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Banana - USA

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60 External Comments

This banana hanger from Bed Bath & Beyond will keep your bananas fresh and unbruised until you're ready to peel! (Robin*****)

I also heart All In The Family, Julia, Glee, Felicity, Arrested Development (!) --"There's always money in the banana stand!" (Martine******)

Eating my free pastry from Starbucks. Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Cake. The 300lb guy at the window wanted to point out that it's low fat. (Markma*****)

You can find great brands like Hollister, the limited, Banana Republic, Arden B and other great brands at great prices! (HopeSta*******)

Swerved at the sight of banana on the road. Affected by Mario cart much? (Lyn***)

While driving yesterday I saw a banana peel in the road and swerved to miss it. thanks a lot mario cart. (KnYCe_*****)

I think for work I am torn between Zara, Banana, and some AT pieces. Theory is limited. BCBG for work only the tops. (Chiccit*******)

So why does this chick im sitting next to on the shuttle have a banana peal hanging of the side of her backpack & its on her lap touchin me. (MizzTrea*******)

A banana peel makes an excellent cutting board for slicing bananas marathastewart advice for guys (Heron*****)

Feeling like something sweet - stop by Corina Bakery for a delicious slice of banana cake! 510 6th Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98402. (GirlCo******)

As gross as they look, french silk and banana cream pies still taste great (Mark****)

Why do you call a speedo a banana hammock? really now, a banana? I think that's called stretching the truth just a wee bit. (Corneli*******)

Breakfast for Lunch! Choco chip, banana pancakes with strawberries on top! Sapphire's helping pour and flip. What fun for a lazy friday. (William******)

I want some still life-y, big, bold art prints (photos, paintings, not picky) of fruits & veggies for my kitchen. think eggplant, banana etc (Anita*****)

Someone searched this and came to me: "cook banana bread on a waffle iron". I wish I knew how that turned out! lol (TheNovi******)

I keep smelling double bubble bubble gum. That banana-y smell. Wish I had some (KimRSch******)

NowPlaying Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes, wishin' I had a hammock, the beach, and a delicious drink to slurp, haha that'd be the life. (Jbea***)

There are no two words that make me laugh more when put together than "banana" and "hammock." (Msal****)

Dontactlikeyounever went through your dads dresser and found a banana hammock (Fr3ak_On*******)

Lilly pullitzer, martin & osa, banana republic, white house|black market, tommy bahama, limited, cole hahn show. (Bonviva******)

If I see 1 more kid fall on skates like they hit a banana pEel. This stuff 2 funny (Fredd*****)

No excuse me, *greasy mousey rat banana scud poopy bucket & stout jenny craig carrot top plus size "model" (Amanda*****)

I love it when thrift store ppl don't know name brands. I got a polo shirt and a banana republic shirt the same price as a cato shirt 2day (Kkdav****)

The Banana Leaf Cutting Solution: sharp peeling knife as cutter + heavy plate as pattern! Viola! I'm a bananana leaf cutting machine! Hahaha (Nem**)

Banana walnut chocolate chip pancakes. Premature end to Lenten fast? Palm Sunday breakfast at home. (Brian_o_*******)

Had my cheat day today w/ homemade ice cream & choc banana w/ walnut cake prepared by sis jay after Lord's table meeting! Super delicious! (Neilmat******)

Banana and walnut pancakes. German housemate commented that they were good, but needed cheese and salami. (Jhbo***)

Baking banana oatmeal walnut cranberry cookies for mi madre. Looks like this has become my specialty. (Anita_K*******)

I made banana and carmel cupcakes with my new kitchenaid mixer. i think i want to make cupcakes for a living. hehe. (Sammb****)

Ways to make F1 more exciting 2: Mario Kart Wii-style power ups and banana skins. (Grovel*****)

South Beach diet in effect. Crepes on demand (cinnamon & apple, Nutella banana), Key Lime Pie, Crab Cake sandwich, Roast Beef, 2 buck chuck. (Gotso*****)

Womens summer clothes / blouses - dkny, banana republic, wet seal (Store****)

Shopping at Forever 21- not much luck. Heading to Ann Taylor and Banana Republic.. (Andrea******)

Such a yummy food mom used 2 pack 4 me. Delicious. Ab to khud banana padhta hai. (Veriloqu*******)

Standing in my kitchen, baking Banana Nut Bread from a 1969 edition of the Betty Crocker cookbook. Prune Nut Bread? Oh, Betty. (1082***)

Made a cottage pie for dinner. had ice cream, strawberries and banana for desert (CRschi******)

Jeremy today, brought to you by: american crew, grado, ray ban, banana republic, ben sherman, hanes, uniqlo, american apparel and converse. (Jeremy*****)

Veg stock in the crockpot ready to be turned on before bed, banana bread in oven & decided on Strawberry cream pie for tmorrw jst need milk. (Baker*****)

Making a strawberry/banana smoothie with my awesome magic bullet. Love the magic bullet (Missa****)

Breakfast today is buttered bread fresh out of the breadmaker (!) and a banana/watermelon juice. (Cheapdat*******)

Dinner with hubbs n his boss 2 day at Ruth Chris I love this resturant has the best banana cream pie ever lol (Newn***)

EBay Hint 184 - Moving items from one location to another? Banana Boxes ROCK! Strong sturdy stackable. (Knows****)

Random I love tacos . I can eat them everyday . that and sushi lol . oh . can't leave out a homemade banana pudding too ;) (Cb1***)

Just ate 2 peanut butter & banana sandwiches ;; im nervous tomorrow is my first ultrasound ;; leaving fri for fla ;; then wedding apr 9th. (Kwa***)

Banana republic has a petite section and they have 00 pants and xxs shirt lol wish me luck:) (Kasiaf*****)

When i slipped on a banana in mario cart cause i was just about to win lol :} (LadyS****)

Tim gunn is wearing a banana republic suit, hugo boss shirt, brooks brothers tie and tiffany cufflinks! (Vanh***)

Banana Infused Molasses Cookies: buy cookies, loosely wrap them, put 'em in a ziploc w/bananas, forget them over weekend in briefcase. Yum! (Charles******)

Post workout shake try: 1scp vanilla whey, 1/2c frzn berries,1/4 frzn banana, udo's oil, 1/2c raw oats, 1c baby spinach, glutamine h20-blend (FitMonic*******)

Oh banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery, where have you been all my life?! (Kenj***)

Worked everything out kind of in a way. but what ever. finally leaving to Monkey Island lil cousin changed his mind about Go Banana's:] (Brittan******)

What did the banana say to the vibrator? Why are YOU shaking? She's going to eat me! (Pleas*****)

Taking a walk on a beautiful day while the bread machine makes a loaf of banana bread. Nice. (Campbe*****)

What I learned from my Mom yesterday: Brown banana pieces in my fruit salad won't kill me, & Forever stamps really can be used forever. (Patt****)

Sarah (one with peace sign right near camera and dirty blond hair) just ate a banana lol :) (Smallbut*******)

Should I get the clear brick Game Boy or the banana yellow Game Boy Color? Decisions. (Prim****)

Aebercrombie. Banana republic. Armani Exchange. seven jeans and true religious jeans. handsome can dress too(6"3-205 all muscles). UPGRADE! (Vanes*****)

The little nephew slept over lastnight and now we're making banana waffles with my new waffle iron. they're gluten free, too!! (Blairj*****)

My moonlight nights smell like Prada. My sunny days smell like Banana Boat sun tan oil. (Alu***)

Nothing like cracking open a banana that's liquefied in it's peel. Delicious! (Jsc**)

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