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Yogurt - USA

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60 External Comments

Going to gets me some frozen yogurt. Then have round table fill my whaturr bottle. And sleep. :D (Erico****)

Im struggling without my morning yogurt and cereal bar, but im too lazy to buy groceries lately. Why cant walmart start a delivery service? (CATCHER_*******)

At lane bryant with my three girls shopping they take to long omg! Ready for a yogurt with fresh fruit (Bigsa****)

Bellagio B'fast Buffet, Rd 3: belgian waffles, bacon, o'brien potatoes, oatmeal w pineapple yogurt & assorted fruits (LowCla*****)

AND! A new yogurt shop opened up on Murphy called Tutti Fruitti. Good stuff, check it out. I just had the pomegranate. It was really good (Flami*****)

New favorite night food: organic yogurt. But, it's like saying "Hey babe, can you bring me a Fiber Bar. I'm going to bed." (Pauld****)

Tried adding greek yogurt to mac n cheese today. loved it, super creamy! also added pinto beans and a touch of salsa for protein and fiber! (Karal****)

Omg this yoplait red velvet cake yogurt really tastes like red velvet cake. it must be magic (Daysha******)

I just read that yogurt on ur face once a week works as an anti-acne treatment. I'm wondering if I should experiment just cause. (Indiac******)

The results of my yogurt-making look just like the milk my kids leave sitting around in their sippy cups overnight. Hmm. (FreeRan*******)

This morning's pre-dawn Amazon Fresh delivery: cat litter, yogurt, 20" HP monitor. (Marina******)

I purchased Jamie's Food Revolution cookbook tonight. Just made the Salmon Tikka with Cucumber Yogurt, phenomenal! I'm blown away. (Austi*****)

Here's what I got tonight: Bahama Mama Wine Cooler, PNB Cookies, Tangelos, Cat food, yogurt, and milk. Satisfied! (TertiaE*******)

Omg not only did Alison approve of my show, I found a Free light table to ink on! Could anything make this day better? Answer: frozen yogurt (Nal**)

Great night enjoying God's common grace: Disc golf, Mongolian BBQ, fruity cup yogurt, friends, incredible cloud formation, & violet sunset! (Jonatho*******)

I aint eva jus open no yogurt that looked like pink cottage cheese! turns out it expired earlier dis year. got ma ass (Life_****)

Going out to discuss with my dog if selling paintings from my blog means it's not a blog. Taking a large tub of yogurt. (Eol**)

I wonder if I take regular yogurt & put it in my ice cream maker if it would taste better to me. The consistency triggers my gag reflex. (Taxla*****)

Oh man. My frozen yogurt could have a better texture, but I think I need a better ice cream maker. And its flavor is excellent. (Cthulh*****)

Just came from my job interview! I think I did good. Who ever heard of Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt? Lol (Ash_S****)

Baking TJ's answer to No Pudge brownies in the convection oven. Made with red velvet yogurt as I was out of vanilla. We'll see. (Tenth****)

I'm in the mood for an Angel Food from Smoothie King. bananas, strawberries, & vanilla frozen yogurt. Yum! (HeartofG*******)

Still watching the first 48. Still drawing. No more yogurt. Got a swallow of water in the jug. I'm walking on a tight rope peoples (Florenc******)

Why do yogurt lids have 2 rip n2 shreds when u try 2 peel them away? With all our technology u'd think they could makes something better (Mag_m****)

Healthy snack - Cheese, yogurt and other dairy products are good sources of calcium and protein, plus many other vitamins and minerals. (GoodThi******)

Just ate chiken tikka with paratha bread now having strawberry yogurt.. (Pioso*****)

Bottomless mimosas, frozen yogurt, glitter toes and Urban Outfitters. Day, win. (Onthead*******)

Working on the Bright Starts continental breakfast this morning while the sun is shining. Adding fresh fruit and yogurt to the menu. (EconoLo******)

Happy Tuesday! Improve your overall health with Almased. Skim milk yogurt powder, fermented soy protein isolate, & unprocessed honey enzymes (Alma***)

