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Bamboo - USA

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Zen Waffle Sticks - Bamboo photoZen Waffle Sticks - Bamboo
$ 24.54 ($23.31 after rebate)

60 External Comments

Does anyone know where to get sustainable party supplies in Melbourne? ie bamboo cutlery, similar paper plates, cups? (Markla******)

Trying to figure out how to make my own roman shades. Am going to pull apart the bamboo shade I have & reconfigure.. stay tuned.. (Chant****)

Just picked up a 18 yds of batting. Both wool and bamboo\cotton. Let the the creative muse sing! (Rhojob******)

Mar wrote articles about bamboo window treatments & earthy decor. We got 3rd at triv but were robbed. Lost w/Jed, Luke, Ross, Mar. T job! (WhileMar*******)

Trying out a new "toy" and it is called a Bamboo thing and it is a drawing pad, well i'm not sure if its fun yet at least I think it will be (AprilJi*******)

Internets: Any recommendation for a budget digital drawing pad? The Wacam Bamboo too mickey-mousish? (Sampler******)

Kpgen graphic tablet. yg bamboo jg gpp dh. ato ad yg mw bliin yg wacom? :D (Kinj***)

In dire need of a graphic tablet so I can create something digital and visual! Preferably a Wacom Bamboo because the name is dope! (Reid***)

When's my Bamboo graphic tablet arriving then.? Could it be today? The anticipation is too much! (Starboar*******)

Packing a large suitcase of female crap for a weekend at North Carolina. Watch me forget to water my bamboo plant and forget my orange crab. (Imjust******)

Rag&bone chose an intimate little place in yoyogi uehara to have a meet and greet. Bamboo pizza was delish!& Marcus and David very cool (FashionT*******)

My hubby got me a kodak Zi8 and a bamboo tablet for my bday! Soo excited to play w my toys! (Dayna*****)

Spent all day working on the dojo. New kamiza shelf, paint, bamboo coat rack and more! Looking forward to classes tomorrow! (Cbtos*****)

I bought a new bamboo plant. i hope we bring in a little more green this year! so far so good, lets pray it stay alive for a good year!! (Nkaujn*****)

Blustery spring winds are whipping my bamboo chimes and making flying ghosts of my white curtains. Feels great. (Smutty*****)

Spent the afternoon making bamboo wind chimes. Instructions useless so did it 'my way'. Doesn't look exactly like the picture but . (Jan***)

Getting ready. the gethup : bamboo blonde black dress w/ satin skirt. topshop silver bag. cage shoes. my new silver headband. revved up 2 go (Fitriiim*******)

Hello from thailand. hope to you soon in here in our resort thai-bamboo! by the way. we like to sell the resort. if the price is ok ;-) (Thailan******)

Sunday mornings: watching stargate atlantis while knitting with gorgious merino/bamboo :) (Leen***)

Yes! I've been badly wanting to see Zoolander again ever since I saw FIA at battle of the bamboo (LethalI******)

I'm at a place that have orange light and surrounded with bamboo. HAHAHA !! (NNG***)

So I'm at the bamboo lounge & for once my pomp isn't the biggest pomp in the bar. im home with my fellow rockabilly pomps (Preciou******)

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind. --Bruce Lee (Whoisand*******)

Bamboo sushi now has tonkotsu ramen on their menu all the time. Comes with braised pork shoulder. (Extr****)

Luvs his new cactus, bamboo, jade plant and agave. my bedroom is the garden of eden (1002****)

I finished Bamboo and Lace earlier tonight and now I can't decide what to read next. It's between The Last Song and Shades of Blue. (ONLYGOT******)

Got an ever-damp closet? Try Ever Bamboo's Premium Closet Dehumidifier-- natural + effective + smell clean clean instead of masked clean! (Everb*****)

Doesn't matter where you go or who you buy from, you can't buy a better bamboo fly rod than the ones we make here. blackdogtackle. com (FishCus*******)

