one in yo belly (Thick_l*******)

I like step brothers (the movie), guns, zro, belly, scarface, paidNfull, jayz, celtics, new jack city, & cake *shrugs* thts (_almost*******)

Ben day (fly v australia) wins overall redlands classic. ben jacques-maynes (bissell) 2nd, will routley (jelly belly) 3rd (Podiumi******)

Will Routely (Jelly Belly) wins from the break ahead of Jacques-Maynes (Bissell) and Amaran (Jamis-Sutter Home). (Flyvaus******)

Redlands men's prologue 1 day (flyvaustralia) 2 jones (jelly belly) 3 reynen (jelly belly) 9:20 4 jacques-maynes (bissell) 9:29, (Podiumi******)

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