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60 External Comments

What a terrible night last night was. baby sickness. now i attempt to understand what happened in congress all while mounting monday. (Chase_******)

Omg. I just checked p tracker &.70 days to baby! Which means 70 days closer to breathing, bending over, reaching toes, feeling normal! (Juliawr******)

I would like to know more about what the woman with the two month old baby in sling and no diaper bag is up to in dundas station tonight. (Paii***)

Found out I was out of diapers in my diaper bag once it was too late. Pee soaked baby, car seat & mommy. this is why i shouldn't share. (Kristi*****)

I just saw the weirdest, funniest thing. This asian lady was walking with a diaper bag w/ milk but no baby. I thought, "man, thats strange." (JSKC****)

There is something that I find unbelievably sexy in seeing a in a hot guy carrying a baby and a diaper bag. Maybe I'm crazy XD (MarciaR******)

Dearfuturewife we will have an in home gym so it's no excuse 4 u 2 still have "baby weight" 5 years later (BruceLe******)

Again, so what i have on snow boots & a baby tee *hit wit tha homie sock* fri it was hot, sat it snowed bitch this is called (DChris******)

My police scanner just reported a naked idiot in snow boots slidin down the highway singing Ice Ice Baby. wanna tell me where you're going? (SCAvo****)

Long walks on the beach, starry night skies, cuddling with my baby on the sand. I miss the weekend already :( (Erinvi*****)

Damn I forgot her baby bag home. Now I gotta go buy a bottle, milk, pampers and wipes. (Shotta******)

Lilvanthought: girls if u have a baby the baby bag should not be durty that's trifling (Van***)

He came over here in bbal shorts and a white tee and some fuzzy slippers and the baby a pink onesy hair not comb. no shoes, just baby bag. SMH (Mr_Presi*******)

Thelowestdirtiestthing you can do is take ya baby to da liq store ; cop a bottle ; take a sip then put da bottle in da baby bag (LA_GET******)

So my sons godfather is getting me a gucci baby bag, and getting my son a louis v blanket. DAMN!! Great people around me. All positive. (Prince*****)

Gotta finish packing my baby bag. Him going to Chicago tonight for the weekend :'( (JOYtothe*******)

Bd left one of his ts and the baby bag thank twill for the white t (SoSoY*****)

Just bought a lot of cool things with mom today.. one baby bag, earrings, skirts *-* (Marinaa******)

My boo jus dnt kno she dressin herself today i hope she crawl her butt to that baby bag and pick somethin out (Dame****)

Ahriyah came home bitching at me because I forgot to put her sunglasses in her baby bag. Dique the sun was so bright and its hot outside 0. o (Omgxm*****)

There's something about a packed plain turkey sandwich on white rainbow bread with a baby bag of chips that reminds me of kindergarden! (Danig*****)

Smhyoureghetto when you stuff your'e baby bag with snacks to the movies (Nccug*****)

Don't know if it's a boy or a girl. The baby bag is blue n red too. So I asked how old is it? Is that messed up? (_cArLit******)

Well let me get this baby bag all packed up. My little angel will be here any day now.- She is such a blessing. (Omi_Jord*******)

All that is left is to wash a few more baby items and the nursery will be completely done. Baby bag is packed. Less than 4 weeks! (Etdr****)

Spring has sprung. and so has baby shower season it seems! Lots of new mommies receiving Stephine+Mattie Bambino Baby Bag set in April! (Stephin*******)

Just saw the cutedt juicy baby bag with a burping towel and a changing mat! 298.00 that's gonna be on my baby shower registry (MzTif****)

Ate Baby bag= regular slab means 9 bones!! muahaha beats the world record! hahaha . wants more! (Adel_L******)

Trying 2decide what type of baby bag is cute enough2not lug my fab bags around anymore. hard decision-haven't found anything yet-any ideas? (Fashion*******)

