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Bears - USA

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60 External Comments

It's been said politics is the 2nd oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the 1st. -Ronald Reagan (NathanD*******)

It's been said that politics is the 2nd oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first. -Ronald Reagan (NathanD*******)

We read a book called "The Bernstain Bears and the Golden Rule" today. Ask your child if they remember the message of the book? (Sal***)

You are my little panda bear panda bears are rare! yes it true there no other one like you i love you yes i do! (: (HarleyQ******)

I just saw this picture that reminded me of something hilarious. "garbage kills bears!" (Salan*****)

I wish I had a personal assistant, someone to keep my life in order for me and purchase my gummy bears daily (Sizeze******)

Someone from Chicago once told me they were a huge Cubs fan. I told them that huge cubs are called . Da Bears. (Tmoney*****)

Just gotta get through tomorrow and then it's a three day weekend ending with Bears Hockey on Friday night :D (HBHg****)

Put on 2 pounds (still minus 2) convinced they're made up of gummy bears (Tishin*****)

Chris Evans as Captain America seems a dull choice. I would rather have had Krasinski. Bears, beets, beating up Red Skull. (MrCo****)

Do you know that there are certain bears (polar, grizzly) that are in a dangerous conspiracy? Another kind of bear is the MORDICAI BEAR. (Mord****)

Nabbed 2 hanging bags of Haribo Happy Cola Gummi Candy at Walgreens w/some Register Rewards I got. Chewy like Gold-Bears; odd by themselves. (Fastfo******)

Fact: Bears eat beets. Fact: Bears beats Battlestar Galactica. (Tomc***)

At: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 18:03:22 Host: landedOn CTB: /steiff-classics/classic-teddy-bears/teddy-1908-black-(ean-039454). asp (Irra***)

Yum. Mommy bought me Cake Batter ice cream with gummy bears from the ice cream parlor to make my throat better. It's helping :) (Fueledb*******)

As expected the Bears were not rewarded any compensatory draft picks for the loss of John St. Clair (MidwayIl*******)

Bears game! bears game! bears game! bears game! bears game! bears game! bears game! :d go bears! \o/ (Gate****)

Flashforward So Uncle Teddy has become as still as the bears in our Teddy Pairs new iPhone app, but he definitely wasn't as loveable. Creep! (Caved****)

It's gay ski week in Mammoth so, naturally, my brother and I are discussing the merits of bears and their Burberry. (Aig***)

If I find the person that took a collective crap in everyone's Cheerios this morning, I'm gonna punch 'em in the face. Grumpy Bears! (Htr**)

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. (I'm watching the series from the start again) /contented sigh (Idlemi*****)

Watching Care Bears with my precious girls. Glad they seem to be feeling better now. (Precio******)

I like cheese and pirates, dogs and polar bears. Support the WWF (no, it's not affiliated with the World Wrestling Federation) (Insalubr*******)

Looks like my beloved cal bears are laying a can of whoopass on louisville. Makes this check in line easier to handle! (Chopkin*******)

Prevent Safari Club International & its wealthy trophy hunters fr 2 killing polar bears in Canada 4 wall trophies & area rugs (Growl****)

Pickone jack and the beanstalk, the ginger breadman, the elves and shoemaker, puss in boots, or goldilocks and the three bears? (Greg****)

Herb4 reading Each Peach Pear Plum.'Three bears out humping, i spy baby bunting' (Honey*****)

Retro photo day w/pentax me and nikon fe; now cal vs duke go bears (DeeEl****)

I love how the Berenstain Bears have a single sharp claw coming out of the end of each one of their fingers. (HisBL*****)

Here at the crib chilling with my little girl watching the berenstain bears (Tha_Fam******)

NM I'm nowwatching Berenstain Bears on demand. Thank God for ch1 on comcast! (Jlynn****)

Why are my kids still up? And why I am watching The Berenstain Bears? (Mattpr*****)

Was surprised to learn after all these years (from my childhood) that it is not the berenstEin bears. it's berenstAin bears. (Terry****)

Dead at this Big Bertha chick on Berenstain Bears. Bertha is just a funnyass name and to add a big in front of it is even funnier. Lol. (Kenna*****)

Another night of watching cartoons that I favored a lot, when I was a little girl (up to now :D)- like Arthur and Berenstain Bears! :) (Angeli******)

I remember the days when I was little. I love Clifford, Elmo, Barney, Caillou, Maya and Miguel, Bob The Builder, Berenstain Bears. (SheFoll*******)

I havhe no clue why i'm watching the berenstain bears. . but i am. smh. (YeaH_i*****)

Good morning Berenstain Bears and Madeline! cartoon show in the morning should help on putting smile on my face for the rest of the day (Ineed****)

FYI: The Berenstain Bears Clean House occurs in some parallell beariverse where there is a baby sibling that's left alone in playpen all day (Robtwa*****)

Watching the Berenstain Bears with the little one. Love that they haven't changed since 1984! (3ca***)

There's something about the "bucking frog" ride in Berenstain Bears and the Gimme Gimmes that makes me giggle. (Lasso*****)

How come everybody on the berenstain bears has a name except brother sister mama and papa? (CokoBe******)

Watching berenstain bears: a bear country musical at the rep! (Jena****)

Haha. wow Abby. Berenstain Bears? Lol. I mean. I know its 1:44 am but is there nothing else to watch? Haha (XCaitlin*******)

If the Berenstain Bears are Jewish, shouldn't they be a lot funnier? (Billsa******)

Reading some Berenstain Bears. Berenstain Bears and the In-Crowd. And boy, are these bears "In" (Typ**)

Howyouathug an you sit criss cross apple sauce when reading a berenstain bears book (PNUTD****)

HowYouAThug an own 4 berenstain bears books. an read dem wen u go on long trips (_Sun****)

And Berenstain Bears and good ole' Barney and Sesame Street and Teletubbies and Dragon Tales!! (Shaios*****)

Hereugo Looking like Mr. Snuffleupagus & Papa Bear from the Berenstain Bears with that long ass Killer Shark Tooth Toenail (ShawnYo******)

Childrensbooktitles . " It's an iPod, Charlie Brown! " . " Slightly Green Eggs and Ham " ." The Berenstain Bears Visit a Lobbyist" (Turnerbr*******)

Didyouknow Michael Cera did the voice for Brother Bear in the series based on books The Berenstain Bears (Brend****)

I use to read all the Berenstain Bears books ! yall notice they aint r e a l names ? Momma Brother Poppa & Sister bear (CaseyL******)

Good Morning! Tune in to Channel 13 right now and get a look at Growing Up with The Berenstain Bears! (Ldcmv****)

One more page on Berenstain Bears paper then bed time! No staying up till 5am again. (Ohthatc******)

I miss reading the berenstain bears - does any1 want to read it to me tonight in bed? (ItsDann*******)

I have no idea who Lauren Conrad is, and I don't think she really designed the clothing line that bears her name at Kohl's. (Phillie******)

The Chicago Bears should go after Mike Johnson from Alabama in the 4th round (Golfan******)

Just got my first pair of Jordons in 12 years they are blue whit and orange my favorite colors cause the remind me of the chicago Bears (Chicago******)

Dominic said "she looks like a middle line backer for the Chicago bears" LOl (Jassyst******)

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