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Yellow Bee - USA

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60 External Comments

Yellow bee fur always works for me. Quite difficult to harvest though. (Angeg*****)

Believe it or not, sir ronald has been usurped by a gigantic red and yellow bee :P (JaneGl******)

I need my belt for today's yellow bee dress. But the belt is still at baby's place. (Doris*****)

Those lemons and all the black and yellow bee color have to go at Carlys!! lol (Cric****)

Big yellow bee/wasp, please let us live. I'm sure we're all allergic! (Bellb*****)

ItsSoHot Outside, I just seen a green and yellow bee.. Never been so scared of sprite before. (Mister*****)

Saw a black and yellow bee just now. and that bee is so slim. *jealous* (_rp**)

But he can't carry that big yellow bee livestrong golf bag for a few years yet, congrads on the new born . (Golfprod*******)

Auntie! remember me when u see the yellow bee k! =) Lova Ya and Miss Ya! :) (Nabiha*****)

Hi aunty. miss u! u still hve tht 3in1 Yellow Bee right? hope u do. so u cn remember me. everytime u look at it. Love ya aunt! (Nabiha*****)

Hi auntie! Morning. hows Rizky? does he like the yellow Bee..? yg saya bagi aunty at M'sia. in the car. tht 3in1 bee.. (Nabiha*****)

Outdoor writing is too distracting; I've come inside. Yes, yellow bee and Fed Ex truck, I'm looking at you. Still amwriting for nanowrimo. (Scribbli*******)

Mom moment: M fell asleep in his skeleton pjs with his beloved duck over one shoulder hugging a giant yellow bee. *sigh* (Alig****)

Althouth I got nuthin on me its happyhalloween to everyone out there especially a lady who wearing like a yellow bee lol (Nievy****)

I'm buzin like a black and yellow blackk and yellow black and yellow bee ;) (ItsMe*****)

Watch for on the Price is Right tomorrow night, look for a yellow bee in the audience! (Tope****)

Ahahah,, she is W I L D ! talkin about Yur the daisy && sh's the black && yellow bee. Hot mess! (LenaS*****)

I remember every member of the Yellow Bee team blaming each other after we lost the game, and there is no team work at all (Antonint*******)

Its really different kind of situation compare to my time in high school in Yellow Bee, where everybody got their ego and boast (Antonint*******)

And about the yellow bee at the end - the Motorola teaser is referring to the next build of Android, which will be called Honeycomb. (Pedrosa******)

Aight jets show up the steelers. Black and yellow bee face ass mufukas (Headhonc*******)

Was somehow caught in the midst of a coloured wedding. Bright yellow BEE shirts and white suits that don't fit, hayi I can't deal. (K_go***)

Red grasshoppers, and yellow bee's are not tasty to other insects and they are prob poisonous. (Geneviev*******)

A black n yellow bee just flew past in front of me 0.0 lucky nvr touched it. (Gent****)

Black & yellow bee colors green and yellow kush colors now which 1 better (Jay_Be******)

I think someone should do a remix of imma be and black and yellow. So itll go ah ah you know what it is imma black and yellow bee (Jdbiebe*******)

Dulu the green hornet. skrg the red eagle. nt besok - besok. saya buat 'the yellow bee' pulak. (Jess****)

Wat, that is not a yellow bee, but a brown dog. He was so confused and slightly angry I would nt accept his dog. I left. wtaf. lol (Onelas******)

Is a yellow bee busy buzzing along. Dr. Seuss My Many Colored Days. 4th graders are working on their own colored days. I was helping today. (Hosk***)

So why I jus kept hearing a buzzing sound so I look over at my window. and it was a big black and yellow bee. (Classy******)

The button looked where he was told, and there sat a black and yellow bee. (Twotone******)

A black and yellow bee just flew into the work truck and my mexican partner started singing "black and yellow" by (NickxFr******)

Got scared when I saw a big black and yellow bee lol came outa no where! (Anthon*****)

ForMyBirthday, I want a cake shaped like a black and yellow bee. Who got me? (Shawni*****)

Somit to do with a black and yellow bee-like jumper he used to wear back in the day. Don't know why I know that (wish I didn't) (Max_Ki******)

Woo! Stoked bout the Hurricanes win over the Chiefs! Awesome! Finished my black & yellow bee outfit today too! Can't wait for the game! (Pieces*****)

My dad can be a sweetheart when he wants to. just came in with a huge yellow bee card and candy for my mom.. aww (Wityol0_*******)

Yeay! Yellow bee is the winner. Coming soon for my prince CJ. Comes with snack tray and cup holder. Thanks daady (Icwi****)

Ur consistent interactions w/The "Yellow Bee " squeezes esoteric superego squirts of ocitoxin into actions? (420S***)

And don't you think Newt is the most likely to make his henchmen wear yellow bee keeper suits? (Bob_ca*****)

You know its hot outside wen you see dem big ass black & yellow bee's outside (Rozaa****)

When one wears the big yellow bee one bleeds honey forever. Was hoping for an autographed jersey from h20 auth. (Olds***)

Had a dream about Lil William .. Even though he picked on me an shot me w/little yellow bee bee gun pellets growin up I still love him lol. (_ShaRE*****)

Ah there's a big black and yellow bee jacket wasp thing flying around the room someone come save me i'm going to die (CarrO****)

The Yellow Bee Cake Company is going to be supporting us at our cake stall at the Popley Festival :-) (Marne*****)

SentinelHA The Yellow Bee Cake Company is going to be supporting us at our cake stall at the Popley Festival (Marne*****)

Why was this yellow bee flying beside me acting like we friends. we are not friends, go away! (Jazzy*****)

This is kinda random but do you remember the "imma be, imma be, imma black and yellow bee" thing?! Haha (: (LydiaB*****)

I gets Chinese platter from bikanerwala and that yellow bee bites mom. so now no dinner.. (Sugars******)

Donning my yellow bee shirt and getting ready to council meeting as we beekeepers and HoneyLove proceed to legalize beekeeping in El Lay! (Vanishi******)

No smuft nk hug. No smuft nk cry. Ok ijust have bee. Sorry yellow bee! Tears falling down. Damn!! (Laylaz******)

I see butterfly and many roses . I see big tree And small tree, cute mushroom and yellow bee . I see waterfall I love my life! (Natalie******)

The black cat bit the yellow bee because he can. the blue bear ate the pink honey because he wanted to. (VasApeni*******)

Bees are swarming my flowers today. I want a hive like Her yellow bee house could be a new trend to end boring white boxes. (Suebu*****)

And I thought yellow bee-tches players are the best team in Germany now that they can't stop trolling us - double winner my ass! (Golden******)

I don't have to watch the match, my TL becomes my commentator. Yellow bee-tches are stupid. (Golden******)

Actually he's had this 1 awhile. He has sold 1 black Bee. Right now he has this black Bee & a yellow Bee. (SWEEET******)

My kids are making "busy bee" crafts today. Yellow bee with green stripes. Must be an Irish bee (Grmpypro*******)

A great gray elephant a tiny yellow bee a little purple violet a tall green tree. (Hak***)

Like a sweet taste of honey that comes from a yellow bee. I don't need your money, just spend your little love on me :)) (Agie***)

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