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Beauty - USA

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60 External Comments

My beauty skin care: face wrinkle treatment using anti aging serums (J9m***)

Watching jessica simpson the price of beauty. i hope women are seeing this show it crazy what we as women will do to be beautiful. (LaNe****)

Wathching "Beauty" show on VH1 with Jessica Simpson.. She is just adorable! (Jami***)

VH1's The Price of Beauty: I love that Jessica Simpson channeled her anger into body stereotypes into something positive (LandeY*****)

Jessica simpson's new show? she's being egotistical and selling herself out. oh wait, isn't it supposed to be about other's BEAUTY?! (Mandil*****)

Celebrity Fit Club and Jessica Simpson's The Price Of Beauty were good tonight. (Patrick*******)

Ladies, and I use that term loosely, when a beauty supply store has lace front wigs "Buy 1 get 2 free," something is seriously wrong. (TruBeaut*******)

I like most women. but even seeing them days later I still think cheap beauty supply lace front wigs should be burned! thatisall! (Queen*****)

If the world could remain within a frame like a painting on a wall, I think we'd see the beauty and stand staring in awe. (Michelle*******)

Caught up on some old movies lately. American Beauty is truely a classic or maybe I can just relate better now that I am older. hm (Cchar****)

Got a wonderful Seth Thomas mechanical metronome today. It is an antique jewell! A beauty! (Genmusi*******)

So I'm watchin J. Simpson's price of beauty show on mute: a hot girl who doesn't feel hit anymore being pushed by life coaches to model? (Mikeyo*****)

Shoot with Sarah on Sunday. Trying out the new triflector and Bowens beauty dish with grid diffuser. (Tiny****)

Studio Beauty Dish/Bowens now wired in on the overhead manfrotto boom. just waiting for the beautiful faces now! (Gary****)

Damn it! screw you mega video! all i wanted to do was finish beauty and the beast! i didnt even have 20 minutes left! =[ (Joedon******)

Its so nice I have to run to the beauty supply for some avocado oil (Nessp*****)

I downloaded some free kindle books from amazon: Emma, A Rush of Wings, Poems by Emily Dickinson, Beauty & The Beast, Ivanhoe & one more :) (Enter*****)

CertifiedGhetto If you buy clothes, Gucci shades, baby clothes or watches from street venders who come in your beauty salon or barber shop (Elijah*****)

Sally beauty supply store didn't have that pink wig u wanted to where this wkd bitchgetoverit & getthefukouttaherewitthatshyt (Angela******)

Comeonppl . soo ii went to sally beauty supply . and this white gurl came and tapped me and said yur soo kyuite yu remind me of nicki minaj (Im_ke****)

Just got picked up my forbes stuff from Sally beauty going home soon (Emochi******)

Pseudo-argument with the (very nice) lady at Sally Beauty Supply before walking out w/my new razor comb. I don't cry over spilt hair, lady! (Katiev******)

Trekking across the highway iin Sioux City to Sally Beauty Supply - I'm in desperate need of new lashes (Moore*****)

Mr Pumi Pimice thingy (the purple one) from Sally Beauty kicks PedEgg ass. Get it together girls it is flip flop time! (Heather*******)

It's prom time . all the girls are coming into Sally Beauty to buy cute things. makes me wanna get all dressed up too. :( (Rhe***)

HowYouAThug but you work at Claire's.& Sally Beauty Supply on the weekends (JJ_M****)

U ever have a dude walk up 2 u in Sally Beauty supply & ask u if u wanna buy some cable? (Honey_ch*******)

Woodstock is getting a Sally Beauty Supply. For those of you not from this tiny town, that's the equivalent of a mall to us . (JordansV*******)

Just curled my hair with Sally Beauty Curlformers - boy, these things are so simple! (MBFashi******)

Thinking of going to sally beauty and buying a bunch of unnecessary crap lol (AlphaA******)

Sally beauty supply is one shitty company. thank god i don't work for them anymore. (Stella_******)

Yay Sally Beauty Supply 4 honoring extended warranty plan. Had to endure 1 nasty discussion w/1 nasty woman, but after that, smooth sailing! (AuthorTo*******)

My new job is awesome and really cool come and see me at Sally Beauty Supply it is a gorgeous store (Dianay******)

Just got my mally beauty products :D wo! i am SO excited. bulletproof baby!! (Missc****)

Lookahere Antiques & Collectibles Apparel Arts & Crafts Beauty & Fragrance Books Business (Iambar*****)

The Essence of.. Collection are minority inspired collectibles with the soror in mind. Celebrating their beauty and uniqueness. (TrinityD*******)

Bgc4: Kate; Malibu Barbie was no plastic she just wanted to have fun among some atten. whores, beauty rest vs. acting fake? ha, good deal (MindofM******)

Oh, but it's hard to stay mad when there's so much beauty an open window, someone's playing Tutti Frutti. it's a sweet summers night on .. (Acabouo*******)

Carpet cleaners coming monday- wonder how long the beauty will last! Lol (Dasia****)

Does any one read gothic beauty its a gothic clothing magazine . (Spac****)

GoodNight I'm about to roll a round naked my comfy pillow top mattress and get my beauty rest MUAH sweet DrEAMs! (HoTSu****)

A hanging lamp suspended by a silver chain. If only one link snaps, this light and beauty will perish, suggesting how fragile life is. (Sensible*******)

Beauty tip 4: Almay smart shade smart balance liquid makeup is great. it also looks very natural. (Jessel******)

Meaningful Beauty, the mystery melon extract that you keep referring to, looks suspiciously like canteloup (JZa**)

I've been cooped up for too long. I'm seriously tempted to buy Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty products. (Juliethe*******)

Has anyone heard/tried Meaningful Beauty prods? Just saw an infomercial (CrissyM*******)

Anyone have bad experience with billing from Cindy Crawfords Meaningful Beauty facial products? Let me know please. Share this w others. (Cah***)

And then the Meaningful Beauty arrives and my life is changed forever by a beauty cream! LOL! ;) (Shelb*****)

Loves watching the "Meaningful Beauty" informercial with Cindy Crawford sharing that skin care line. I wanna get that. (CicelyM*******)

I ordered Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty. seems affordable. hoping to look like her at then end of the month *winkwink*. I wonder?.. (Aries****)

Food trucks are great and all but what I'd really love is a beauty truck. Wouldn't it be great to get a quick mani downstairs at lunch? (Sydnes*****)

Winner! nude advanced eye complex voted best eye cream at the natural health beauty awards. try it and love it. (NudeSk******)

Nowplaying beauty in the world -- macy gray AND release me -- agnes. synthypop let's go apush. (Bexx****)

Cannot wait for my beauty treatment at 10Bridge on Friday. Betty Boop me up Jane (Maggi****)

S/O to Kim's beauty supply store in Cambria Heights NY on Linden BLVD. lol for makin me go elswhere for my weaves. lol (Cr8zybe*******)

Oh and I'm still natural well at least until I go to the beauty supply store (MissV*****)

I literally just went wild in the beauty supply store. Harlem, I missed you. (ShayA****)

Mhhm let's see how much I drop at the beauty supply store this time (RoQst****)

Can someone give me a name to to beauty supply store in hampton? (Shan****)

The babies let me sleep in and didnt wake up till 9! swet deals. beauty supply store n toys r us after studies!! (Itsbaj*****)

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