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Baseball - USA

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60 External Comments

Anybody like baseball?! I got St Louis Cardinals Tickets for the low! (Tre4****)

Big & rich country music autograph signed t shirt, st louis cardinals baseball jacket, us navy, chevy corvette, john cena shirt (Daxd****)

Hey all. I'm watching 30 30 on MLB network. They are on the stinky st Louis cardinals right now. Oh well any baseball is good baseball now (Zbull*****)

Hm ice hockey, poutine, Crown Royal, ufc, baseball, good weather, great mates-life's treating me well in Vancouver again! (Simonec*******)

The Auburn Tigers play the Georgia Bulldogs in baseball March 19th & you can hear it all on Eagle 102.3 with coverage beginning at 6:30 EST (Eagle****)

If you're looking for a sports-euphamism for sex, why use baseball? Golf is so much more appropriate. (Sammah******)

I found out golf is harder than I thought. one more to play baseball. my mothr talkin about "wait so I cn play wit u" hell no. im sle (Smilz****)

As a baseball nomad since the Expos left town, I've decided to adopt contraction cousins, The Minnesota Twins as my 2010 MLB season (Neil***)

Buck up people. There was good news yesterday. Joe Mauer signed with the Minnesota Twins for 8 years! Twins baseball will be great! (Dav***)

Way to go Joe Mauer and the Minnesota Twins for locking up a new 8-year deal. Twins have to be the best organization in baseball, right? (Joshb****)

No Ike Davis for Opening Day, now what do us Met fans have to look forward too? Murphy is a joke of a baseball player, cmon now (NickS****)

Am I the only 1 cracking up bc the guy on the corner holding a great clips sign is wearing a baseball cap? (Eterna*****)

It's snowing outside but I will enjoy watching my boy play baseball at the Bo Jackson Dome in Lockport. Fake Summer today, huh? (PureWa******)

Watching Bryce Harper hits 502ft baseball home run in the 2009 Power. the ball speed and the high is so amazing (Riy***)

Plus Bryce Harper is starting to tear up the SWAC. The John Wall of baseball. He is on the watch list for Golden Spikes in our backyrd vegas! (702hea*****)

It appears no one really wants to play baseball today. ballstate has another error and Notre Dame gets two more, leads 11-3 through four (Tedca****)

Ballstate baseball trails Notre Dame 9-2 after three innings. The Irish scored six runs in the second inning (Dn_sp****)

Chipper jones is just one of those guys that all baseball fans should respect, even if ur a mets fan (JoeBo****)

Besides wanting to be derek jeter, chipper jones is high on the list of what prof baseball players I would want to be (JoeBo****)

Yep! baseball and serious rock'n roll go together - think of the great songs players come to bat with- example: chipper jones (crazy train) (Batsp*****)

From the same Tribune "baseball expert" who brought you Chris "Willie Mays" Young. it's Max "Mickey Mantle" Kepler. (CSNChi_*******)

LAST Q: Which of these people is a famous baseball player? A: (c) Mickey Mantle (PeteCarr*******)

Which of these people is a famous baseball player? (a) Rasheed Wallace (b) Andre Agassi (c) Mickey Mantle (d) Frank Kerrigan (PeteCarr*******)

This Day in Baseball: (1985) Commissioner Peter Ueberroth reinstates Hall of Famers Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays (casino employment) (Cubfa*****)

Nothing is better than watching baseball teams throwing punches, like in a Black Dahlia Murderer or Bring Me The Horizon concert (Scarsdi******)

Sage Hill baseball falls apart in seventh, giving up four runs and losing, 4-1, to Oxford Academy today at Sage Hill. (SteveV*****)

Dat biitch natalielooklike she play baseball witt dat chin. lol. dat shyt stand tall like da statue ov liberty in nyc! (C4tha****)

Baseball This Morning with Holden & Dibble from 7-10 on XM 175/Sirius 210. Guests include Billy Ripken at 8:35 and Doc Gooden at 9:35. (ATLnS*****)

Hosting Baseball This Morning with Dibble from 7-10 on Sirius-XM. Guests include Billy Ripken at 8:35 and Doc Gooden at 9:35. (Holden*****)

