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60 External Comments

Looking forward to smashing some balls tonight at a table tennis match! (Louis*****)

The hailstones outside are the size of table tennis balls. scary (Inkmar******)

Dont get on these social networks 2 vent ur ill-informed misunderstandings bout me. grow sum balls, pick up a fone, & say wutchu gotta say. (JustR*****)

Headed back to walmart. I need two more Bakugan balls and noise makers.. We about to tear the school and daycare up! Lol (MzNik*****)

Intel Chris thought he could be a consultant, then somebody asked him how many Ping-Pong balls could fit into a 747, and bang! Journalism! (Bjohn*****)

Cute pig cookies n the oven. starting the infamous cake balls. (Jenc***)

I put a dog collar on it so it wouldn't explode and I took a piss, didn't work and my balls shot up (SpaceTr*******)

Into Generation 2. Apricorns and apricorn juice, Kurt and his balls (olol), and many other features keep it fresh but old school. Don't.. (QuickAc*******)

Fact women don't care if u use oil of olay or old spice in the shower. We just care that u don't have musty balls. (BOSSYe*****)

The voice of the balls (national lottery) quoted are you being served .. wow .. i'm glad i witnessed this occasion (Dan_To*****)

Im more then real dont kick me in the balls there not made out of steel (Leader*****)

These goof balls sent me the cable yesterday, but the IPOD car adapter won't be here until Thursday? (Dvsst****)

For me too! . didnt win millions but a really cool gift ct. still dont like doubs. balls flying everywhere.. no rhythm . no running .. (Lynn***)

Come Play the West 9 - Open daily until 6pm. Pro Shop specials on adidas shoes, balls, plus NEW TM Penta balls, wedges & Raylors. Stop by! (Castn*****)

The hardness of you in my palm, my tongue tracing along your cock, creating a map of our needs. I take you into me, balls heavy in my hands. (Eroticn*******)

Does that Powerball/Mega Millions commerical remind you of that "Balls Deep" episode of The Cleveland Show?? (Kingm****)

Let's not go and get stoned instead. i pick styrofoam balls out of weed while sitting on toilet. wg bursts in. we talk about (?) i'm on chat (EM**)

Weather report in Dunwoody: it's snowing tiny styrofoam balls. (Turn****)

Getwellminho seeing him lie in that pit of styrofoam balls not getting up.. Omg ): (Vyl***)

Itsreallyannoying to see griwn men wit them lil balls in their hair--head lookin like a soccer ball (Nikk****)

Itsreallyannoying to see grown men wit them lil balls in the head--head lookin like a soccer ball nshit from partin the hair (Nikk****)

If that ball comes anywhere near me, I will take it away. Then, I will cut of their balls so then they have no balls. (Aam***)

Using the Chinese Stress Relief Ball motions, I believe I am causing my balls more stress. (Justin*****)

SATC 6;1: One may think Charlotte naive to start her education in Judaism with matzo balls, but as a Jew I can attest it: food is important. (Thetr****)

Cleared out today: Sandbox, Packnplay, picnic table, 2 bowling balls, 2 small lamps, old daybed frame, water cooler, & 2 misc boxes of junk (UnravelM*******)

Just realized the music i need for computer apps is on my dining table back home. Balls. (Vick***)

I caught Lugia in only 2 Ultra Balls! But unfortunately I bought 60 so now I have a hell of a lot of Ultra Balls that I'm not gonna use. (Jpokem*****)

How much bass is enough in a car audio system? Building a truck for a client that wants enough bass to shake his balls when he drives :/ (Quinton******)

TONS of new gear arrived today! Showtime t-shirts, water bottles, pins, season DVDs, highlighters, pong balls, chapstick, posters, & more! (WSUforS*******)

My balls are sticking to my legs, resembling a flying squirrels wings, I'm going to attempt to glide from the dresser to the bed now! (Causti*****)

Wow. planter's cheez ballz are no longer! i repeat. i will never eat planters cheez balls out of the blue can with the yellow lid again (Cottonc******)

Just dont let mcnabb go to arizona. larry fitzgerald can actually catch balls above his head or below his knees. no homo on larry (IBiny****)