I've put stuff in the baby bag 3 times tonight, you would think I'd learn by now to actually MOVE the bag. But, you'd be wrong. (Call****)

Wish I lived in USA or somewhere you can watch ABC family HarryPotterWeekend baby ;) (SweetSt******)

My ear startin 2hurt now.. Prolly got strep-throat. N I still can't let my thumb go Strange its like a security blanket big baby! goin2cDOC (Qwe***)

I am now a complete expert on baby car seats! We even practiced with a stuffed animal. I got all competitive with the speed. Not lying. (WFNYC****)

Car seats are now installed in both cars. New baby mobile is likely getting it's sunroof in about 2 weeks. So much excitement! (Etdr****)

Trying to navigate your way through the new Road Laws for car seats? Belly 2 Baby Certified Fitting Station can help. Call us on 07 547543 (Belly2b*******)

Why car seats make my baby look so uncomfortable?? (Sad face) lol (MzzK***)

Til its a chubby like checker c'mon baby do the twist its all in the wrist like table tennis, so beat me like betty crocker cake mix (Koga***)

I love my new samsung backflip phone. Had to turn my iphone into I itouch lol. Yeah baby (Scoobo******)

Had an amazing cruise with my wife. More to come on that. Polishing up a paper for class tomorrow. Huge turnout at Zumba tonight. Go baby!! (Ericsu*****)

Watching Talladega Nights with my baby cause shes never seen it! (Sinkship*******)

Maroon and gold baby i'm going to Virginia Tech; got the letter a few weeks ago but have been to busy to . (4evrA*****)

Gonna go give my pillow some head & my bed some ass. :) Nighty night. Congrats Andrew on ur new baby (Cynmar*****)

Nowplaying A baby gets shot. inside the womb! Rock On, Milwaukee! (ChecKnMY*******)

Son 1 brings home the baby from 8th grade "Human Growth and Development" class. Soccer board mtg at house tonight. Parents in stitches. (Wh**)

Just drove to santa clarita with a mercedes benz! Ah yeahh baby. I want one now. (Jenhone******)

Left my travel pillow in hold baggage, boo! Got a legroom seat, hurrah! There's a baby two seats away, boo! (Gavin*****)

There are tiny farm animals at the mall and the baby goats and lambs are making the cutest sounds! (Spiritu*******)

Glow in the dark bracelet from puerto rico with a baby starfish in it = coolest thing of my life; I love emily. (Katelyn******)

Dearfuturewife Baby imma get you on that Oscar carpet in a Dior dress. That's my word. (Ihustle******)

Everytime I see an Acura Legend, especially a black one, I cry a little bit on the inside. Miss u baby (Mkev****)

Bout to head to new orleans than baton rouge to make all the pretty girls get down and do it! on the road baby (Chuckgr*******)

I think having a dog is very similar to having a baby. Yet very different. Trying to get my puppy asleep. Night erry one (Traci*****)

Finally got to watch Spartans. Michigan State Baby! Lucious Buzzer Beater over Maryland & that eatazz Vasquez. He got no game. LOL (M_A_R_Q_*******)

I want some bleach spotted distroyef jeans wit a baby wife B and a faux fur vest n some bad heels I'd do it in the fall (Misst****)

Jus got home texting my baby man its freezing cold outside i guess its time to bring the coats back out again ooh man where my pea coat at? (BTWimch******)

Oh it's spring today you coulda fooled me I have a wool pea coat on lol but this nota spring state this Michigan baby thought I knew lol (Brook*****)

I swear I spoil my baby sister. She just talked me into getting her yet another digital camera (Savvyand*******)

I took my baby's breath beneath the chandelier of stars and atmosphere, and watch her desappear. (Matt****)

Good practice for the most part. 2 more for this week. Bring on Louisville baby! (ADun***)

I swear, if I could take your pain and frame it, and hang it on my wall, baby, you would never have to hurt at all. (Tegan*****)

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