San Francisco Giants have the best record in all of baseball in spring training. Need I say more?! (Michae******)

Spring trainin for the San Francisco Giants! Whoo! Baseball season! : P (ShyAn*****)

This kid brings a soccer ball 2 every baseball practice. Next time I'm bringing a knife & when he hits me again Ima slice that damn ball up (Jackie*****)

Looking forward to taking in live baseball today at 3 at 22 Western Kentucky visits Murray State. MSU has scored in 17 straight innings! (Nealbr*****)

Dearfuturehusband i don't want you so if you get near me i'll beat you with a baseball bat, golf club and hockey stick (Violetv*******)

Yippee! Just bought tickets to Gay day at Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs. baseball) with Lee and all of our lesbian buddies. July 19th baby! (Nerdy****)

Listening to Chicago Cubs at Texas. MLB 2010. What a great app for a baseball fan! (Lareu****)

Countdown 2 Redhawk baseball! We need to sell out every home game just like the Chicago Cubs! Free shaved ice for every kid on opening day! (Hotdo****)

Does anyone remember the Apple II E.. 8" floppy disks.. I remember playing Jeopardy, Frogger, Pac Man, Computer Baseball (86food4*******)

A bull horn a dog whistle a whisle or a dog whisle things to consider Baseball season. (Srsol****)

Is Joba the most overrated pitcher in baseball? As a starter, yes. As a reliever/future closer? No. It's Hughes' time to dev. in the rotation. (Andy_Ba******)

Horns are playing tape delayed baseball on Fox Sports SW. Eager to see if they edited out my pitcher saying 'shit' in postgame interview (Tdugge*****)

Baseball: Pitching change -- Byrd in for South Alabama. 12th pitcher we've seen tonight. Lions on 1st and 2nd, 1 out, bottom 8th. 5-5. (Sluath******)

Going to redo my Baseball wall, Carlton is on the left, Hamels on the right, my WS 08 Pennant in the middle, need a few more things. (LordVa******)

Baseball practice over. Bout 2 leave the Chevron with Allison. Text Me! (Mike___*******)

On the way, very tired and I have cotton mouth. Another baseball game tomorrow. GO KNIGHT!! (LShe***)

Getting geared up for baseball. Just LMAO watching Braves skipper Cox getting ejected 2 seconds after arguing a call (youtube). He rawks. (Tgar****)

Meeting the mets this morning. meh. go phillies! go tigers! baseball is less than 2 weeks away! stoked! (Unfr****)

Lloyd is on the travel team! He went down to Visalia today to play bean bag baseball against an opposing old folks home :-) (Sapk***)

Weekend starts now, meaning hs bball. mens baseball and softball. Already tired! (Alyssa*****)

The MVNU baseball and softball games slated for today have been postponed due to the weather. (MVNU_C******)

Ready for some Asheville Tourists baseball. Even though they're pretty bad, it's always fun to go to the games. (Buckchar*******)

Long shot this baseball season. watch out for the cleveland indians (Meatb*****)

Baseball practice at 415 then home to do hw and chill. text me after 530 if ud like :) (XFollowB*******)

Going to my brothers baseball game I'm gonna take my dsi to play cuz I get really bored (Am_**)

I want a Cleaveland Indians baseball jersey if that still exist and a Ducks ice hockey one. I have a Jersey Devils baseball one. :) (Trolli******)

The uniform of the Boston kid that ruins any bar? bootcut jeans, north face fleece, crooked wornout baseball hat. they appear in droves (Seem***)

Up and at them! Today: class, renew passport, class, class, lunch with Bauer, Weight Watchers, donate plasma, baseball game w/Derek, party. (Toryhal*******)

But never wear a baseball cap with a leather jacket, it'll make you look like your from the A-Team. (Elimc*****)

I just saw black man in black leather pant. s a black leather jacket, a black leather button down shirt, a black leather baseball cap, black (RayonRi******)

Great evening for a Mississippi State baseball game. Bring a jacket. it'll be a little cool. (FBC**)

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