Breakfast-smoothie: plain yogurt. frozen wild blueberries. two(organic farm fresh)raw eggs. tbls milled flax seed. tbls fish oil. handful spinach (CucinaN*******)

Thank god for Shakeology packets! Certainly will be my healthiest meal on the plane! Along with my P90X Wildberry Yogurt protein bars.. (AmeriB*****)

I just had some yummy Greek yogurt, plain mixed with raspberries and Splenda in the food processor. Yummy and very healthy! (Suzan*****)

Whew! Long day at Disney Land. now to try some pizza and more frozen yogurt! (Pastorm******)

Three cups of tea, apples, yogurt, oj and steroids for breakfast, yum. i will get better. (Layla****)

Free frozen yogurt at 20th and M today. My thoughts: bare bones giveaway, menu hard to read and tell what is original (Michael*******)

Blue, black, and straw berries, banana, yogurt, protein isolate, orange, agave nectar :-) (Fein****)

So you know those giant costumes people are paid to wear to advertise? Yeah, I saw a yogurt one today. How interesting. (Love_fr******)

Making chilled smoky eggplant with yogurt and cilantro, but dreaming of doughnuts. (Meg***)

Running around with gio now at del taco going to yogurt land yay :) (Denise******)

Hahaha siakek vlyn i was just kidding dipanggil stelly perut! sippyy yogurt and band hero CANT WAIT! (Stellama*******)

Having the Perfect pick me upper breakfast: Blueberry yogurt parfait with banana & OJ. Then out & abt 2 help my girl get her baby crib home. (Raindrop*******)

I need a 24-hour instant-delivery yogurt service staffed by cute bears. i'm telling you, it's a great idea for a business. (Ferri****)

Results: twin needle, replacement button, seeds, rhubarb recipe book, cat food, yogurt starter, milk, tasty cookie, chatting with friends. (Amyro*****)

I'm totally in!! I've always wanted an awesome tree house!! let's put in an elevator, frozen yogurt machine, and waffle maker! ;) (Michelle*******)

Lord the boy poured yogurt down the bathroom sink I swear he thinks of the most creative ways 2 get on my nerves (Michae******)

My homemade potato broccoli cheese soup = best I've ever had. two buck chuck and some peach frozen yogurt for dessert. great Monday night. (Ceef***)

You do know that you can easily buy high quality, organic "carcass." & dairy, including probiotic yogurt, has nourished for years (Auroraka*******)

Watched the sunset to a beauitful day come to a close and into the night we go. It's time for frozen yogurt at tutti melons, yum! (Josie_T*******)

Just helping clear up the mess - dad had left his paint brushes to soak in paint thinner but in an empty yogurt tub! Doh! (Madsc*****)

Strawberry compote, a good & big dollup of vanilla yogurt, with a granola topped crust. It even stares at me deliciously good. (Trike****)

Was about to make buttermilk cake with Greek yogurt ice cream and pear compote, but the kids have hidden all the cup measurers. (Elizabet*******)

Sweets for the sweet! Yogurt mousse cake with poached rhubarb compote. Take it here or take it to go! (Canero*****)

I'm no expert, but I don't think the bass drum and low toms are supposed to sound like they're at the bottom of a pool full of yogurt. (Jeffti*****)

IDK yogurt kinda grosses me out. but I can't just get a dinky burger, can I? (Ellie_******)

Bahahaha! im dead serious i cant look like her. i got 2 do betta! smart ones, yogurt, slim fast, & this workout has 2 work (T_Ch****)

Today I opened up a container of Greek yogurt and found mold on it. Still baffled that fermented milk can go bad. (Am_ame*****)

An afternoon full of Greek yogurt, Disney princess flatware, Jugly sweatervests, amba Juice, and other random things. (Marily******)

I love frozen yogurt so I think I need to check it out. It was nice running into you amidst the craziness ha (Kendal******)

I went to pacific mall and had the best frozen yogurt ever / it was amazing (Daik***)

If I could short cupcakes, frozen yogurt, and gourmet burgers, I would. (Clayb****)

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