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Backpack - USA

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60 External Comments

Somehow adding a gaming book and my laptop charger to my backpack adds like 20 lbs. (Alex***)

Majority of the time I carry my backpack unnecessarily. its like a security blanket while I'm walkin around campus (Tyckle******)

A key chain thing that has brass knuckles, yez :) and I found a backpack for my camera :DD (Tayloram*******)

No name denims. puma roma sneakers.. blue rain jacket. pink shirt. and a louis backpack. highly doubting if its real or not! dead! (ITsRo****)

Im a little sad. one of my good friends got an edhardy backpack and these adidas shoes that look like toys. :( (BIRDMA*****)

Homework let undone. leaving one's backpack in one's trunk is not a good idea if you've got stuff to do. (Olga_m******)

I'm a bad Daddy. Got a call from a kid who left backpack in truck, thought it was Beth. It was Ben waiting for me at school. Oops. (CharleyC*******)

Hm powdered soup is not worth the saved space in my backpack for the walk home from the grocery store. noted. (Kmc**)

I don't understand when men roll everything. Your bag is the size of a backpack, you can carry it from the car to the MARTA (Bradenm******)

I'm packing tissues and cough drops in my backpack and I'm wearing sweatpants to school for once. (Saintve******)

Sits down at my desk, opens my backpack. takes out my book and study's for my exam* (DanielRH*******)

Im really excited about using my old backpack. it will be more comfortable than my messenger bag. (Jasonco*******)

Today's task: Buy a backpack? (Amongst other things. Like thinking more about dialectics.) (Intu***)

Oh what a terrible morning! My water bottle exploded in my backpack. everything is wet. (Rebs***)

So why does this chick im sitting next to on the shuttle have a banana peal hanging of the side of her backpack & its on her lap touchin me. (MizzTrea*******)

Leaving my backpack right nxt to my bed. wasn't the best choice I've evr made (Javen*****)

Through silky hair and pulled it back with a deep rose ribbon. Then she grabbed her backpack and went down the stairs. (BookRe******)

HappyBOMDay i need a backpack for uni, my bags & back is suffering. (ErikaR******)

My water bottled bursted in my backpack and now all my stuff is wet. (Floz****)

Though all my orange clothes are scattered about and being washed, the orange backpack stays with me for the rest of the year. (Ims1***)

Well 2 yr old has library storytime- she thinks she's going to school, has her own backpack too (MOM2****)

Ooh, see faults in my backpack design already. for one it's not a backpack! doh! (TammyL******)

My dream cam bag: Dual backpack with wheels. Lots of room, loads of pockets, sturdy but lightweight, various attachments to personalize. (TammyL******)

I backpacked for a month and a half with a backpack and a bag. Why do i have a suitcase for five days in new york? (Chelse******)

When it comes to GTD, the Backpack/ Satchel combo really works for me. (Nickre******)

I just walked 10 blocks IN school uniform WITH my backpack. and my dad doesn't even wanna buy me a soda. :/ (Music*****)

BON show is gonna be beautiful! jacket/backpack combo's, belts as pockets, thumbless leather gloves for easy iphone access, woven fabrics. (Thexox*****)

Is researching bday presents for myself. :-) a wheeled backpack to save my aching back. i carry my life in my backpack (Angela******)

Wearing DFM trckercap. S. Oliver black capuchon jacket. unbranded darkgrey jeans. employee shirt. brown Nike snikers. Puma watch&Jansport backpack (Mada***)

My daughter sings the dora song as 'grab your backpack lets go shopping you can lead the way' it makes me laugh (Nug**)

I dressed like a secondary kid to school today. ARGH. Why? Because I'm carrying a bilabong backpack, all thanks to my fat file. -.- (Joeann*****)

Wearing my ftsk tee and my backpack to college, really not a good idea seen as my college is full of chavs ha (Thesick*******)

Alright! I started packing for my Japan trip on Thursday. 2 pairs of jeans are in the suitcase! Or will I use the travel backpack? (Infer****)

Anywayzz I bought a yellow backpack from a friend of mine! Haha not using it for sch its so retarded cause my uniform is yellow -_- (Juvenak*******)

Brought a backpack on a full metro train? hold it in front of you. douche. (Chris*****)

If you're a middle-aged woman, you should not be carrying a puppy dog shaped backpack. At least not anywhere I can mock you. Just saying. (SoCalW******)

Almost put my lunch in my backpack rather than in the refrigerator. That would have been an unpleasant surprise in the morning. (AlexS****)

Sf training day 2: put 20kg in a backpack and go for a 1 hour walk :) wish me luck (JYSo****)

I'm so lazy I'd rather stay confused than get up and look in my backpack (Eyim****)

How am I up and down slauson all day everyday with red on and red shoes and a red backpack and nobody even looks at me funny? (CoolKi******)

I'm not too old to be wearing a backpack, right? So much more comfy and back friendly than a purse. (Leahki*****)

Is in need of a backpack for my trip to Mount Kenya and Malawi - I am looking for a 60-90 liters pack, do you have one I can borrow? (Loebehju*******)

F. Several pages of my visual journal bled because of an alcohol spill in my backpack. I feel so weak to react. (Anti_li******)

Oyikes Slingback X diaper/backpack/laptop bag entry deadline is now Apr 2, not Mar 26! Listen to the end of episode 168 for details. (Pregt*****)

Backpack juicy couture-nya menggoda bgt. tp mana mampu gw beli tas jutaan gitu. wkwkwkwk (Eee**)

Just read almost half of "Rework", great concise read so far. Also just got all my Todo's out of Backpack and into Things. (Crashpa*******)

Vasanthkumar I'm dressed in all Blue today - jeans, shirt, flip-flop, backpack, iPod etc. Need I say more? (Vasan****)

Oh rats! Left my notebook switched on in my backpack! It's hot as hell now! No! (Dan3****)

Medical supplies litter my life. all over my room/locker/backpack/desk, everything. i can't get away from diabetes. i just want it to stop. (Shinyt******)

Ordering some Lowepro Sliplock gear to add to my camera backpack. Adds more room for lenses and flashes. (Stin***)

The master of packing has to be me. 2 free 50lb bags? 48,5 and 49,5 lbs respectively :) computer sleeve and camera backpack as carryons (Iamtheg*******)

Just realized my Swiss Army knife made it through customs and 5 metal detectors cuz I forgot it n my backpack. Wonder how often that happens (Leeco*****)

Can't wait till I get my hundreds back pack, I gotta north face backpack ill sell for like 15 holla at me if u fuggin with it (Rudeboi******)

My work ID lanyard was in my backpack with a ziploc bag of hot and spicy Cheezits. I will now smell hot and spicy for the next 4.5 hours. (Ericr*****)

C needs a new backpack. I said how bout the Louis V? She said "NO I want a Camelbak so I can drink out the attached straw." THAT over a LV?! (AshL****)

I am so psyched. I just got my CamelBak 100 oz reservoir backpack, and have a Back-country Cooking class this Saturday from REI. (Jaco***)

I want a red backpack for birthday!! Then I will have a complete set of red items to bring to school! (BenV***)

I successfully carried 8 bottles of wine home in my two bicycle saddlebags and my backpack. Plus other stuff. Putting my bike to the test. (Missw****)

A 40kg backpack may sound heavy but its way eaiser getting up and down stairs than carrying by hand. once downstairs, its all bike trailer. (Onyxas*****)

Ok so i paid 30 for a byoc, and nvidia gave me a backpack, t-shirt, snuggie. and free copy of battlefield bad company 2. pax = won. (IAmR***)

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