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Bells - USA

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60 External Comments

Today - johnny flynn, avi buffalo, freelance whales, middle east, washed out, real estate, sleigh bells. thank you austin, i'm done. (Bluefl*****)

Two stashes of Cow Bell Collectibles on FV. Cow bells will always remind me of dear old friend who is ill (his sister collects cow bells). (Prae****)

Bella is taking up a whole couch cushion. move your legs, bells!! i wanna lay on the couch too! (Michelle*******)

Haa the kid in my class has such a thick fake silver necklace everytime he walks it sounds like he has bells on. What a loser. (Hellok*****)

Kelliz Dream Carols: NPH, NPH, he's so friggin hot! (jingle bells) (previous , white christmas) (2glam****)

Favorite new finds at globalpetexpo lotus pet food; teddy the dog; shea pet; poochie-bells; pupcakes2go; wapiti; jax & bones rope toys (Groovyca*******)

Just as the church clock chimes 8 bells arriving at pub for a chin wag with me auld mucka Les-tally ho (Demoliti*******)

Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg. Batmobile lost it's wheel and the joker got away. Hey! (Ashi****)

I thought the church bells were playing Yellow Submarine. They weren't (TomTheT******)

ImFromTeam my name rings bells like da hunchback of notre dame. (SirTril*******)

Ah its so hard to stay up here with 'i can hear the bells' playing downstaires :( (Katherii*******)

If you haven't heard of the new broken bells record, then you're missing out. danger mouse is possibly the coolest person in the world. (Barnsi******)

Imfromteam ur an ass you dont deserve to be on , swearin ur name ring bells and such , bye bye (Uhm_its******)

Broken Bells is the perfect cinematic band. the album seems too perfect to not be a soundtrack. (_tr_o****)

I hear Jeusalem bells are ringing, roman cavalry choirs are singing. (Iamfo****)

I guess ppl don't really understand the definition of RELAXATION! We chill! All the extra bells & whistles we dnt need 'em! (MiZZCh*****)

Today I discovered, in my tardiness, that you can hear my school bells from my house. (AlexisA******)

Today is the first day of Bells Oberon, and that makes me happy. And thirsty. (JimK****)

I demand XCom sequel - with lots of shiney bells and wistles - hell, someone pay Team17 to do it please (MCSBa****)

Four days until sleigh bells. four days four days. sleigh bells sleigh bells. (Heathdw*******)

Can't stand all the bells n whistles in the rental car but me n cruise control get along swimmingly. (DjJea****)

Happy Monday Everyone! Don't for get that Bells Oberon is realeased today. VBS on Vine will be recieving some later today! (Bottle******)

I ain't knocking on no doors, I ain't ringing no bells, I'm just knocking on your walls and ringing on your bells. Aye. (Atar****)

Shins + danger mouse = broken bells. awesome collaboration. the high road (Earc****)

Nowplaying enrique iglesias- - ring my bells. one of my favourite (SWAM****)

Really digging Broken Bells. 4 in "pop" on Amazon, I'm losing my edge I guess. (LeeFla*****)

Sleigh Bells, pretty good on record, shockingly awful live. Don't believe the SXSW hype. (_Jh***)

Broken bells's the high road is featured in how to make it in america, this is why hbo is the coolest tv ever! (Mnatadi******)

Did you know that Easter bells bring the Easter eggs in France, not the bunnies? Having a lovely time at Bramleywood playing Easter games.. (Madam****)

TypicalDhaka you can always say - nowplaying Bells by Rickshaw pullers (Wnabcr******)

The Broken Bells album (of the same name) is so so good. My favourite album at the moment and probably a contender for album of the year (Chatty*****)

Dj Dangermouse is a whore.. Left Gnarls Barkley to make Broken Bells? malewhores are sickening (CharlieA*******)

The zew is now playing "the high road" by "broken bells (dangermouse & james mercer)" (Zewpla*****)

Hells bells. I wanted to do the full Mass attendance this week but I need to work so freaking bad. I missed Palm Sunday too. :( (Harleyq*******)

Ring the bells -- there is a blue jay nesting outside my window. spring is "here" (Que***)

So what if I buckled under sociological pressure and removed my christmas tree I'm still keeping the bloody bells! (Ins**)

New favorite line: "We can fist-fight drunk like The Parent Trap" - Sleigh Bells - "Ring Ring" (Atthepi******)

The afternoon's hat - arctic monkeys, october - broken bells, giving up the gun - vampire weekend (Bite_tha*******)

The bells of St Martin-in-the-fields sound so beautiful, despite the rain. (Perfi*****)

So happy this dude finally got the MSG&stoppd wearin nutcracker pants splitn his * got um lukn like jingle bells n the private part area (Ucm***)

Listening to Broken Bells on the stereo system. Still nothing like an original CD with 100 watts of power and tower speakers (Hiero*****)

Watching a webcast on the Telescope Publishing Platform from North Plains. It looks quite slick -- XML workflow, DAM, bells, whistles, etc. (Carlc****)

Nowplaying Sleigh Bells - Crown on the Ground. My ears are bleeding, but it's so gangster! (STVisi*****)

My neck is still sore from major lazer and sleigh bells monday night. totally worth it, though :) (Logan*****)

I am probably going to see Sleigh Bells at The Gargoyle next month, and I'm probably going to feel old. Bah! (Katatom******)

Internet I need you: Should I see Girls/Dum Dum Girls or Major Lazer/Sleigh Bells next week in Columbus? (Paul_*****)

Omg omg fang island is opening for sleigh bells on saturday, too?!?? saturday = the greatest (Heathdw*******)

I'm completely in love w sleigh bells. Prepare to hear a lot from me jizzing about them tomorrow (Sleep2*****)

Major Lazer, Rusko, & Sleigh Bells. awesome! Not just b/c I got high fives from all of them AND got to dance on stage with Major Lazer! :D (Number0******)

Touching Sleigh Bells/Rusko, getting pulled on stage at Major Lazer = the only way to start a spring break (Prash*****)

Major Lazer, Rusko, and Sleigh Bells were amazing. Every muscle in my body is sore and my ears are still ringing. Success. (Pmoc****)

Sick night. Sleigh Bells are so hot. Also, guns don't kill people, lasers do. (GlamRiv******)

Cowbell? sleigh bells? funny you should mention that! Why Yes! they will both appear on our new songs. 5 songs tracked! (Appomat*******)

Missed xx, major lazer, sleigh bells, and Wilco this week. But I'm seeing Vampire Weekend THIS weekend!! (Walker******)

Alright, Rusko and Sleigh Bells are done with their sets. Time for some Major Lazer dance craziness. (Diet***)

Don't bring a sleigh onto New Jersey highways unless your sleigh bells are ringing (Bibian******)

Sleigh Bells, is this considered talent? I mean I like it but I could do this. (Danceboo*******)

Major Lazer machine gun madness plus rusko brap brap destruction and Sleigh bells snowing down from brooklyn. Bourbon st tomorrow. (Steez*****)

Conan, the xx, yeasayer/sleigh bells, spoon, sasquatch! What more can a little gir. boy ask for :) (Gon***)

Sleigh Bells, Broken Bells, Hurricane Bells. All you bands keep ringing through my ears and playlists. (Jesse*****)

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