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60 External Comments

I put a pewter platter back on the shelf at Pottery Barn, left the store & didnt cry! ;) (Trudy*****)

I wish I was a gibbon, wolf, penguin, termite, lobster, swan, french angel fish, whale, beaver, prairie vole or a barn owl. (Melis****)

Should I shop at Dress-Barn or Sears? Get bunch of stuffed animals for my bed? (Scuba****)

First thing my Mom says to me when she gets home: "I found some things I thought you'd like at Dress Barn." Do I look 50 to you!? (Sariefi*******)

It's my birthday, how did I end up in Dress Barn waiting on my wife? (Artsi*****)

Dress Barn sounds like a shop for plus size women. Who came up with that name? (Mrmc****)

Yes im from wi. do i get my clothes from the dress barn? no! what the hell is the dress barn? lol (A_TALL_******)

The Cashier at Dress Barn asked me if I wanted to open a charge and then was like "oh you're probably not old enough. are you 18 dear?" (JanineJ******)

Loves looking in the mailbox and seeing I have received a new Pottery Barn Kids mag! (Owensm******)

I would LOVE to style the Pottery Barn kids catalog, especially the parties they feature. seems like a happy place :) (Couture*******)

Just hung up some shelves in my kitchen and . it's looking very pottery barn-esque. To some that would be an insult but I'm OK with it. (Art_****)

Pottery Barn. You're playing Cher while I fold towells and arrange jewlery boxes. This is the gayest place to work at ever. (Konr****)

So while sitting on a sofa at pottery barn I had a man ask me where he could find the linens. Ya I'm in jeans and a tshirt! (Bitsy****)

Road trip to elsinore pottery barn kids outlet to get the kids a desk! Can u say traffic haha (Acla****)

So I went out with hubby home shopping in pottery barn it was so nice (Meera*****)

Saw ethanol supporter Chad Greenway yesterday in Pottery Barn! (Jkro****)

Pottery barn discontinued the quilt I wanted. NOO! Oh well, today is still going to be a good day :). (Alyssa*****)

Too bad we don't have Pottery Barn here. huks.(walo klopun ada cuma liat2 doang. hihihihi) (Namak*****)

Why did Sinbad always have a Pottery Barn Leopard print towel on his shoulder?? celebrity apprentice (Kati****)

New life goal: to get the exact playlists played at pottery barn, einsteins, and restoration hardware (Dha**)

Operation Copycat Pottery Barn in full effect. So far, so good. (ErinVe******)

Subbing, interview at pottery barn, dr's appointment, collapse. (Lucy_a_******)

Well I just got the news from Pottery Barn and they decided to go with another canidate. (Kennym******)

Dems must live by pottery barn rule: h-c is yours! break it, you buy it. forever! we will hold you accountable for everything! karma!! (Kega***)

We're in a pottery barn outlet and my mom looks like a child that is in disneyworld for the first time. (Yoursce*******)

Went to Pottery Barn. Wasn't going to buy anything. Bought new pillow for bedroom & two sets of dishes. And I restrained myself. (SteffC*****)

Have realized I have Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrell taste on an Ikea ad Target budget. *sigh* I'll get there one day, right?? (Katiero******)

Getting our models ready for the Pottery Barn bridal event. should be a great night! (Ginaa*****)

Demographic attack! A Pottery Barn catalog just showed up, unbidden, addressed to me. This does not bode well. (Seth***)

Errands. Pottery barn and the mall. Starbucks is a MUST with this rainy mess!! (Nashvil******)

We are at Pottery Barn in SouthPark Mall. I need to sign up with & start using Foursquare. (Ipo***)

Perfect day: sunny. dresses. pottery barn shopping. dylan made dinner. staying into. dylanerin lost weekend :) (Bootwo*****)

I just walked into more of a couple infiltrated hell than pottery barn (KidRo****)

Devos whip it playing in pottery barn. It can't be that old already can it? (Insp****)

Looking at Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn catalogs makes me want lots of money. I want pretty shelves and stuff. :( (Colin_*****)

Imthekindofperson who uses curly willow, vases, candles, & art to decorate. i LOVE Z Gallerie, Pottery Barn, Pier 1, & Target. (Prad****)

How did the hour just passed? Damn you Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware Home Catalogs. (Roxofsp******)

A high of 100 F today. The heat has hit Dubai, along with Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn and The Sizzler. (Dubai_*****)

I could spend HOURS on pottery barn kids and the new F21 kids Web sites. Adorable kid stuff is so awesome! (Abbey****)

Huh. one of my DELIGHTFUL children has apparently unscrewed the knob from our Pottery Barn floor lamp, and now it is nowhere to be found, (Chattyc******)

See student photos on display at the Photo Club Expo, 11 a. m. - 1 p. m., CCBC Catonsville, Barn Theater. (CCB***)

I can no longer reach the Barn Owl cam. Internet Explorer crashes every time I try, no matter the method. I don't know what happened. (Heynonn******)

UGH! Gross! Watching a live webcam of a barn owl eating something. I don't think she likes being watched. I think an egg has partly hatched. (Sta***)

Hitting the hay! I just tried salt water taffy. its DELISH! I def recommend-bulk barn has it :) goodnight . dreams every1 xoxo (Ms_Co*****)

Shoutout to Bath & Body Words/White Barn Candle/Partylite for keeping my apartment smelling fresher than *insert ignant reference here* (KDW***)

The animals have settled into their new home in the Jolly Barn so come and pay them a visit. (FollyFa*******)

The sufjan song was "Barn Owl, Night Killer" - now Calder Quartet is on stage with Clogs. (Carsono******)

Kitchen canisters Pottery Barn Pantry Kitchen Canisters Set Of 2 ;O (CarPart******)

Spent the afternoon in a barn with my mother, cats, and the elderly making a stained glass window i lead a thrilling life (Jacki****)

Cow feeding takes place at the Crown Dairy Barn at 10:30! Head to the Farm-in-the-Zoo Presented by John Deere to join in the fun. (Visi****)

Same Van Nordens from Rye that built 1907 Carriage House & Zebra barn had beautiful cabin in Catskills-appreciated conservation of New York (Jayher*****)

Y is everybody that works for Hampton university so angry wit life and mean to the students, people ant the library, cafe, and whipple barn (Aik**)

Ran to Blockbuster to return Monsters Inc & The Barn Yard. Matt has seen more movies this week than I have in my entire life! (AbbyMc*****)

Does anyone want to go to potery barn kids with me? i have to get a canopy. (Zachry******)

Our Detroit team has built from scratch the coolest multi-touch screen. Literally constructing it in a barn. Post coming soon. (Cbr***)

Will you still be working at the yarn barn? Because i hear that's a really good place to raise children. (Ohla***)

But I did find out they're going to tear down our barn and the chicken coop/cat house. (Allflesh*******)

Growing up so fast! Picked up bens bedding at pottery barn for his very own first big boy room, then Andy & I dined at madeo. beyond full! (Lisab****)

Moments before the kerfuffle Pottery Barn called me to say not enough ppl have bought gifts fr our registry+that they were concerned. Um.? (Lunatic*******)

In related news, I'm never going to the Pottery Barn outlet with my mom again unless she promises to have everything delivered. (PBAm****)

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