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Backpacks - USA

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60 External Comments

Kidorable kids rain coats, umbrellas, rain boots, beach/bath towels and backpacks are coming soon to Tayjoley Clothing Boutique! (Tayj****)

Yesterday was the first day I gave the dogs backpacks (thanks, Cesar Millan). poor Nina is whimpering -- I think she's sore. :-( (Cruelra*******)

Now I just have to wait for the stores to open. I need to try on some backpacks. Real man backs that is, not your swiss army/oakly wannabes. (Joshco*****)

Or army backpacks - those work AWESOME and, they're waterproof! :) (Milwau******)

Camping gear, photographic supplies, groceries, car with full tank of gas , Zoe's gear, backpacks - all check. We are ready for camping! (Paloli******)

Deer darting in front of my car, backpacks left at home, copier broken. not a good start for a Monday. (Jillt****)

M-rock rocky mountain compact camera bag camera cases travel .: home - luggage, handbags, backpacks, bags and travel accessories. (Britney******)

Louisvillerules if you're a teenager. wear really tiny kiddie backpacks with transformers or spiderman on it. for no reason. (SeanS****)

Eastlands, Doc Martens, Timberlands, over sized NKOTB t-shirts, Jansport backpacks, my girls & I just went thru bad fashion of our youth! (AmandaK*******)

ANYONE! Please recommend me some laptop backpacks! I am in desperate need for one! (Rei***)

They fit in backpacks, fly 60 mph anywhere on cheap battery power, can fly 60k ft high if need be. undetectable. saving lives & money cudos (HUMBL*****)

Lol she coulda said something b4 thn know she heard them zippers on everybody backpacks seen us pullin out notebooks (Gooft*****)

She is 60 and backpacks for 4 weeks every year! Just come back from Burma. (Emil****)

Mhwpacks Mountain Hardwear has some really nice backpacks, i want one! (Surfe*****)

At what age should a girl know to STOP wearing jordans and cartoon backpacks. oh can't forget the PLeather jacket and fitted. (CkN***)

Iremember when it was cool to wear those lil cartoon backpacks hah now everybody and there mamma just wear's jansport (Youngr*****)

Pause Drug dealers carrying Jansport backpacks now? Okay Okay. (AngelCo*******)

Scarborough where cyatties wearing leather jackets and have jansport backpacks. (_WTFis*****)

In 's defense, I do associate bright green jansport backpacks with you! (Jonb***)

I buy new laptop backpack through Amazon & they send me ad for a different brand of laptop backpacks. Seems like a waste of pixels/bandwidth (Pke**)

Just had a horse kick my camera backpack about 5 feet! Everything inside looks fine, thank you Lowepro Backpacks! (Socaladv*******)

The jakeys had more bottles of Buckfast. /via and less lowepro backpacks? ;) (Scoob*****)

They have rad backpacks for little ones at Emersen Grace. Plus you could talk to her about hair clips! (Delu****)

Rolling Backpacks. Lose/Lose. If you roll it you look gay. If you carry it you have to lug 20 extra pounds of hard plastic & steel hardware (Reech4d*******)

Needs to make backpacks and laptop bags. I have a tote bag, but my books and laptop make it so heavy I walk with a limp. (Nicoledi*******)

Man there should be some backpacks or laptop bags for the promo team lol (Droopd*****)

Is there any stylish way of carrying a normal-sized laptop? Backpacks & laptop bags are wholly unsatisfactory to my Monday class commute (Sal_***)

Deuter have some really cool backpacks of all different sizes. Worth checking if they sell in the US ;) (Mopt***)

We have a great selection of characters from "Ni Hao Kai Lan". From tees to backpacks to plushes, you'll love um all! (Animati*******)

Ok dah request my mom beli headlamp frm petaling street, hihihi & turns out my bro and sis-in-law got big backpacks we can use. (Ghaz***)

