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60 External Comments

You are my little panda bear panda bears are rare! yes it true there no other one like you i love you yes i do! (: (HarleyQ******)

Do you know that there are certain bears (polar, grizzly) that are in a dangerous conspiracy? Another kind of bear is the MORDICAI BEAR. (Mord****)

Werd to my furries: who in Seattle has a bear fursuit? Needed in Vancouver. (Puss***)

Goin to bed! Had a good day! Learned a lot bout myself. Now time to talk to d-bear! (DJLad*****)

I brought Jordy bear 2 lil play cell phones that sing and light up but she still wants mine. (TIERR****)

EUR/USD is testing the base of a bear flag pattern here at 1.3530/40; below may signal another leg down in the overall decline. (TXTrus******)

Bought an original cricut for my Caity Bear - she's going to flip out when she finds out (Sweetlo******)

Mike Weir announced as first player in the field for this year's Telus Skins Game at The Westin Bear Mountain! Go Canada! (Starwoo******)

Abby is asleep in her luxury dog crate, curled up on her baby blanket: Snugga Wubba, plush dragon, hippo, bear, lufa dog- sweet puppy dreams (AbbyRo******)

Watching live cams of a hummingbird nest in California and a black bear den, with baby. This internet thingy's great, isn't it? (MsPM****)

Bare Bones by Kathy Reichs. A forensics case that links slaughtered black bear, exotic birds, a small aircraft crash, and infanticide. (Sma***)

Masters fact: Jack Nicklaus will serve as 2010 Masters honorary starter with Arnold Palmer. 'The Golden Bear' is the 8th in this role. (Vincej******)

I've decided to bite the bullet and buy the iMac. I can't eat the Big Gummy Bear. =T Now introducing the budgeting module into my life. (Andr****)

Ok. what is with all the squirrels, men in bear suits, gorillas and red jeep cherokees? Shouldn't we be dreamin of TIGERS? (Lena****)

Im watching the Andy Griffith show and there is a man on here and I believe he is the voice of Disneys Whinnie the Pooh! I love that bear! (Sparrow*******)

Watching berenstain bears: a bear country musical at the rep! (Jena****)

Hereugo Looking like Mr. Snuffleupagus & Papa Bear from the Berenstain Bears with that long ass Killer Shark Tooth Toenail (ShawnYo******)

Didyouknow Michael Cera did the voice for Brother Bear in the series based on books The Berenstain Bears (Brend****)

I use to read all the Berenstain Bears books ! yall notice they aint r e a l names ? Momma Brother Poppa & Sister bear (CaseyL******)

Gone through the mountain of baby clothes that Fleur has grown out of extremely fast. Now ready for the loft - can't bear to part with any! (Minxi****)

Is too grumpy and cynical to bear Sophie Dahl wandering around antique shops waffling on about fudge. (Grub_s*****)

The Utah Jazz Bear is lucky. he got to hang out with Nitro Circus (Amore*****)

Just wrapping up a beautiful contract for a Bear Lake property! Great Sellers and awesome Buyers! Gotta love a transaction this smooth! (Kristi******)

Tonight's Bear Pond event? Great. Thanks to Claire & Pat with Bear Pond; Michael with Random House; and Meg with the Barre Women's Shelter. (ChrisBo*******)

Was it me orr. did the statue at the beginning bear a striking resemblance to Inubis.. (he's the dog-faced god right?) anyway. (GreenZo*******)

My ASD kid decided to carry the class goldfish around classroom today, holding aquarium like a teddy bear. wish I could have seen my face (Flourish*******)

The walls in my study now bear 13.2 metres of new shelves. God knows I needed the space. Very nice pinewood smell, too :-) (Szeg***)

I look like a guinee pig, guy looks like a lamb, britt looks like a koala bear, and Michael looks like a kitty:) Hahaha (Oshrw*****)