Going to pick up some organic bamboo cotton fabric tomorrow for some loungy yoga pants. (Raven****)

I've always wanted 2 get my mans name tatted across my chest and get his name put in my door knocker bamboo earrings. whaT? LoL (Boyshort*******)

Wondering what was wrong with my Bamboo graphic tablet, could not get the mouse pointer to go where I wanted! Realised I had it upside down (Edwar****)

I ordered a Wacom Bamboo Pen graphics tablet today too. I'll pick it up tomorrow. (Chasing******)

So, I'm just about ready to buy my first graphics tablet. Should I get the Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet or spring for the Wacom Intuos? Thoughts? (Hokeb*****)

Finally going to order a graphics tablet. should I get a Wacom (Bamboo) or is there are cheaper option that works reasonably well? (Cameron_*******)

Woven wood shades and natural fiber area rugs are made from renewable resources, which include: bamboo, reeds, grasses, jute and wool. (Budget******)

The Ney (arabic bamboo flute) stole my heart! I'm learning it slowly but surely!! (Thespyfr*******)

China bans so many items from being discussed by the media. Y not completely ban the media? no bamboo no flute. (Rahul*****)

Rumex acetosa - An infusion of the stems is used as a polish for bamboo and wicker furniture and also for silver. (Prot***)

There is still time for unique and earth friendly easter basket fillers!! Check out the organic bunnies, bamboo ducks and chenille bunnies! (Zola****)

About to order this lovely bamboo sofa bed for the living room. Time for a makeover. (Diamo*****)

What's haute in my travel bag? new post coming up! one hint. bamboo is haute! (HauteT******)

Styled after a whimsical folly on some Greek island in the Aegean, complete with indigenous grass roof and bamboo platform, ./con (KarmaR******)

Someone just searched for ecotools on Shop Vegan and found EcoTools Bamboo 5pc Makeup Brush Set (ShopV****)

Someone just searched for vegan products on Shop Vegan and found EcoTools Bamboo 5pc Makeup Brush Set (ShopV****)

While shopping for a new deck i discovered that they now make some skateboard decks out of bamboo. now i can skate green :-) (SiWi****)

I wonder if Mickey will ever learn that he throws up from bamboo leaves :-/ My 1st act every morning: cleaning up kitten puke. (Yevenn******)

I unjustly accused my Bamboo tablet, but it was my Microsoft mouse. It has been stabbed. As you were. (Underst*******)

Man, those bamboo makeup brushes at Target right now are seriously gorgeous. (Unpretti*******)

New yellow nail art pen & green tea plus bamboo nail strengthener (= (Daddy****)

How to use bamboo: cheap window blinds - bamboo roman shades for an easy going ambiance (Bambooh*******)

I found two sets of sealed & packaged natural bamboo roman shades on 56th & Lexington today. I told you I'm lucky. (NYvi***)

Sound of bamboo flute, mount fuji in distance - weeping willow & calm (Belfas******)

Now using my ipad as a mouse/keyboard//bamboo pen and touch. /via (WIN!) (Robby****)

I need help cutting bamboo and in jewelry making. any volunteers to help in exchange for product or supplies? (Cchan****)

Finishing a 7'6" 5wt and an 8'0" 6wt bamboo fly rod today. These are sold get yours ordered and in the queue today. (FishCus*******)

No luck at Bed Bath & Beyond or Pier One for bamboo. Trying Home Depot in a bit. If not, Lowe's has a plant I like. (Youn****)

Try really thick yarn and really large needles. I'm using size 11 bamboo knitting needles and chunky chenille. (Msleas******)

Corelle square bamboo leaf 6 piece bowl set with optional accessories (Mywises*******)

Help which of this 2 Tablets is better for an casual user? [Wacom Bamboo Fun (Small)] or [Aiptek Media Tablet 140U]?? (NoPla****)

Bah! I broke my 16" size US 13 bamboo circular knitting needles, seperated the cable from the needle . right in the middle of a legwarmer (Elfin****)

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