Some ppl got burdens bigger than LL Bean backpacks. I'm tryin to get the girls to let me pudd-in (put it in) like a snack pack. (CRAD****)

They both have backpacks, I really lean towards pink tassels, but I think the BMX frame might be a better choice. ::sighs:: (Mrce***)

Just In! Wow everything. Tagged 8 tubs of goods yesterday! Bike parts, fenders, wheels, backpacks, clothes, shoes, hats and books! (Secondg******)

More than 20 backpacks, uncountable clothbags, at least 10 slingbags. But not a single travel bag? What kind of a bag freak am I? (Gajah****)

Whats up wit people still using the little kid backpacks in college. them small ass bags can't carry no college textbooks. lol (DiggyMr*******)

Note to self. Remove knifes and leathermans from backpacks before going through airport security (Brendon*******)

Dear The Age, Please take me back! I promise to only write columns about people who wear backpacks on trams x x x (Catherin*******)

Sorry Hugh for that, try Tamrac who have excellent combo backpacks and specialise in camera bags (Dellh*****)

I don't know! I've looked in all the obvious places. luggage, computer bags, backpacks, duffle bags. nothing. Sigh. (Swanky******)

I think backpacks, messenger bags, gym bags, and briefcases are generally accepted. (Kender*****)

Anybody have experience with "big kids" in Deuter backpacks? I'm looking at the Kid Comfort I for Lucy(4'2" 50 lbs, spina bifida/CP) (ST_Ra****)

I've been impressed with durability, comfort and layout of Swissgear laptop backpacks. Definitely would recommend (Jgi***)

Dudes who wear gym shoes and backpacks with suits are so gay. Man up and just wear your dress shoes and get a Tumi bag (Bope****)

Targus do some good laptop backpacks in various sizes . even those can be awkward though when my back's really bad. (GRWe****)

UPS is gonna be like parked in front of your house for the next week bringing you backpacks and pairs of pants. (Seldemi******)

DaKine laptop backpacks are super nice! Aloha Boardsports in rockwell. Yuck, singit! (Katve****)

Why aren't they letting backpacks into the kroqweenieroast Only small purses? (Zmac***)

Bought 2 backpacks fr eBags at gd price but Borderlinx charging me almost 100 to ship to Singapore. They said it is volumetric charges. (Kliew****)

Oh backpacks are for homework?? i thought they were for snacks and cell phone chargers:O! (JoelK*****)

Edger's: don't miss the seminars tomorrow. Bring your backpacks for Mexico. Gonna be a great day. love. love. serve. (Theed*****)

I have a friend that has seen illegal immigrant w/ backpacks carry AK-47's on hiking/atv trails S of Phoenix. (Peteko******)

Love to see all the rolling laptop bags, laptop backpacks and peeps on their laptops at the airport! I'm back in tech geek land! yay! (Butte*****)

Brenthaven make nice laptop backpacks, that's what i carried before the waterfield cargo (Mgri***)

Creepy bed bugs can find their way into luggage, backpacks, purses, and computer bags. Always inspect your hotel for bed bugs upon arrival! (Bedbug******)

Just went to Periwinkle on Bloor. They've got some great bags from Avanti there. Is it too soon to be thinking about backpacks for the fall? (100Mil******)

Elspeth has horseback riding in the am, then camp, then camp sleepover, plus camp's Carnivale on Thursday. Had to pack her 2 backpacks. (Nightd*****)

Hunting for a new backpack. Not one of those stupid neon colored LL Bean backpacks or an overpriced North Face backpack, either. (Ragin*****)

I'm browsing ebags. com looking at backpacks. Less than a month before school starts, how on earth did THAT happen? (Rovy****)

School time is almost upon us! Get your Jansport backpacks here at Pearson's. Also available, hair bows by Our Sweet Baby! (Pearson*******)

We returned/mailed our jansport backpacks in to their warranty dept and they sent us brand new ones to replace (Natura*****)

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