Howyouathug when you sleep with a Teddy bear in a baby blue room with captain underpants sheets? (Evet***)

That one over there looks like a propane tank. or uhh, a gummy bear. (Mickey******)

Its so funny! Bear loves sitting on the recliner with me watching the action on my computer screen. lol (Marl****)

In a twin daybed with Liberty, praying a stuffed polar bear isn't a rapist. There's RHPS crap all over the walls. Only my ex's family. (SiminyC******)

To all effects, Light is a propagandist and a demagogue - his arguments aren't supposed to bear close examination. (Vashtifa*******)

Back to work on Illustrator homework today. Switched a Bear for a Velociraptor. Bears are a threat. (Metal*****)

Fozzie Bear chewed right thru another leather collar. he is such a bad doggie. thank goodness he is so cute!! (Ideati******)

Fix something: Student knit hiccups. Clean something: Text for bear pattern. Give/toss: Nothing. Busy teaching, making ads &writing pattern. (Colo****)

Btw, my father is like big kid. He book usa silver eagle coin, huge coin (like bear nose) and when I asked 'why' he said 'I don't know". (Karenf*****)

Seven hours to public humiliation: bear head, leather jacket, tambourine, spastic dancing, and a ladder. Go Semi-Fierce Bears! (BecomeI*******)

Top 5 fav. sneakers.. infrared 6's air griffey freshwater copper/eggplant foam's white cement 4's 3 bears "papa bear" sb's. (ImNotCh*******)

I've seen pieces of lichen which are more intelligent than Baroness Warsi. I can't bear the woman! (Mjb***)

I'm at Big Bear as of right now. :D What a cool day, but a terrible car drive. (Wase****)

We fold em. We mold em.. Someone should a told em . Big bear popa bear run this jungle .. Steped on like little grapes lol (G_HOU****)

I will give a candy, a cookie and a big bear hug to the person that teachs me how to skate :D (Nanaduma*******)

Omg! The only thing this big bear is wearing is a leaf over his loins. (Soulfo*****)

A bed, good friends, sunflower seeds and a milky way. Big bear ! No bust please :) (Vinniero*******)

Apple valley hesperia big bear medical marijuana delivery (must have recomendation) medex collective760-6-80 all patients get a lighter (MEDEXCOL*******)

So excited right now!! An old work buddy of mine came in2 my work 2night. haven't seen him in 4 yrs! So surprised. gave him big bear hug! (Awesome*******)

Going to Big Bear Cali with my wonderful fianacee' spending the night in an amazing suite with a jacuzzi in the room! (Blove*****)

Just got to big bear blahh! Now i'm bored and my ipod just died Dx (JessicaN*******)

Client gives me a big bear hug and the back goes crunch. oops. almost killed by kindness. (Thistlem*******)

I miss my friend so much when i see him im going to give him a big bear hug!! :) (2n2me_*****)

Going to big bear tomorrow. :D i'm ready to party. But for now, i'll just get my eyebrows done ;P (_rikki*****)

Snowboarding + big bear cabin + handles = party all night all weekend!! (Dennisn*******)

Georgeous day over L. A. from the plane. Never seen it so clear, beautiful and smog-free, from Big Bear Lake all the way to LAX (DavidO******)

The sensational six are converging on big bear. That city has no idea whats about to happen. (Nanan*****)

Heading up to big bear for the weekend, I'm so excited and noyvous, I hope I don't get loose stools. Oh gawd, speak of the devil! (AndyA****)

Big Bear from California joined the Purpll community.. welcome Big! (Purpl*****)

Dare was to give me a big bear hug :D hehehe. anyways i could like him again but idk .. (BiebersR*******)

So stressed out I could cry. And I probably will be when I get home. I need a big bear hug. (Cameron******)

Trip to Big Bear Lake? Highway 330 closed above Highland until June! Use Waterman Av,18 to Crestline then Running Spgs and on to Big Bear. (Villagea*******)

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