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60 External Comments

A monkey-shaped coin bank made out of a coconut has better usability design than our new Panasonic microwave. Guess which gets returned. (Juliad*****)

Woah. So who wants to go to Monster Jam tonight at the Interest Bank Arena? :D (Jwilli*****)

OH: 7yo to 5yo, watching Monster Jam, "What monster truck do you want to drive?" 5yo: "The Diaper Bank Monster Truck!" WIN! (DADiap******)

It looks good and happy to say it didn't break the bank either! Can't find a nautical themed table lamp for a reasonable price though. (Larger******)

I wonder if all those parents who paid bank for zhu zhu pets this Christmas regret it yet. (Ilovewol*******)

We can help you get Bank accounts, credit cards, auto loans, personal loans, utilities, rent apartments , cell phones (go to our website) (Newcred******)

It is almost midnight. Have to try to relax, if I am not working - then should enjoy staying up. Will go to Nevada Job Bank tomorrow. (Vegasjo*******)

Seriously considering FELT bike -- any thoughts? Welcome suggestions.(and looking for advice on good road bikes that wont break the bank (Melbo****)

Best get away from a bank robbery is to have scuba gear in your getaway car then drive the car into of a cliff into the ocean and your out. (Bushy*****)

Hahaha if it was a disaster I got a jack hammer powered by duracell for those concrete walls at the bank (Doogie******)

At work making bank going to metro pcs job fair tomorrow check it out on craigs list! (Fr3e****)

Dearfuturewife I will have a bank account you dont know about. You buying gucci shoes is not going to pay for Jr. To go to college (Young****)

Received USB thumb drive with new digital certificate from St George Bank, it is 64MB, did not think they made them that small still! (GavincB******)

Considering buying the MObama doll fr Danbury Mint it'll go well w/my Obama bobblehead bust of Mao piggy bank, & Soviet leader nesting dolls (Petitem******)

Impressed with Town of Oakville, Halton Region & Prov. gov't in helping me solve a small biz problem. Bank of Montreal is another story! (B2bspec******)

My experience with Bank of Montreal today will result in my ceasing to do business with them. Their service and empathy sucked! (B2bspec******)

Bank of montreal aims to add branches, buy us banks - businessweek (Hawde*****)

Only diamond bridal rings at Kay Jewelers are on sale. Going to keep the money in my bank for now. No sense buying one today. (TheA***)

Can't wait to go to the DMV for a student loan, a bank loan, heart surgery and a new Camaro. (Samish*****)

If you have an Ironstone Bank close, try them. They were 1.5 points lower than the next lowest for our new building. (RickG*****)

This is provided by an international bank is widely recognized. - (Toer***)

Boa bank of america merrill lynch rated no. 1 for online customer service in auto financing - top trade publication praises auto elend. (Broker*****)

Coming soon! a 3 bedroom 1 bath single family bank owned fixer in the city of san fernando. great location! call or email for more info. (Cabrini******)

Anglo irish bank some staff getting pay rises for having additional qualifications. My taxes! (Emmeto*****)

Of Germany's 30 largest companies (including Deutsche Bank, BMW and Volkswagen) only one (Siemens) has a woman on its management board (24do***)

The line at the bank just now was as long as the line for Space Mountain. plus one dog. (Jillian*******)

Bank owned MLS comment: small propane tank used for gas dryer only; heat source of former occupants unknown. In Wisconsin, really? (Bgoh***)

On my way to the bank and beauty supply store. on moves by myself (SugarSo******)

Twins-DBacks World Series would make me bank if I bet each to win the pennant. It seems at least possible, right? (EVold****)

Defending test case for bank against claim that credit card agreement is unenforceable due to tiny technicaility. Waiting for judgement now. (Advo***)

Bad: Car's stereo decided it was time to retire. Good: New one is AWESOME. (Hope this concludes Toys Week before bank takes my credit card) (Talta****)

I sound so republican, but the bank of america mortgage payment bailout is bullshit. Why should we reward people who made poor choices? (Eliz****)

Need a second mortgage to get a new car. add the deck to your house or take a vaca?? Come see me at Peoples Bank. great pricing! (TWil****)

Bank of America's new mortgage help program looks like a good thing. Got to look at it more closely, but kudos to BOA for trying to help. (Pete****)

Still no wages in the bank. Worried now as a load of DDs are due to come out today including the mortgage :( (Dee***)

Raiffeisen bank - kosovo, appoints republika communications agency as her creative and production agency for year 2010-2011 (Duki****)

Listening to the bee gees on my way to the bank is unintentionally making me strut a bit differently. HA! (LenaL*****)

I have 3 poplars and a Norfolk Island in the bank. By the end of the year I should have accrued interest of 1 Christmas tree (Ozla****)

Watching Dragnet. Old actress was despondent about her bank account cleaned out. Gannon asked for her autograph. Made her day. (Johnw*****)

Vote Labour and you can have your very own 'basic bank account' (to have your incapacity / JSA paid into!) - That'll be a winner! (TRRNR****)

Watched EFG Bank take Audemars Piguet All Stars 7 : 4 in the opening demo match. (KingsCup*******)

Bored. nothing to do. refusing to do any work, sleep or anything boring. why did my bank screw up my dsi coming tomorrow :( (Cer***)

Is definitely going to buy a Hammerfall ticket on Friday even if it breaks the bank. There is no way I'm missing Hammerfall AND Dream Evil! (NateD*****)

A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain. -Robert Frost B: 3-26-1874 (Judith******)

At this rate, JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Citigroup are the ones who ought to be called the Rat Pack. (Jaynely******)

Hello everyone! guess who i saw today? terrell suggs, from the baltimore ravens was in bank of america in randallstown (Diane*****)

Pulled the credit score the morning and it has sky-rocketed. Big surprise. And the bank gave me a "gift". a tool set! Ha, I love it. (Johnny******)

The internet used "art prints" to attack casey's bank account! it's super effective! ::bank account dies:: (HMXC****)

The bank is trying my patience as of late, and why are ink cartridges so expensive?!! Must roast a chicken to calm my nerves. (Natalie******)

Haha these people just found two real diamond rings! They made storage wars bank (Bitteris*******)

Opened a new tab:: out of the 9 "most visited" sites .. (2)social (2)video games (2)porn (1)my bank (1)youtube (1)shorty's bank (BRhod****)

Just made bank on eBay selling some musical equipment. Updated board on the horizon. Hello, Memory Man, Crybaby, and EB Volume pedal. (Bwillia*******)

Congratz to 3m, digi, amway, bank islam, kfc, mph, fuji xerox, carrefour & singapore airline won the brand laureatte awards asia pacific. (Shahme*****)

My weekend is here, time to party! "hold up there, lady" says my bank account. FUMP! my credit card just hit my bank account in the va-jay J (Darien******)

Got to take car into Land Rover this morning - brakes a bit spongy !! Can already feel a dent in my bank account coming ! (Prop***)

For those of y'all that don't know. The Atlanta Braves will win 100 games this year. Take it to the bank! (Kenn****)

Just noticed I live above a fixed gear bike store. This may cause trouble for my bank account. (DoJ***)

I am really tired of this Fixed gear bike fad, but I just saw a nice one in a bike shop by the bank and got tempted to buy it! Just say no! (Chris*****)

Spice Rack hoochie alert. I'd need serious bank to even consider wearing this outfit. (Hunter_******)

Now on FMC: Jimmy Stewart and Dean Martin as cowboy bank robbers and Raquel Welch as a character with big hair. (UNVAU****)

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