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60 External Comments

The loudest dog bark was 124 dB by 76 dogs in an event organised by Petmate, in Washington Park, Colorado, USA on 7 November 2009. (GWRn***)

On the third swing the axe broke through the bark, revealing the trapped rainbow. It was still vibrant. The lumberjack would win this battle (SpookySh*******)

Amitheonlyone who puts a shock collar on my dog. then sits in front of him n dare him to bark??!!?? (Killac*****)

Lol i'm having to much fun watchin my dog wit his *brand new shock collar!* -i dare u 2 bark now niga! (Killac*****)

I was standing on the corner when i heard my bull dog bark! aww shiit NowPlaying Staga Lee - Geno D *skullin* (Elo***)

Crateva L. - The bark is used to wash clothes while the wood-chips are made into a moderately strong and poorly water resistant hardboard. (Prot***)

Thapsia garganica - A resin is extracted with alcohol from the bark of the root. (Prot***)

Upon wounding, all parts, but especially the bark, exude an aromatic resin that can be used as a varnish after dilution with turpentine. (Prot***)

Schefflera elliptica - The bark is employed as a bechic, the resin as a vulnerary. (Prot***)

Is it wrong to bark instructions my 3 year old while he plays mario kart? He's winning but then mucks about cause he wants mario to catchup! (MattB*****)

Justicia adhatoda - Leaves, roots, flowers and bark are used in folk medicine. (Prot***)

Watching Buster Brown bark at the red necks across the street. I don't like their music either pup. Tell 'um! (Panty****)

I got a 1lb sample of small dog food & I'm using tons of it as reward when the dogs dont bark in home. Small container leftover. (Kimhal******)

Lots of unanswerable mysteries today. Why don't penguins bark? Why aren't action figures fully poseable? Why is there a fork in my pocket? (I_Cr****)

Twenty-five wives in the lake tonight, raw bark in the water of the marble shrine! Twenty five snakes pour out your eyes. (BrianD*****)

Colleague just asked me if I was sleeping with the boss. I said not since he asked me to wear a dog collar and bark. That shut him up. (Charl*****)

Ensete ventricosum - The bark has been used for starch, minerals, vitamins. (Prot***)

Tri tronics bark limiter g3 replacement battery for electronic dog collar (Dogsuppl*******)

Aspirin originally came from the bark of a willow tree. Quinine, the cure for malaria, comes from the bark of Cinchona trees. (BORI****)

Just heard from a member of our boxer rescue group. and the new issue of Bark Magazine it out, and my dog is in it! (CalicoCa*******)

Things the loaner dog has eaten: grass, bark, pebbles, paper, toast, carrot, cheese, stickers, polly pocket's shoe, poop, cheerio, string. (Shriek*****)

Ah, jay beagle. i remember i used to bark at him sometimes in wbs (Bra***)

Nonquotes "Hold on kids, a distant bugle and the bark of hounds? What does this mean?" Basil Brush (Dotco*****)

It's a 'Pet Safe Bark Controller' that makes a high pitched noise whenever a dog barks. Very discreet, looks like a bird house. (Robo****)

Youmightwannastop wearing them plasticc asz baby doll shoes. they startingg to bark. (Floo_s******)

Faintly orange chimes bark sadly, falcons seduce, dark dragon springs, cloud seeks (Loydte*****)

Grilled tofu burgers with soy cheese and aspen bark buns. Damn! That's just disgusting to think about. (Dragon******)

Bark! FCN2010 rocks the house 80s style! We found Waldo, he's in the dealer's room. I have not seen this many boom boxes since 8th grade. (Rifk****)

Is your mastiff big enough to keep crime away? My dogs just bark at it. (Rctoypa*******)

My plan to rid Rat was to open door, Rat ran outside as I opened it, dog chased it, squeak, squeak went dogs' anti bark collar woof went dog (Alexiss*******)

I had 2 get out of bed & go 2 Asda after 11 last night for a battery for hounds anti bark collar (makes a noise to distract him) (ShortyM*******)

OK drifter. your not going to be drifting 4 much longer lol. Has she picked out a coller for you yet lol. Maybe an anti bark 1. (Honeyb******)

Get your bark on today at The Dog Bowl at The Cotton Bowl, 1-5 p. m. /via // we'll be there! (Dfwcre*****)

As one football stadium implodes another explodes with wagging tails. Get your bark on today at The Dog Bowl at The Cotton Bowl, 1-5 p. m. (Fair****)

We used the anti bark collar on our last choclate lab during our kids naptime bc she was a HORRIBLE barker. It worked GR8. (Cmol***)

Left the house once today to buy the dog a bark collar. I think I'm going to test it on myself first. I don't believe in testing on animals. (Alexis*****)

Lol naw tht one funny too but the one where the dog puts the bark collar on the man and steals his doritos lol lol (Cocaco******)

Date at the driving range went better than before;). just bought Oscar a bark collar; we're not even home & I already feel bad:( (Alison*****)

Bark collar has been bought. For his sake I hope it works - or Charlie will be finding a new home (Ashley2a*******)

Had to break out the bark collar for chewie. He does not look happy but hasn't barked yet. I feel bad but it has to be done. (Xtal****)

I bought Peaches a bark collar, and she has NOT used it yet. She automatically started behaving the day it arrived at the house! Smart dog! (Jollyam******)

Ariaasark ariaaquotes right now consider if you have to use a bark collar to shock your dog you should not have a dog:) (AriaaJ*****)

Plan for today: print out bark collar options to tape to my upstairs neighbor's door (Hanna*****)

Note to self: citronella bark collar battery is dead. Must remedy asap. ;-) (Jorgen******)

Argh! Wish the dog would STOP the random barking. Gonna buy a citronella bark collar. Anyone try this before? (Kadou****)

Thanks! He may not survive the week. I'm ready to buy a bark collar. Ugh. Baby will now only sleep on my chest. (Soulful*******)

Threatening my dog with a no-bark collar if he keeps this barking/howling up. (Photoc*****)

My dog needs a bark collar. i can only take so much shrill barking. haha. (Margo*****)

Do not ever put a bark collar on your own neck and say "hello!" i just saved you all a lot of pain. (Kathleen*******)

About to go buy a bark collar for the only dog that actually barks, JUST IN CASE and to show I'm taking measures. (Robo****)

Had a productive day. Now eating homemade cheesecake & watching the dogs bark at the goats =) I love my life! Can't wait 'til Sunday! (MichiR******)

Bark bark! remember to drop by! not-so silent auction, 4pm to 6pm today in the smg atrium, 595 commonwealth ave (Sarah*****)

Turn left! my friend told me you can get sat nav with a dalek voice so it could actually bark "turn left!" at you :l i want one :d (Fred***)

Leafless tree - bare trunk / catches the eye - copper bark / curls, peels like gold foil (Vlr**)

My dog just ran to the kitchen to bark down the ice maker. Gotta love it. (Kell***)

The sounds of evening in mpls: airplane rush hour, fire truck sirens alternating with police car sirens, the occasional bark, a car alarm. (Susan****)

Installed pet door for doxies to go out and do their thing. but cat figured it out while dogs bark at evil flap door (DynCorp_*******)

Yes, I bark a lot, too. But all the critters know that I have Invisible Fence. So they stay on the other side. (Maggi*****)

Got together with some of my fellow agents (Kathy, Crystal and Amy) to make dog biscuits to sell at the Bark for Life. They brought. (KeelyAn******)

No moose is weird he can touch mom but if she moves and touches him gr bark gr etc (BaronV******)

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