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60 External Comments

First look into the collection MSR If you are digging your hands into ATV Motocross Accessories, or Bags SUVs, the. (Surrea******)

Nabbed 2 hanging bags of Haribo Happy Cola Gummi Candy at Walgreens w/some Register Rewards I got. Chewy like Gold-Bears; odd by themselves. (Fastfo******)

We have the most glamorous diaper bag ! Koochu diaper bags ! check them out! You can find them on my website at out and about! (Goodies*******)

Not impressed by afternoon tea, taken in lobby, no leaves & strainer, just bags hardly show stopping cake stand, surely Derby can do better? (Aleena_******)

Trying 2decide what type of baby bag is cute enough2not lug my fab bags around anymore. hard decision-haven't found anything yet-any ideas? (Fashion*******)

Went shopping for fruit juice. Came back with 6 bags of party supplies. Oops (TheMistr*******)

In case you where also looking for party supplies. all you will find are dog poop bags. (LoudMo*****)

If haircuts could talk, mine would say I know a lot about burlap grocery bags and hipster poetry. (Stacyc*****)

Ok clothes closet check. jewelry closet check. purse shelf check. shoe bags check. coat closet check. basement storage closet check. All clean (Jamma****)

Is there mercury retrograde?? People are acting like douche bags and gadgets are going bonkers! (Pixie****)

Just got two sandisk cruzer blade flash drives. in two separate jiffy bags. tiny drive. absolutely tiny. (Semant*****)

Jrg news - l&t bags new orders worth rs. 1500 crores in buildings & factories segment (JRG***)

Inschool i used to go through people bags cus they had the latest phones i never had 3210, until i started doin it, i had a n alcatel (Storm*****)

Slept without sleeping bags last night! 43 out / 49 in tent, with down comforter and Jean's fleece animal blanket. (WyndAn*****)

Boots, jersys, leather jackets, skinny jeans, high-tops, bags, trench coats, waterfall cardi's. oh this winter is gonna be sexy! (Onesi*****)

Packing bags for conference in Orlando and looking forward to 4hrs drive in my rental GAS guzzler suv (Adnan****)

Man am i glad my bags waterproof. Otherwise that yoghurt would have worked right in. (Michae******)

I cancelled my trip to MORRISONS because i decided my anorexicfingers are too delicate to carry bags of shopping. (Morrisse*******)

We are about 48 hours from inducing! Bags are packed. We leave for Lubbock tomorrow night! (Finley******)

Gosh, Radio 2 is depressing, all they 'debate' about is death, Tories, God, Mephedrone and bags for life. (CharS*****)

Thank you Jesus, for makeup! Cuz bags decided to creep upon my face in the middle of the night! Ah, (Sarahre******)

A dealer is openly arranging drug sales on her mobile on the bus I'm on. She's got 3 bags of "good stuff" on her apparantly. (Jamesc******)

Just been to supermarket for ingredients for penny smiths tomato soup - spent 89 pounds and hv had to take a cab home as bags too heavy! (Lady****)

Subway Pet Peeve 14: People who think their bags need their own seat during rush hour. (KBoop****)

So tired! Splurge much from shopping again! I really can't control myself when it comes to bags!! Shem!! (Papersn******)

Boarding for Seattle. Don't think anybody is checking bags anymore. 1K gives us a head start. No room left for about 15 folks. Slowly we go. (Process*******)

What a rush. Bags dropped at home, wellies on, work bound, awake since 4, 2 venti americanos into my day. How am I going to survive?!! (Irie***)

Any idea where I can get piping bags and stuff from. Want to make cupcakes and thats the only part missing (Elfsh*****)

So u come in n put ur bags down. I know there's something in the air. How can I do this 2 u rite now, If ur over there when I need you here? (X_fla*****)

Just got to work and a customer was waiting for me in the parking lot to give me 3 big ass bags of Dunkin Donuts & drinks I'mSOspoiled lol (BeautyBu*******)

Brokepeoplesay go to netto they don't charge for carrier bags! (Kimberl******)

Amazed at how well paper bags curl hair. Legit every girl needs to know how to do it. (Courtn*****)

Damn im grinding this week, n im already tired, but im doin it for my co'ds n future side pieces n LV clutch bags (Billion*******)

It bothers me when people have trash bags in their car. No vehicle should accumulate that much trash. Ever. (Lindsb*****)

Don't let it stand alone in the dark! Don't flirt around with other bags, it will break its heart! (Miri***)

I like how as soon as I walk out of my house a hobo starts going through the garbage bags. (Shannen*******)

My bags are in Sao Paulo, estimated delivery time 12hrs! I guess they know about the traffic issues ;-) (Jamie*****)

This is incredible. Mystery of the missing vacuum bags solved! After only 45 minutes. (Mil***)

Just arrives in durham, left my bags in the castle, jack wills has been sighted, croquet on the palace green. too rah for my life. (Laure*****)

Preparing everything for Madrid, bike is on the way with Dutch Selection. My bags are almost packed and printed out the papers (Martijn*******)

It purify's the water in our body, destroys all the "greeby's". Lost the bags under my eyes from too much pc. OVERNIGHT (DickAm*****)

If i was rich i would spend such a ridiculous amount of money on clothes bags shoes accessories :L (Nakita******)

Wow! Shouts to VIP service. wo in the airport just got here and took bags out my hand and made it to my 8 am flight (Valeri*****)

I spent the whole day talking shit to asshole tea party shit bags. Done with you mouth breathers. (Chef****)

Check out djneekola. com, its all updated, ntv, my vblog is up and ready 2 go, cds are made, bags are packed, time to hit the spa b4 airport! (Deejay_*******)

So I go to the front of my building, and realize someone already took my idea of using rope to lift up bags to your apt (Ginger******)

Im not sure y my sister has to bring like 20 bags. wer only guna be gone 2 days!! :O (Rocket******)

Forgot towel for gym. home to shower. glad dont have anything til 9. i need a checklist to refer to when packing my bags. (Brian*****)

Preparing for Sundays class. having fun filling the goody bags (Weddinga*******)

All my productivity hopes dashed. I lost the vacuum bags the moment I got home. Have been looking for half an hour. (Mil***)

Whether its pound or euros. she wants gucci bags its kool. i got enough zero's. (Jonespo*******)

How the heck did I end up with a double stack and 2 bags of hashbrowns? (MySent*****)

I seriously need a private gym. Too many douche bags at mine, and at every other one out there. (Phegley*******)

I simply could not resist : tasty food, cute bags, and a very pretty shoes !! Aaargh. don't tempt me, pleassee.. ;p (AyasM****)

People in India holding carrier bags. Just one of the delights of my morning. Lol freaky ya bam (Becca2*****)

Why do Tescos insist on making carrier bags from the thinnest material known to man? I had 3bags disintegrate on me b4 getting to mycar yest (Sanjaym******)

Yay Clinique gift bonuses! I love the cute little bags, new samples, & my fresh supply of goodies for my face. Ah the joy of being a woman! (Mari***)

Would you want to experience a wonderful life in coach handbags. Then come to handbags-onsale, all coach bags are on sale here! (Suzyd****)

Do you know coach handbags on handbags-onsale? Bags here are one of the most popular and hottest handbags in fashion field. (Jess***)

We are seriously considering buying vacuum pack bags to store our spare bed linen in. When did we get this old.. (Zs*)

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