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60 External Comments

Omg! capris short sleeve shirt sunroof open driving to get a beer at an out door patio. is this heaven?! (B0urne*****)

Popcorn popped, lucky pint is full of beer, wife is baking brownies. Life is good. Just need a Habs win to cap it all. GoHabsGo ! (Roberto*******)

New leaf. taking advantage of everything that comes my way. tonight: free meal, free beer and free house hunting. cost: 1 awkward hug. (Krist*****)

Ideal Party: Beer, fights to the death. horse hunting. (As told by Dwight) (SoThsIsJ*******)

Thanks engineyard for the beer at the Vancouver Ruby and Rails Meetup. Very necessary after stats :) (Peterar*******)

What a great day. Farm animals and a brief hike at Farm Sanctuary then back to Ithaca for a brewery tour and beer tasting. Now for grading. (Sadger******)

I really appreciate a bar where the graffiti in the mens room is a combination of beer recommendations and wieners. (Jcfu****)

Will trade all the boutique beer and Shiner in my fridge for a package of Oreos. Anyone want to deliver? :) (Zeri****)

Back on native soil after a weekend in Whistler. Once more, Canadian candy deemed surperior yet it's beer sub par. Snowboard 4 Life. (Kylebs******)

Saw a chap drinking beer on the train. Poured it from the can into a tankard. Now that's binge-drinking with style ! (Rogwa****)

So now I'm waiting for the Congress that enshrines internet, HD/3D cable tv, cellphones, pizza & beer as human rights. (Graphicl*******)

Being called to go have a green beer now. leaving in the morn back to AZ. live cams are calling me. I miss my sex job!! no joke. (Catali******)

Should I get a tattoo to cover\compliment the compass-shaped scar on my arm (long story involving beer and a soldering iron). (Daz**)

Just got out of audition. Did the magic beer mat & told the story of being in a kung fu movie. Have no idea how it went. Is that typical? (Greats******)

Beach rugby to look forward to in May- cheap flights, accommodation & beer - what you waiting for !?! (Lanzaro*******)

If I come back menu year for this shit, I'm bringing my own damn beer cooler (Refined******)

Something new at Principal Park in 2010. a walk in beer cooler in the concourse outside the Bottom of the 5th Bar (Iowa****)

I have been dying for a day on a sunny beach. surburn, beer cooler and all. (Emerson*******)

Going to Micro Brewery Dieu du Ciel tonight! Heard they have the best beer in all of Montreal! (Michel*****)

Note to self: remove the beer from the car before picking up the booster seat. (Diaboli*******)

Um. . . Horizon air is awesome! Free beer?! oh and finally finally finally in portland. (Mille*****)

The man wrapped in christmas ornaments spilled his beer on the bus lol too funny (BlackH******)

Is leaving work to sacrifice meat to the god of spring. Over a charcoal grill. And maybe a beer. Or three. (Clay***)

Gotta luv Buffalo in March pulled the charcoal grill out and grillin while drinking cold beer (Kerm***)

Going to down town dundin to get green beer tomorrow. now gonna play mario cart wii (Deidr*****)

Dave and Buster's manages to combine my hatred of crowds, overpriced beer, children, and loud noises. I'm impressed all of that fits here. (Pedia****)

Can someone make beer in sippy cups so they don't go tumbling all the time? (ATAi***)

I would really like a day to catch up on sleep and drink lots of beer. famous footwear & OCC are ruining those dreams. (Totallyc*******)

Pickin up a load of beer taking it to des moines, ia. I noticed we take a lot of beer there, iowa must know how to party? (Kctrkd*****)

Beer is the gateway alcohol. Everybody knows it just leads to hard alcohol. And wine when you're older. (Noo_***)

Fiend just asked me was the horse on my polo blue. said he was bout to wear the same shirt today then asked me to buy em a beer. (SourD*****)

Made a papier-mache Noah Bambauch and waterboarded it w/ green beer (Sanju****)

Ads on London trains tell me the provinces are full of jolly locals, beer, spas and classy restaurants. In Yorkshire? In 2010? (Richardm*******)

Diageo plans to brew Guinness in S. Africa: Diageo plans to brew its Guinness beer in South Africa, as the beverage gr. SABC Broadcasting (Fifa****)

A beer wont think less of you if you cant name the Steelers quarterback (Boleto*****)

Do you see those really weird or funny beer signs at bars like "Don't cry over spilled beer" Send us some funny ones you have seen. (Firema******)

Mildly surprised that my hostesses have girlier decorating taste than I do. Now that I expected beer signs, just not this many teddy bears. (Deviousb*******)

Why are there "vintage" beer signs decorating the skywalk cell phone accessory store? (Erind*****)

Anyone want to get a cheap beer somewhere between Pioneer Square and South Park in like 30 mins? I might have an hour or so to kill. (Greg***)

Cracking open a beer and cranking "Eye of the Tiger" to prepare for my AL fantasy draft (Aksc****)

All kinds of great beer on sale, Brooklyn, anchor, Guinness, Howe sound, whistler, menabrea!! Whoohoo. Wheat barley and hops oh my!! (TheRefi*******)

Have not done this in a while. but right now I am ready for that pitcher of beer. NOW! (Rjman*****)

Who cares if coors light is brewed cold, if I dont put it into the refrigerator or not im still going to be drinking horrible beer (Clinne*****)

Brings home beer when you specifically said wine.. getridofhim and take your Coors with you! (SukMy****)

Has just discovered the magic of Rouge Dead Guy beer, brought to him by a magical Cuban. Needless to say, it was magical. (AriesA******)

It includes finding the right spots according the clientele. it kinda reminds me of skateboarding, really, only w/o boards and with beer. (Rube****)

Yea yea & we can take atv's & ride em ovr der. Take sum djs, beer, bud, noz & sum party ppl. yeah. jst dnt gt lost ovr Der tke a compus lol (Partii*****)

To atone for the green beer, I shall create a clone of Claddagh's Spinach Artichoke Dip. Which is not really Irish either, but it's tasty. (Carr***)

Need to clean this room. It's a disaster made of books, beer cans, pill bottles, clothes, makeup, electronic devices, cables & art supplies. (Cand***)

First chance to try our beer at the Easterfest Beer Festival at the Franciscan Well Brewery in Cork on the 4th and 5th of April. (Trouble_*******)

It's embarrassing when you reach into your pocket of the hooded sweatshirt you're wearing and there is a Kyle Busch beer koozie (Dontig******)

Woot got my job back working for the cleveland indians beer here get your ice cold beer (Abarna*****)

I cannot wait to go home and eat leftover stir-fry and drink a beer! (Cowpu*****)

Ice cold beer, fat brats, 80 degrees. Not a bad day for some cactus league action. Oh, and cubs are whipping backs 7-1 (FilmSt******)

Throwin some darts with Smithers, drinkin a beer, havin some fun! (RealSh*****)

I started reading "Free!" Chris Anderson - about the free (as in beer - price = 0) economy. (Marti*****)

Having a beer in the pub sat at table next to comedian Will Anderson at Melbourne comedy festival (Nbj***)

Fun things to do in Austin TX, 1. Shooting range 2. Drink beer 3. Ride bikes 4. Mow lawn 5. Go swimming 6. Live music 7. Bbq 8. Free Hugs (Dkayb****)

Dez boi's outside table and chairs on dem bones straight up and everybody gotta a beer! Lol (OGDaG****)

Just put the beer on cooling, getting pumped up for the party tomorrow! (Leona*****)

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