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Bandage - USA

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60 External Comments

Yo i need help finding these Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi Bandage Ankle Boots for mah girl (ItsFre******)

McGowan has a huge bandage on his chin. Looks like a he's wearing chin strap from a football helmet. Bernie trails 32-28 with 2:42 to go. (Kfvss*****)

Extra goods] bandage merchandise : badge and handphone strap available and shock goods music box .. (Huis****)

My list 2 do: change dad's bandage, check his sugar levels, make more flour tortillas, make calzones, trim my doggies paws, clean bird cage (Kabbala******)

I have a bandage the size of a panty liner on my head. "Son, you got a panty on yer head." I'm okay, though. Mostly just annoyed. (Sarr****)

You'd think in an art school w/ in house woodshop you'd be able to find a bandage, or at least tape! (Tako_****)

Starting with short walks on flat ground w/o aircast OR ace bandage. 1 small step for me, 1 giant leap for broken ankles everywhere. (Abbes****)

If I were Jeff Hardy, I would be targeting RVD's forehead, considering the bandage he has on there. (Renncr******)

Uma ankle boot preta tamanho 37, um dvd jack johnson in concert, um dvd jason mraz beautiful mess, um bandage dress Herve Leger. (Taynar******)

I wish Herve Leger would give me samples. I remember the amount of bandage dresses they re-ignited everywhere. god! (Fery****)

Just got another brand new Herve Leger bandage dress!! Going through the FY WISHLIST to find the lucky new owner of this gorgeous dress! (Shop***)

Does Herve Leger ever change the style of his dresses..? bandage style (Ikhu****)

I have died, i didn't see that there is a herve leger event at outnet. I kill for bandage dresses. And they had my size. well current size (LovesLa*******)

White ralph lauren polo and high waisted floral bandage skirt! (Frezzel*******)

I learned a very valuable leson today "dont ever staple youre finger and then let ur friend bandage it up in mentos wrapers & sticky tape;) (Yvette******)

Absolutely, that why I want to see a plan. But in the meantime, apply bandage. IllegalUniversities cc: (Bub***)

Dvd! omg yes totally, like sell em on yahoo! auctions. listen to bandage and lovejuice by jin HAHAHAHAH. (Fatimaa******)

I have a bandage on my right foot just incase you think I have one cankle. (JaiK***)

My maths teacher tore ligaments in her shin & is on crutches & in a bandage now.. =[ (X_Jess******)

Attendance. When in the middle of the room the general was invited to remove his bandage, he did so immediately, and was surprised to see so (BooksB******)

When boldly before your throne I come wrap me naught in false bandage yet in thy concern be great for fear is unhealthy & yet I might (ImArt*****)

Moves chair next to you and curls in it* goodnight my love *looks at you and strokes your arm touching the bandage* (Mariange*******)

My bandage scissors and alcogel is with u right? why. where's ur penlight? (Ihear****)

If ur wearing a cast splint or ac bandage to the club your doing way to much (MrCO****)

I just realize that it's been 3 months since Bandage release and I still can't see the movie T__T It's not fair! I want to see it ._. (Ine***)

You ol' vertically challengd roots look like they damaged crybaby need a bandage ass (YUHPjesu*******)

Yeah. My brothers and I are planning n doing things totally differently, but i imagine it will only be a bandage. (WhyN****)

If yo ankle is swollen wrap it in a bandage, apply ice, and take two regular sized ibuprofen. (CAS**)

Time and patience. It took 3 whole wks for my sprain to heal so I could run on it w/out any pain. Ace bandage, advil & icing it. (Luke****)

Bad news: I think I will be wearing this tupid bandage on my toe at the baptism, I wonder if anyone will notice? (MoNi***)

I dont kno if its a stick. but theres a bandage around her knee lols. her leg looks real tho (K1m**)

I'm just doin me and you can never understand it. Chicks get hammered, big dick banditt, money flowin like a slit wrist no bandage. (Megan_K*******)

The doctor gave me these waterproof bandage things that covered all of my wounds.. I had like 40 stitches in my tum from that (OhCor****)

Hug? no. in a few minutes, you'll need steel to bind my hands. then gauze to bandage them. (Helfi*****)

So if you see a bandage round my arm that's why. Its all bruised & ya can see his teeth marks! (Smell*****)

Went 2 the store 2 buy bandages & other stuff. Needed a bandage B-4 i even left the store. (Uncle*****)

Girl i got an ace bandage on my foot right now. it's tryin to act up on me :-/ (Tyo***)

Tewolde!! I have a sexy black bandage dress waiting for you for tonight ;) (Alaza*****)

Where is my ace bandage ineed to wrap my knee before ifall to sleep (HOOkD*****)

The blister on my foot + the bandage on my arm makes me look gimptacular. (Sarah****)

I'm looking at my bandage box and I have to wonder.. :what sixteen year old wears Dora bandages?!" I'm such a weird kid -eyeroll- (SupaM****)

I'm the most man a woman can ever be. what am i wearing: a mcqueen and mater bandage on my hurt toe. (Rache*****)

Can't wait to shop at --im dying for that two-toned tube bandage dress (_MissKi******)

I think I'm going to suffer hearing loss. It's always fun when your kid screams bloody murder while you try to wash and bandage a small cut. (RealPrin*******)

Conservative candidate Rehman Chisti sporting a bandage on one of his fingers after being bitten by a dog yesterday (Alanm****)

Regarding the black bandage strappy dress - We will be re-stocking all sizes/colors within 2-3 weeks at most! (HotMiam*******)

The bandage for my knee consists of a piece of toilet paper and a rubber band holding it to my knee. Ghetto? I think so. :) (FTSK****)

Just saw a queen in the village "sanatizing" another queens cut with listerine before applying a bandage (Echosh*****)

First injury of the night. Reh Chishti, Con candidate turns up at Medway count with large bandage wrapped round finger. A dog apparently. (KMElect*******)

Haha yes i am healing nicely! i am growing rather fond of my pink bandage too. the ones at CVS are so boring! (Anned*****)

Is it me, or was the bandage on Noah's head nowhere near where Reid was operating? Also wouldn't his head be shaved? At least partially? (Indigo******)

Oh no! not quicksilver! hurry, apply another sticker as a bandage!! (Smar****)

However, I am posting new stuff to ebay Sunday, a hot bandage dress, some bar review books, and Sky tops. check me out sunday (Chiccit*******)

Yes!! I love Beth because she had the gut to wear Herve Leger Bandage dress! such a brave act! (Ramad****)

She's a mom wit 2 kids and gonna wear a very tight bandage dress with her rolando heels, what a cool mom! :):) (Cil**)

I believe the Z. Cavaracci black bandage dress will be purchased YESS! (Ashe***)

That should be easy. get a white bandage dress or skirt! Would look fire on you! (MEMElo*****)

The Mocha Zipper Cutout Bandage Dress is my favorite item at the moment! :) (Morena******)

Where can i find a bandage dress? =( i've been online for hours trying to find one! (MikaBe******)

Hahahaha you could have just worn the bandage dress from your collection!! (Noor***)

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