A. Balls. Deathfest is the same day as Hammerfall/Dream Evil. If i don't go to Hammerfall, I'll have to flog my tickets for it. (Ewengc******)

The high resolution camera of 8 MP is sure to grab many more eye-balls, for it captures beautiful images, thanks to the useful features (Directph*******)

American Heritage 10 Kings 7 [Bottom 7th] [3 Out] [0 balls] [0 strikes] . No one on [P: 20 Alex Leighton] [B: 14 Nick Maniotis] (King***)

American heritage 10 kings 5 [top 7th] [0 out] [0 balls] [0 strikes] . no one on [p: 8 shane bussey] [b: 16 dylan silva] (King***)

American heritage 4 kings 0 [bottom 3rd] [0 out] [0 balls] [0 strikes] . no one on [p: 17 dylan arnold] [b: 30 roberto kelly] (King***)

American heritage 2 kings 0 [top 3rd] [0 out] [0 balls] [0 strikes] . no one on [p: 15 matt leber] [b: 12 trevor maloney] (King***)

American heritage 2 kings 0 [top 2nd] [0 out] [0 balls] [0 strikes] . no one on [p: 15 matt leber] [b: 20 alex leighton] (King***)

American heritage 2 kings 0 [bottom 1st] [0 out] [0 balls] [0 strikes] . no one on [p: 17 dylan arnold] [b: 5 ryan krance] (King***)

American heritage 0 kings 0 [top 1st] [0 out] [0 balls] [0 strikes] . no one on [p: 15 matt leber] [b: 12 trevor maloney] (King***)

Huge supply shipment today; Hamster balls, ZooMed Grassland Tortoise Food, and ZooMed's Terrarium Waterfall kit, to name a few (Critte******)

Right now I'm cravin everything. A mini mac, a mc chicken, a wopper, freshly squeezed, shawarma, coconut shrimp, chicken balls, rice n peas! (Phillen******)

Just bought a Christmas stocking for Ottis. he'll only appreciate it when balls and bones appear from it Xmas day. (Citych******)

Next thing to buy is a new baseball glove. and more tennis balls since mine went missing. Can't play tennis without 'em. (Rhodes******)

Survived a 16 hour drive.. Hanging out in Virginia beach now.. It's cold as balls though (_willw******)

If its more than one hoe sit bacc & blow me & arque over my balls like shaq n kobee (TonexTh******)

Seasons changing-its still dark outside making my new light box sign for RVL, made by the incredible Sally Brown, stand out liks dogs balls! (Stevec*****)

Went to Go Ape in the Wyre Forest today. Great fun but pity my poor balls, trapped in the harness of doom :( (Midnight*******)

I found a ball gown 4 2morrow, I swore I wasn't going to any balls, I love my bestie though. We're gonna be crispy couple in there! (THEEASH*******)

Hitting the batting cages. Hopefully I won't get hit by any balls -_- (NGee***)

Through the mesh torso of my Walrus slinky suit it felt like I was tripping balls at a disco club owned by Hammered Dr. Destructo. (Emperor*******)

Tip for organizing your bathroom: Use decorative canisters or jars for your cotton balls & Q-Tips . Visual interest and easy access! (ClosetFa*******)

Disco balls, Parliaments, brass knuckles, and hundred dollar bills makes for a gorgeous night. (Cyril_*****)

Considering laser hair removal for my balls. It would make life so much easier. (Edda****)

How did Yellow Submarine get on this playlist. ringo's voice is an audible comparison to a kick in the balls. (Ryandw******)

You know your in OC when you see a truck and balls are hanging from the back bumper. (MarcWi******)

Yesterday's game was a success for Jake despite the loss - 5 balls, two sigs, Francouer's batting gloves, and a photo with Kevin Burkhardt (CS*)

Can't recall last time I shopped w/my son, even if it was for baseball pants, cleats, socks, bat, balls, batting gloves, bag, etc. Play ball! (ByLumi******)

Aaron Brown : I am going to strap him to a pole , get a tennis racket and wack his balls . (Emilys******)

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