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60 External Comments

Finally put a new battery for my wall clock in my room. I don't even know the last time it worked :) haha (Okkina*****)

Piece of shit battery in my wall clock only lasted 5 years.. anyone have an AA? (RIPke*****)

Forgot my laptop charger at home. stupid Macbook Pro battery life! I'll only have about 2hrs before this thing runs out. FU~ (LOLw****)

Things to pack for the regional: camera, extra battery, hand sanitizer, water bottle, safety glasses, side shields, drinking game. (Space****)

Don't miss! hp - compaq presario cq61-206tx laptop battery. (replacement) by powerwarehouse. com (Laptop******)

Is looking for a cheap motorola razr V3XX , it doesnt matter if it works, has a battery, or charger (Codyl*****)

Gettin my battery and charger for my airsoft gun so I can use it and its going to be so sick im shoot mad shit can't wait (Shock****)

Got my p90 airsoft gun and have to get a battery and chager so I can use it I can't wait (Shock****)

Tracked~& I find another tool-Battery operated Microwave detector for testing the microwave oven cool. Honey say's let me in Dan & push's me (Richie*****)

Has the best video idea EVER. Just needs my digital camera battery replaced :( (Razpber*******)

Looks like the PSP Action Replay is a Pandora battery bundled with their own Cheat program. PSP-10/20 only. (TheChri******)

Opteka battery pack grip / vertical shutter release for canon eos digital rebel xs, xsi and t1i with 2 lp-e5 batteries (3600 mah total) (Opte****)

Had a very odd dream last nigh. Also, I woke up and my phone had died, although it was charging all night. :/ put a new battery in it. so. (KyleD****)

Has relocated to play on the mobile again. Is there a way to make sure the battery never dies? (Lexelled*******)

Boo! Dead battery on laptop. Need to finally make the call on that netbook. :/ (GenaM*****)

My cell phone battery has been dead for three days. Clearly I value my need to communicate. (KLE***)

I only have 12 minutes battery live on mac ugh. Where's the damn charger? (MeganL*****)

Well the good news is i don't have to buy a new car battery, just hopefully need to clean the terminals :) (Squi***)

My zune battery is about to die and I'm nowhere near my charger. :-( (MoonM*****)

Found out the hard way my cell's battery totally crapped out on me yesterday. Gotta run by Verizon today. (KenJ***)

I think my wall clock's battery is gettin low its saying 8:20 when its clearly 8:30 (Deuce_******)

My phone is low. my eyes are low. everything are low. so low. i need a charge like a battery (Novitaa*******)

Good Afternoon tweeps :) need to ressurect my bb. battery's been dead since yesterday evening (BossLa*****)

My last wewantSHINee . my cellphone's battery is dying *sobs**sigh* (Dya**)

What did I learn last night? Among other things I learned that if you leave the running lights on in a rental car that the battery will die. (Jsh***)

Screen black right after logging in-can't see desktop, acts like in power save/sleep mode, but it's not. Had 2 take battery out & use cord (Hawkeye******)

Oh yeah! Found my spare phone battery, cleaners didn't have it after all! (LSul***)

Stack of 52 bluebooks in front of me. sometimes this job stinks, but its better than being a battery engineer. (OhNoAGin*******)

Yay! I went to service my mac and they changed the battery and hard disk! From 80gb to 160gb! :D luckily too cos AppleCare dies in May! (Ian_so_******)

After their announcement on iPad cases, drooling over Vaja cases in general. If only my phone didn't need a battery case. (Tomfr****)

Holy crap!! I've got AT&T 3G service at my desk!! And it has only been two years since it was first promised!! There goes my battery life :P (Azur****)

Dear Sandra Bullock: Your dude cheated on you with a slut who has a facial tats. I think it's time for a full battery of STD exams. (Ellag*****)

Random fact of the day: There is a positive and a negative terminal on a dry cell battery. (DexterMo*******)

Who has a new nerf gun, poster. duct tape & laptop battery?. thiis girl! (Itsl***)

The kids yelled, "Kids versus adults!" as Girly Girl snuck away with the other Vulcan, a battery operated, chain fed, automatic Nerf gun. (MissAmb*******)

Had immense fun with the Bowens and battery pack this morning, can't wait to get on with the processing :) (LizHens*******)

Fellow togs, thanks for your help in my hunt for a portable battery and radio slaves. Going w/ the Vagabond and Bowens brands. (Lnweath*******)

Fun is running down Wood Lane in the rain to the Apple Shop with a Mac that's installing Snow Leopard and running out of battery. (Foxy****)

Bum. My laptop battery isn't charging, I have a gazillion deadlines and I'm 32 miles away from the nearest Apple shop. (Goz***)

I got a lipo battery and a brushless system for my traxxas rustler (rc) (Austinfa*******)

Finished dynamic foamy zero. nano fighter auw 14 grams without battery. used hobby city 7500kv 1s brushless set up 3/2 prop 40 grms thrust! (Wru***)

I just post samsung tl220 dualview 12mp digital camera w/4.6x wide angle optical zoom bigvalueinc accessory saver 4gb battery bundle on htt (Janitrag*******)

Was trimming my beard. battery of my razor finished in between. Charging it again. . My face is looking really funny now. lol (Shaanh*****)

Why yes gorgeous best buy girl, I do need help finding a battery for my dog's shock collar! (Georget*******)

My "theft-proof" camera bag came today. It's big enough to hold my camera, wide-angle lens, spare battery, spare memory card and portable HD (Lpsi****)

What happens when you mix steel wool and a 9 volt battery? fireworks! (Jordan******)

Factoid 1: A 9-volt battery contains roughly the same amount of kinetic energy as a bowl of Lucky Charms. (Uncle****)

Ok item 1 of "50 dangerous things you should let your kid do" is now completed. We have both licked a 9 volt battery. Ouch. (Cupr***)

What's a 9 volt battery and a women's arsehole got in common ? You know it's wrong but sooner or later your gonna touch it with your tongue. (Songwri*******)

Nerdy piece of Jamie info for this weekend: I got a new fuse and 9-volt battery for my multi-meter; it's now working perfectly again. (Jami***)

Has successfully created a vibrator out of a flashlight, 9-volt battery, duct tape and the rumble motor of a broken game controller ;) (Strike******)

Thankful for the extra 9 volt battery we had to make the fire alarm stop chirping at 5:30am. (Mayas*****)

SMHyoureghetto your ever touch your tongue wit a 9 volt battery. shock yo stupid ass (Ya_Hig******)

I have to find a 9 volt battery, 10+ volcano tacos & 2 unmentionables for Exodus and crew before somehow filling my tank and hitting Bmore! (Khat***)

This battery backup has a lead acid battery? Really? I wonder if I could build an inverter and hook a car battery up to it. (Tigor****)

Pleased to find out UPS isn't broken, just a flat battery. Anyone got a charger I can use to charge the original 12V lead acid battery? (Bal***)

After some research into building my own lead-acid battery portable footlights, maybe I just need to use rechargeable flashlights. (Busted******)

So i have enough now for an Alien Bee. Now to save up for the battery pack and softbox. anyone need a shoot? (Pixe****)

Had lunch with dad, bought headphones, started recharging scooter battery. Productive day, so far! (Ter***)

After being gone 2 1/2 wks, I'm charging up the scooter battery & planning a ride. Hope it doesn't take too long. (TRom****)

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